Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FINE RUGS - Are You Standing on a Fortune ?


You may be standing one of the greatest treasures that you will ever find and not know it. What am I talking about? Rugs of course! To my amazement, I have found where rugs have brought $100,000 plus (and those pluses might be a lot).

Attending the local auction house several years ago, I was tired and most of what I came to see had been sold. I decided to stay for the furniture and why, to this day, I don’t know. The auctioneer had just about completed the furniture and rugs when he pointed to this one rug that was sitting under several pieces of furniture and ask for a bid. Why would anyone purchase this for their home, I asked myself. It was dirty and damaged.

Turning my head away I heard the cry, "I have $100 do I hear $200?" "Yes!" was the cry. "Do I have $300?"

Turning back around and looking closely at the rug, I said to myself, are these people crazy? On it went to $500, then to $1000, then $5000, finally stopping at well over $10,000.

The room was abuzz with everyone asking what is so special about this rug? I have to be honest, I was completely amazed myself. But one thing I did know was that the people bidding knew, and there were more than one of them.

I went out and bought some books on Oriental rugs and, after reading them, I realized the buyer probably got a bargain. How many rugs like this one had I passed by at estate sales or garage sales I will never know.

If you have done one of the first things mentioned in my book, 31 Steps To Your Millions, you now own a Kovels price guide. Please open it to Rugs, and there you will find prices from a few hundred to over fifteen thousand dollars, and these are not the expensive ones.

The Oriental isn’t the only rugs that bring big money. Many of these pieces made in America can fetch a pretty penny also such as Rag, Hooked and Braided rugs. So take a good look at what you're standing on when you are searching for your treasures. This may be one time you don’t want to just look straight ahead.

Rugs, like everything else, increases in value if they are signed so look very carefully for signatures. Condition is also important and should usually be taken into consideration before purchasing.

I must share this with you. It happened again just last week at the same auction house. You may want to check it out if you are in Chicago. Their name is Direct Auction and they have a sale Tuesday Night twice a month.

Last Tuesday it was like a dream happening all over again. The first part of the auction was over and the furniture was being sold when the gallery man pointed to this rug under a table and chair. It was announced as french but most of the people in attendance gave it very little attention until the price began to escalate. Finally finishing up at a hefty price of over $7,000 the crowd gave out a loud burst of applause. Don’t forget about the rugs.

I would like for you to keep my son Daryle II in your prayers today. He will be in the hospital for testing.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Some may ask why I’m am doing all this, and the answers may surprise you. First, I have been looking to see what the Lord had in-store for me after my retirement, and I think that I have found it. Helping others to live a "Funded Life," as Cindy would say. That seems to fit the bill.

Second, staying active keeps me out of my wife Vickie’s hair, and she likes that. Third, I get to be very close to Joshua, my 8-year-old son, and I can assure you nothing makes me happier than that.

I have had many surprises since writing the " 31 Steps to Your Millions" book and forming the 31 Club, but the biggest surprises have been coming from the interest in Joshua by the media. Cindy has been kept busy answering inquiries asking if Joshua is available for different events.

It all started when we got a call from the Chicago Antique Market asking if Joshua would speak to the Junior Collectors at the market, which he did. From that our Local NBC news had him and his collections. on the early show.

All this seemed exciting but what happen next was unbelievable. I was sitting at my computer when the phone rang and the lady ask to speak to Joshua. When an adult wants to speak to my son I definitely want to know who’s calling. So, I ask and she told me that she was calling from Jay Leno's show. Yes, I am thinking that it was a joke, but because of the NBC appearance, I put Joshua on the phone.

He took the phone and began to walk through the house with me following him and feeling a little like I was intruding on his business. After about twenty minutes he handed the phone to me and the lady asked if we could put together a short film of Joshua showing and answering some questions about his collections and send it right off to the studio in beautiful downtown Burbank, California. We did. We haven’t heard from them yet, but the experience for both Josh and myself was wonderful.

Thinking this was the end of the attention, we settled back down to our normal lives until the phone rang again last week. A very pleasant voice on the phone ask if Joshua would be interested in auditioning for a advertisement for a very large well known company. She had already talked to Cindy, and Cindy had given me a heads up that the woman would be following up with me the kind of details a father would want. So, this Saturday Joshua will be going to Downtown Chicago for his audition.

As you can see I am very proud, but also thankful that my son is getting some wonderful experiences at this young age. This Club is responsible for these wonderful things happening, and I want to thank each and everyone of you. Yes, I am getting my moneys worth and I am thanking God ever day.

Now to more serious business. For weeks I have encouraged you to study and share with us things that you have learned. If you have read the Star of the week, Cathy C. has earned that spot this week, and I would like to share an e-mail that she just sent us. Remember, when I talked about the books with the gold edges and said that if you fanned them, there might be a surprise for you there? Well read this article sent in by Cathy C. She didn't send me the source of it, so I can't state it here.

"Fore-Edge Books

Take a look at the edge of the book shown here. What you’re seeing is a small hand-painted scene showing the port of Naples, Italy, from the sea. Books like this one, with a painting on the edge opposite the binding, are called "fore-edge books."

The 1833 book pictured, The Tourist in Italy by Thomas Roscoe, sold for $920 at an Indiana auction that offered nearly 100 lots of fore-edge books. The painting on its edge was based on drawings by J.D. Harding. At the auction, single fore-edge books sold for prices ranging from $345 to $3,738.

Fore-edge books were the rage among London publishers from the 1780s until the 1830s. An artist was hired to paint a scene usually related to the content of the book. The artist would slightly fan the edge, secure the edge in a vice and paint the scene. That way, when the book is closed, the gilded edge shows; but when the pages are slightly fanned, the painted scene becomes visible"

Thanks for the info, Cathy. Don't let these treasures get by you.

Also we have a prayer request today from a member. Tomie Sue and Bill need our prays because Bill will have surgery this Friday. Let's pray for the surgeons and for healing.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

OUR TIME TO SHINE - Will Antiques and Collectibles be Good to You ?

We now know what we are facing, but how can we go to the head of the class? What must we do different than others? Is it possible to do the things that Daryle says we can?

So many questions. So where do I start in answering them? The truth wouldn’t hurt ... I don’t think. So here goes.

The way we are going to the head of the class is the simplest part. We are going to be smarter and better prepared than most. No matter how long it takes, the 31 Club will provide its members with the information they will need to be as successful as they can see themselves being. By using time management, combined with sufficient knowledge, there will be no one that will be able to match you as your future in Antiques and Collectibles unfolds before your very eyes.

Having the herd mentality will only lead you to failure, so we must work together as a group to set ourselves apart from the rest. We will not be seen as Chicken Little, but as the new voice of our industry. In the future, just saying that you are a member of the 31 Club will command respect, because all will know that your preparation has been done, and you have the full force of your club behind you.

If you have been following the blogs, by now you should have no doubt that the plan that we are following together works. As our numbers grow, we will become a mighty force to be reckoned with. Yes, we will all be working for each other rather than just ourself, and I will be telling you how very shortly.

I come from a farm family, and for most of my early life I saw individual farmers complain that the market was taking advantage of them by always lowering the prices for their products at harvest time. You may ask, how does this apply to us? That's exactly what I am going to show you.

You see the farmers banded together to form co-ops were they could store their products such as grain, meat, milk, and so on. Now the time of year has very little to do with their sales, because now they can hold their items until the market price is fair, and this gave them the upper hand. Today most farmers get fair prices in the market place because of the action that they took together.

Auction houses, eBay, and estate sales conductors hold our very success in their hands, but together we can change that. If auctions charge commissions that are unfair, going from 5% to as much as 50% over the last fifty years, this might be considered too much. e-Bay is increasing their fees every month just so that their stockholders will remain happy and that may not be fair to us. Estate sales are charging retail or better and if items don’t sell, they get sent to auctions that could be questionable as to the way we are handled. But what can we do about these and so many other things that might put us at a disadvantage. You guessed it! We must band together and act as the farmers did so many years ago. But how can this happen?

Your Club has been assembling all the parts necessary for us to accomplish this very thing for several months now. First, the book “31 Steps to Your Millions...” was written to give you a plan. Next, came the other parts that would free us from the hands of others. One of which is the marketplace where you may find items to fill orders that you have received from your customers.

Have you looked to see what is offered on our marketplace? These items can be bought with no commission tacked on so I would think that your customers would be very happy about that. If the prices are a little too high for you, then make an offer. Most of the things being listed are very reasonable. In fact some of the pieces may even be bargains. You may be surprised at the response to your offers.

Next, do you have something to sell and have you posted it on our market place? Ten percent commission is the most that you can be charged if you use this service. How does this compare with the up to fifty percent that you will be charged by others? Calculate your savings and see if that interests you.

The more items listed by us on the 31 Club’s website - the more people will search there for their future purchases. Our success is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more we help others the more we help ourselves. Isn’t that great? It almost sounds as if it came from the Bible. Now we control our own destiny, and I guarantee you, this will be noticed in the markets.

To be successful with this plan, we must buy something. There is a wish list where you can post the things that you are searching for, and when responses come in, they will be directed to you. Wow! Free advertisement. Can you imagine that?

We will continue to grow these services and so many more will be coming your way. Also we are constantly looking for ideas that will help our Club members. Do you have any?

Working together, we can make a difference, and we will. If you're not already a member of the 31 Club join now before December 31 and be a life member. or and enter daryle lambert.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Sunday, October 28, 2007


By now you know that the Antique and Collectible market is competitive, but if you have the knowledge required there is no limit to the money that you can acquire. Yesterday we talked about the conditions we are facing to purchase items that will meet our goal of a double or more when they are sold. All this information can be found in my book “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” and it can be purchased either on our website or I think that you will agree with me, that with the information being provided to you by your 31 Club, it will be only a short period of time before the doors to you success will be flung wide open.

Now let's explore the world of selling the precious Treasures that we have acquired. I will be listing the options at your disposal in the order of their importance.

First and foremost, the individual collector will always be your first choice. They will be where you will receive the greatest profit. If you treat them right you can go back to them as many times as you have additions to their collections for them to see, and they have the money to buy them.

I hope that I have high lighted the necessity to keep good records of all your sales so that the name of each person and what they bought from you is only the turn of a page from your finger tips. I always contact my collectors first, even if I think that going to auction with a piece might bring me a little more money.

Why is this? Because if the collector has interest, you have finalized a sale. You didn’t have to wait up to four months for the auction to be completed, plus another month to get your money. Also you know that the goal for that piece has been satisfied. Remember time is important to us.

Next, there is no guarantee that your piece will sell at auction. at auction your I have entered items at good auction houses only to find that on that day or night there wasn’t anyone in attendance that had interest in my item. I can promise you that if you are expecting your items to sell and they don’t, it can be a long drive home.

Let's not forget the large commissions that you don’t incur if you make a sale to a collector, and that can be very important as you precede up your ladder of 31 Steps.

Second, on my list is regular auctions. If the item you are selling meets the standards of that particular auction house, often the results are more than satisfactory. You may get a surprise, and your item might bring several times its auction house estimate. This is the time that you cover your mouth go outside and give a great big yahoo. But remember, the commission when you are figuring your profit.

My third choice is eBay , but only for items of lesser value or where I can only reach that particular buyer by this method. These might include foreign buyers or people living on the other side of the country. I have found that eBay usually produces buyers willing to pay wholesale or less for their purchases. That might not only not make you money, but you might incur a loss.. Don’t be surprised to find that eBay’s commissions have come close to matching those of the auction houses.

Last and my least favorite place to sell is through ads placed in the paper or other publications. You will find that most of the people that answer your ads are doing the same thing as you, and they are looking for a bargain.

I have run rather long today, so I will have to finish this tomorrow, but I think you will want to tune in. This will be the time that I share with you how we, together, are going to get it right.

Yes, this is the best game in town, but you have got to do your homework and not get in too big of a hurt. Good things come to all that wait. I think I have heard that before, haven’t you?

Boy, am I please with the response that I have gotten about prayer. Not only have all of you been there for me and my friends, but I have received many requests from members asking to be remembered and wanting to be included as we pray together. I know of one person that just wants prayer for stability in the work place so that their family can continue to be a powerful force for the Lord. So be faithful and continue to pray for all that ask. Let someone tell me that we aren’t creating community and that God won’t bless our efforts.

I think that I read that the people were fed with two fish and a five loaves of bread, so I can assure you that He is watching us, and nothing is out of his control.
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

LET'S TALK - What is True in the Antique and Collectible Markets Today

I have been thinking about how to report some things that have been bothering me for some time about our business. The truth sometimes hurts as the old saying goes, but I am still going to venture into the high water.

Yes, there isn’t a better way of making money in the world than through Antiques and Collectibles, and I have pointed that out to you several times. Yes, the top of the market is flying off the charts, and that is true also, but you must equip yourself for these markets. Being knowledgeable will be your only advantage today over others that are trying to make money in this field. You should try to keep most of your business in the higher end items to assure your success, I did say that too. But remember, we have plenty of time, and it is on our side, if we have done our research. Then why are so many people complaining?

I will try to answer that if you will be patient with me, but it isn’t one thing that got us here, and it isn’t going to be a quick fix. To try and answer this, I will have to state the facts as they exist in our markets today and that will offend some people. For those that think differently than me, I would gladly debate the issues with them at any time.

Today, I will only have room to address where we purchase the things we buy, hoping to resell them at a profit. Tomorrow I will finish on where we sell our items and what some of the answers for us might be.

Twenty years ago, if we went into a home to assist a person by buying the items that they had for sale, they were glad to see us. Today those same people consider us the enemy. Why is that? Maybe because in the past, the sellers were completely at our mercy and basically they had to take our word for what their items were worth. You guessed it - today they have the internet and antique road shows to get information from. No longer can a person enter a home and offer five percent of what an item is worth and think the seller is going to say, oh thank you. Those days have passed and the ones that are still trying to operate this way have given all of us a black eye.

This is why I say that one of the most important things that we can do in this business today is to maintain our integrity. Most people today think of an Antique Dealer as just a few notches below a used car salesman.

Yes, we do have to purchase items at twenty five to thirty percent of their retail value, knowing that in the market place they probably will only return us fifty percent, but the customers will accept this as a fair price. Buying something that is worth thousands of dollars for five hundred dollars isn’t fair if you are being considered the expert.

Next, lets look at the Estate sales. They no longer price things for the dealers to buy but at retail or higher, and most dealer have no where else to buy so they pay those prices hoping to eke out a profit. I can guarantee that this is a hard way to make a living.

This pricing is done because most estate sales charge the sellers a percentage based on the total money collected for the sale. So it is to their advantage to charge as much as they can to make the sale worth their while. I can understand this,but I am just explaining to you what is happening today. We may want to rethink how we do business, and I will be sharing that with you tomorrow. Today our markets may have too many middle men for all of us to make the money we want doing business like it’s been done for the last fifty years. But there might be a new way.

The other thing that is happening is that most estate sales have a connection to auction houses where they send the better items to be auctioned, while still charging the seller the same commission on those pieces but usually being guaranteed that they will be sold.

Regular auctions pretty much speak for themselves. With their commissions so high and so many people trying to make a living or second income from the antiques and collectibles business, the chances of finding a bargain at these sales will be difficult., You can figure that at auctions the competition would be fearsome, and it is.

These are tough markets, and you will only find bargains at these sales or auctions on rare occasions. Just one more reason to be more knowledgeable than most of your competitors, knowing that the real money is made on quality not quantity. Where have you heard that before?

After we have finished with the education provided by the 31 Club, we will be on the top of the heap and others will marvel at what you have accomplished and wonder where all that knowledge came from.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Friday, October 26, 2007

BEEN AWAY TOO LONG - Antiques & Collectibles Going Home

The world has shrunk with technology being what it is and the Internet. The days have passed where your buyers for those wonderful treasures you find will be found only a few miles from where you live. The whole world has become your market place, and we at the 31 Club are going to help you develop it.

With the dollar at all time lows against most foreign currencies, the outflow of antiques and collectibles from this country to the country of their origin has never been greater. This gives you the advantage because most dealers will know the name Rookwood Pottery, made in this country, but how about Ruskin, Zsolnay, Moorcroft that were made overseas. Even if they recognize the name, they probably won’t Know the rare from the common. This is where you come in.

I once was shopping and came across a fairly large vase with a wonderful crystaline glaze and a silver top. I must confess, I didn’t know much about Ruskin at the time, but I did know quality when I saw it. The price was $50, and there was no doubt that I had to purchase it. Going home and looking at the mark book, I found that this pottery was made in England from 1898-1935.

Having very little idea of what this piece of Ruskin was really worth, I immediately posted it on eBay. To my surprise, at the end of the first day it had been bid up to $300. I began to get excited and knew that I had to know more about this pottery. After seven days, the final bid was over $1,500. I said, WOW!

Over the years I have found several pieces of Ruskin, and guess what? I always knew just where to go with them as they were found. You see after the auction, I emailed the person who had purchased my piece and we became close friends over the Internet. He was a very advanced collector of English pottery and is my best source for information still today. Working with others and asking question can become very rewarding for you.

There are many companies that produced wonderful things from many other countries, but most dealers only know their name if that. They often let the true treasures just lie there for you to find.

May I give you one more example of where knowledge was my friend? Entering a shop that was owned by a friend of mine, I spotted this beautiful tray that I just couldn’t take my eyes off of. Picking it up and turning it, I didn’t recognize the maker, but it was so beautiful. I asked the price and was told $175. I knew it had to be worth that.

To my surprise the mark was from a company call Zsolnay from Hungary, and I just happened to have a book on this company in my library but had never really studied it. This company started producing pottery around 1868 and still is in production to day. Opening the book, I found the very piece I was holding in my hand. I almost passed out! $3,500 plus was the price given in the book, and this was a old book. Can you imagine if I hadn’t owned the book? How would I have known the value? I would have probably sold it to some one else, and they would have made the real profit. I don’t remember the exact price that I sold it for, but I do know that it was over the $3,500 the book said it was worth. You do have to be careful buying Zsolnay, however, because they have started to reproduce the older pieces. However, the new marks are different than the old ones. This difference in the marks can cause the price to vary by thousands of dollars.

Lets help the wonderful collectors overseas return items that were produced in their country to them, so that they can be added to their collections, where they might be more appreciated than in this country.

Why don't you take a look at the wonderful recommended books on our site, and add to or begin your own reference library. Here are the first recommendations.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Return of History - Antiques and Collectibles Make Up our History

I have wanted to share this story with you for over a week, but I had to be sure of my facts.. It is about this find I made by a very strange occurrance that will make a huge difference in the 31 Clubs position in the $1,000,000 race.. This story reinforces the things that I have been teaching you over the last few months.

Sitting at my computer, having nothing in particular to do at the time, I decide to try to be productive with my time. Why not look through some of the auction results I asked myself, so off to Askart I went.

The first artist I checked was Harvey Joiner [1852 -1932 ] from Kentucky, my home state. This turn of the century artist is best know for his paintings of Cherokee Park in Louisville and portraits of prominent figures in Kentucky history.

My eyes immediately focused on the first painting that was listed on the page. A very large 25 by 30 inch portrait of a Mrs. Margaret Wathen. The Wathen family is very prominent in Kentucky, and I knew that a friend of mine had family connections with the Wathens.

The painting had appeared in an auction in Connecticut and had not sold the day before. I immediately got on the phone to the auction house, and asked if the painting was still available. To my surprise the answer was yes. I asked what price it would take to purchase the piece, and after a long wait, with my heart pounding the answer came: $240.00 plus shipping.

Not wanting to act to excited I said, "I think I will take it," even though at the time I was having a hard time breathing. Pulling out my wallet and finding my credit card I slowly read the numbers on it to the lady on the phone. When I finally got off the phone my hands were shaking.

Monetarily this won’t rank up there with my greatest treasure finds, but historically it will definitely be my greatest find to date. This painting is a wonderful piece of Kentucky history. It may well be worth 15 to 20 thousand dollars, and at that price it, would be worth every penny of that. In fact if I can’t sell it for a fair price, I may buy it from the club for my personal collection.

It would have been so easy to have spent the afternoon watching TV or a ball game, but that isn’t what I am all about. I now want to help others or be educating myself more fully, so that I can do what the Lord has in store for me. The rewards of finding this piece isn’t in what it's worth to me but being able to return it to Kentucky, where it will add to the heritage of my home state. This piece will go into a personal collection or a museum so others can appreciate it.

I am so pleased to share this story and hope that it will encourage all of you. I am getting more and more inquiries and question each day which tells me your club is getting ready to explode. Just like this painting is historic to Kentucky, the 31 Club will be historic to all that are looking for a way to join the ranks of the wealthy. Some of the time, it just take others to encourage us to fulfill what is within us.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WHAT’S COOKING? - You May Make a Lot of Dough

What a night it was. I attended a Direct Auction expecting to buy this beautiful painting, but instead, I ended up with three large boxes of cookbooks. How did that happen? Let me tell you..

I had spent the week studying my art books and had decided to bid on a Cortes painting that was offered. The limit for my bidding was going to be $12,000.00. After arriving at the auction and examining the piece, I knew I should probably lower my future bid because it was an average painting by this artist to say the least.

The bidding started off fairly slowly, and my pulse began to quicken. $5,000.00, $6,000.00 was the chant, and I bid $7,000.00. My hopes were soon dashed, however, when the paintings was hammered at a final bid of $22,000.00. Now what do I do was my thought?

Watching the rest of the art sell and only being able to buy one small painting, I figured the night was a waste. I couldn't be further from the truth. Never give up if you are on a quest.

I have been on my wife Vickies bad side all week, so when the jewelry came up, I decided to take a look. There it was! The perfect gift. A large pendent made of Mexican sterling silver with a heavy hammered design and a gold horse head in the middle. I knew if I could buy it, then the home front would be secured. I purchased the pendent, and later at home studying on the internet, I found that its value was four times what I paid for the piece. It will be hard, but I guess that I must still give it to her.

Not wanting to leave the auction with very little to show for my efforts, I stayed almost to the end of the sale.

Looking through boxes as they sold the furniture, I came across these boxes of cook books. Picking one of the books from a box, I noticed the it was by Issac Hayes, and it was signed. This got my attention so examining the others, I found that some one had collected these and almost all were signed by the authors. There must be over a hundred cook books in these boxes, so I bought them. Are you ready for this? $25.00 was my final bid. They went no higher, so they were mine. Guess there weren’t any cooks at the auction. I figure there is a least one book that will bring me back my total investment. Plus, this had turned a losing trip into a winner. You never know do you?

This is an example that shows the more things you know, the better your chances of finding a treasure will be. It really doesn’t matter where the money comes from as long as it does, and it is legal and moral. Who would ever have thought that I would be telling you about cookbooks today? Tomorrow it may be milk bottles. Did you know that milk bottles are very collectible and worth hundreds of dollars?

Our membership is growing and you will notice the members only section is being expanded almost daily. I hope that you are as proud of our club as we are and take every opportunity to share it with others. We, together, are going to make a difference.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

FREE THINGS CAN HAVE VALUE - Take Advantage of these Opportunities

This is the auction season, and it can help make us wealthy. During this season, all the top auction houses have their catalogues on line for your viewing. Where else can we get, for free, so much information on the items that we are looking to buy? If you see something of interest in their online catalogue just download it and add that page to your growing information files.

I know that Early’s Glass Auction, Cincinnati Art Galleries and Treadway Gallery, just to name a few, have their auctions listed on the web. Later you may want to buy these catalogues, but for now, as we are getting start in the race, we want to save all the money we can while maximizing the knowledge that we are consuming.

Go to eBay and scroll down to the bottom of their homepage and find live auctions. Now you are ready to see what is really being offered for sale in the antique and collectible markets. Just click on each auction and examine the pieces that command premium estimates and store this in your memory. If we had to buy this information we couldn’t afford it.

Just some additional information for you --after each sale, the auction houses post a "not sold list," and if you examine it, you may find items that are worth making an offer for. I have found many pieces that I purchase from the auction houses after the sale and doubled or triple my money on them when they were sold. You must ask the auction house to send you this list in an email. They will be more than glad to do it. You should find the place to ask for this email on their homepage.

I may be sharing a great story with you within a week about where I purchased a piece after a sale, and if it is what I think it is, there may be as much as 400% potential profit to be had upon its sale. Not bad, and sure worth the wait if it is correct. Quality not quantity. Remember that as we continue our journey together. Time is on our side, and we don’t have to be in any hurry.

Knowledge is king in any business and in most situations, it is very costly. But not in ours. Isn’t that wonderful! This is so much better than sitting around and watching television all night, don’t you think?

The 31 Club is waiting for your questions, and guess what. The answers will come to you free, I guarantee it. I spoke to a young lady the other day, and she said, "I don’t want to bother you." My response was, "that can never happen, because what excites me the most is helping our members become wealthy." So let my phone ring off the hook or my email say you need more help. That's what will make me happy.

Thanks for your prays for my friend, I am glad to report that things are much better now. Be sure to drop us a line if there is anyone we can remember in prayer for you.

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Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Every morning I get up thank God for the day, kiss Vickie goodbye as she leaves for work and then kiss Joshua and take him to school. Pretty simple, right?

I wish that this was true, but usually I get up, kiss Vickie goodbye, take Joshua to school, but then I wonder what the next phone call will bring. At my age, often they are calls that bring me back to the realities of life.

Yesterday, I got a email from someone that is very special to me about a tragedy in their life, and again, my world was changed.

So, if you would stop today for a moment and just say a little prayer for my friend. I know that it will make a difference, and it will be heard. Just pray for peace of mind and that healing will occur.

Now let's discuss Lalique and why I bought those four pieces Saturday. They were newer and perhaps they could even be bought in the better stores right now. None of the vases were very large, perhaps six to eight inches tall I would guess. Nothing special, right? But the question was, would they meet my goals when they were sold and could I buy all four at a very reduced price? If I could, the total might become very interesting.

I figured the four in a store would be priced at about $1300, and Doug had put their price at half of that, or $700. So it was very simple for me to arrive at the price that would meet my goal. 25% of $1300 is $325, right? Dead on. So if he would take my offer of $325, it would become almost a text book example of what I am attempting to teach you.

I now can offer them for sale anywhere between $1300 and $700 and reach that magic number of a one 100% gain on my investment. $700 profit would be great, but even $325 and isn’t bad. If you figured this on a hourly basis, I was just paid about $325 per hour. That puts me up in the class with Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs. Do you remember that from your childhood?

By the way, there are two very different Laliques. Number one, the pieces that are made today marked Lalique France and number two, pieces that are marked Rene Lalique. You will also find that the price difference between the two can be rather staggering.

Rene Lalique started producing glass in France about 1890. He died in 1945. He was a world class glass maker, and his pieces command top prices still today. Vases from the Art Deco period by him may command $25,000 to $50,000. His work is most recognized by its frosted coloring, but he did use a wide range of color in his glass.

It would be well worth it if you could find the book, Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco
by Victor Arwas. The Rene Lalique are the real treasures, and if you run across a piece, be sure that you can recognize it. One of these pieces could send you to the front of the pack in our race to the million.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

Saturday, October 20, 2007


It is 10:00 Saturday evening, and boy am I tired. It has been a busy two days but well worth every minute.

Tomorrow it is up at seven to attend church and then say goodbye to our good friends Jeff and Sharon as they head back to Texas. It has certainly been a pleasure sharing our home with them, but their children have been calling wanting to know when their parents were returning home.

Up at six this morning, Jeff and I traveled the route that we had set out hoping to get close to the top of some of the estate sale lists that we would be attending. The best that we accomplished, however, was to be number twenty-seven on one list. I told Jeff that this wasn't a particularly grand start for our morning.

The first sale that we attended was near my house, so we walked to it and found a very hostile crowd awaiting us. It seems that the dealer conducting the sale was allowing only five people at a time to enter the house. We finally entered the front door, and I soon was aware that any additional time spent at this sale would be a total waste, so we left.

Next, returning to the sale that we had attended yesterday and found items that were priced too high, we returned today hoping for better results than yesteday, and our energy levels were again charged.

As we entered the house I could see that the Danish Sterling was gone, and it didn't take long for my eyes to see that there was a sold sign on the Appel painting. Strike two and our day was just beginning. Now we were beginning to hope that we weren't snake bit.

Should we give up and go spend the rest of this day with our visitors and family? Are you kidding me? Quit? There are treasures out there to find, and if it isn't me who finds them, for shame for shame, so we marched bravely on.

Better hunting was just ahead, and as we rounded the corner in this small village, not far from my home again I could see cars parked on both sides of the road for blocks. This must be the one I thought. I immediately recognized the man who was in charge of the sale, and this gave me hope. First, I saw four pieces of Lalique priced at $700.00 and I ask Doug, (that was his name) if he would take $300.00. He said no, but he'd $325.00. "Sold," I said, and we had broken the ice. Never hesitate to make a lower offer and say it with authority. That makes the offer seem more authentic.

Next came the Herend pieces, and I tried to negociate for them but had very little success, so I told Doug that I would call later to see if they had sold.

That pretty much concluded my weekend, but I think that anyone would admit that this was another successful Treasure Hunt, and after a little rest, I will be back in the race trying to hold off all challengers.

Jeff and Sharon will be leaving Chicago with a smile on their faces because their whole trip will be paid for by thse $1.00 books. What a wonderful life this is. God never ceases to amaze me.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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GOOD FRIENDS AND A GOOD TIME EQUALS - Success in a Treasure Hunt for Antiques and Collectibles

Report on yesterdays adventure with Daryle and Jeff.

It all started about 9:00 on a cool Friday morning in Winnetka, Illinios. Not many were stirring at this time in the morning, but it was already late for true estate sale adventurers to begin their journey.

Arriving at our first destination, we were number sixty-eight in line according o our ticket. The regular crew of dealers were in line, and it appeared that they had been waiting for some time. We waited in anguish as the numbers were slowly called until it was our time to enter the house.

Running from room to room, it soon became apparent that most of the bargains were already taken, or so we thought. Of course for us, the furniture held no interest, but the conductor of the sale did direct Jeff, Sharon and me to the Appel painting that was hung on the living room wall.

$4,800 seemed too high a price for this painting. I agreed with the crowd that was pushing their way through every nook and cranny of the house that it would have to be purchased for a much lower price than that to meet our goal of doubling our money on each purchase we made.

I asked what the best price the owner would accept for the Appel and was told $4,000 -- still to much. So, I told the lady I would think about it, knowing if I wanted to purchase it, I would have to take my chances of buying it Saturday at half price.

On we went and next my eye landed on eighty pieces of Danish sterling priced at $1,050. I started doing the mental gymnastics and figured that I could pay $7.50 for each piece for a total of $600, so I made the offer and, again, I was turned down.

Not being discouraged, we turned to the books and picked a couple that might have some interest for us. I told Sharon to offer $2 for Man and Superman by Bernard Shaw and 20,000 Leagues Under the sea by Jules Verne --they were priced at $2 a piece. The offer was accepted and we didn't think much of our buy, but at least we didn't leave empty handed.

I won't make you wait or keep you in suspence. The Man and Superman lists on Abebooks for up to $800, and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for $2,050. Not bad for a $2 investment, wouldn't you say?

I also bought, for $5, the biggest counch shell that I have ever seen for my son Joshua's shell collection, then discovered its value should be up to $100, and a Hula poster signed buy the photographer for $5 that might bring $500 at auction.

Not many items to show for a fun days work, but I would think you would agree that it was a successful adventure and fun was had by all. Tomorrow we will be returning to see if the Appel painting and the Danish sterling can be added to our inventory.

Those two books will definitely get Jeff and Sharon out of the starting gate.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

THE MAIL MIGHT SERVE YOU RAIN OR SHINE. Collectible Postcards-Stamps-Santa-Airplanes Might be Your Treasure

Tomorrow I am going shopping at the garage and estate sales, and I will be accompanied by a friend from Texas. His name is Jeff, and we talked about my starting a company several years ago when he was in the Armed Services, living in the Chicago area. Unfortunately he was relocated, but we have remained close friends.

When I first talked about writing a book, Jeff was one of the first to encourage me, and he helped with the title,"31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles." Jeff and I spent many days talking about the antique business, and he proved to be an excellent student. Even now I get calls from Texas asking about what my thoughts are on the price of an item he is considering purchasing. His field is musical instruments.

Jeff was one of our first members of the 31 Club, and tomorrow we are going to look for items that will take us another step or two in our journey through the 31 Steps.

We will go rain or shine just like your local postman, but we will be looking for what the postman leaves behind. What do I mean by that?

Some items that will be on my wish list tomorrow are boxes of old postcards and letters. Stamp collections can also be found at these sales and you might find their price to your liking. Yes, we will be looking for things that are mailed.

If you remember, I have said before that some of the best collectibles are things that appeal to more than one collecting group. In the trade, we call this cross collectibles. If two people want the same thing, but for different reasons, then the price will probably go up.

Postcards and letters fall into this category. Stamps on the cards can attract the attention of the stamp collectors, but the card itself could be attractive to the card collector because of its content.

Rare stamps have been found on cards or letters in cheap box lots that have been purchased for just a few dollars. These rarities may include one such stamp known as the upside down airplane stamp, that was selling for over $100,000.00 when I was a boy. What if you ran across one of these while rummaging through a box of letters? This was a miss-print stamp that is still the most sought after stamp in the world. One last sold for $525,000.00 on June 4, 2005. Can you imagine that? But just think this stamp would also be valued by people that collect aviation items.

What if you find a box of letters, like the ones that I mentioned before in a past blog, that were from Martin Luther King Jr. or, perhaps some that were signed by Babe Ruth. Can you even think of what their value would be? You see the stamps can have value as I mentioned before, but so can the letter inside. And, even the postcard might bring you a pretty penny if it is a early Santa.

I could go on by saying the letter might have historical significants, but to wrap this up I think you get the point. Often boxes of letters and cards can be purchased for only a few dollars, and the return on them can be unbelievable

I think that you would have to agree with me, that the postman carries some valuable merchandise.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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5,000% GAIN in THE FIRST 120 DAYS – Your Money Works Harder For You in Antiques & Collectibles than in the Stock & Bond Markets.

Fasten your seat belts and read the story, as the 31 Club issues this first report from our Million Dollar Race.

In the first 120 days of our Million Dollar Race, the "31 Gang" has accumulated over $5,000 in its account after starting with only $125.00. A 5,000% Gain in 120 days! Where else can you find that? They are the leaders in the race, but from what I hear from others, that lead isn’t going to last for long. But we’re not stopping here. Our goal is to have accumulated $20,000 from our initial $125 investment by the end of December. Can you imagine that?

I feel certain that if the news media picks up this story, there will be a mad rush to join with us in this race, and we will have a wide open contest to the finish line. So join us today. The membership is only $16.95 and 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles comes FREE. This will give you all the insider secrets and contest guidelines to keep up or surpass us.

All the details about this excitement can be seen on our website at where anyone can learn to make these outstanding payoffs for themselves. New Members will be able to log into our “Members Only” site and obtain the financial details of our transactions from our spread sheet.

Cecil and Vicki are neck and neck for second place as this field tightens, and there are several entries that are just getting their racing legs under them. What a race this is going to be. We don’t think there has ever been any thing like it before that we can find.

All the training and resources that you will need are provided to you when you join the truly unique and innovative 31 Club. Learn to make it to the front. Ask our other members if this is a get rich quick program, and they will tell you “no”. It is simply a strategic plan based on sound, time-tested financial principles that we use to create wealth through knowledge, while others wait on the sideline or sit in the bleachers never entering the race.

I want to thank all of our members for their encouragement and support as we set out to make a difference in people’s lives. It will take time, but I do believe that people will come to their own conclusion about what we are accomplishing. I promise you that when they do, the Antique and Collectible world will be set back on its heels.

Nothing comes easy to those that don’t try, but the world will be astonished at what you are capable of achieving by following the plan that has been presented to you by the 31 Club.

I mentioned several days ago that I would tell you about the purchases we made at the Arlington show.

First, I was very disappointed in the attendance, but we still hoped that there were treasures to be found. Cindy was overcome with the selection of items presented, but I had to reminder her that we needed to continue moving to complete the show. There were many old faces there that wanted to talk, and we did stop for a brief moment, however the conversations were kept to a minimum as we moved on. I had been rather discouraged because nothing was catching my attention, and I was getting very hungry, so we stopped for a snack with nothing in our hands for our troubles.

Once again we were off and at one booth Cindy dragged me in and said “Daryle, there’s a Lotton Vase in there." I could swear that I had already been in that booth before, but being considerate to her, I went in. Would you believe there sat a Charles Lotton vase. No, there sat 4 Lotton Vases. I approached the dealer and asked what the price would be if I took all four. We haggled for a few minutes, and then I told Cindy to make out the check, and she ask for which one. “All four of them!,” I answered. These were early examples of Charles’ work from the 1970’s, and I will be posting them in the 31 Gallery & Market Place. I hope that members of the Lotton Glass Club will take advantage of these pieces. They will be priced less than one half of retail, making them real bargains.

Remember one of the lessons that I have shared with you: If you can buy in quantity, you will usually make a better deal. I was able to buy the four pieces below one half of the original asking price.

Last but not least, as we were leaving the show, a painting caught my eye. The dealer told me the price was $1,250. It was getting later in the day and I told him I couldn’t make out the signature, but I would give him $600.00 based upon the quality alone. He said that he couldn’t take that so we started to leave when he called us back. Trying to get me to raise my bid, he finally gave up and said, “It’s yours. $600."

This made a fine finish to a great day. I haven’t been able to unlock the secret of that signature yet, but I think that it could be one of the great treasures that I have found over the years.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The weather is changing and it is getting cooler, but now is the time for our members to get into high gear. Most dealers are thinking the season is about to end, but not for us.

Yes, the pumpkins are out, the leaves are changing colors, and bad weather might be approaching, but we can turn this to our advantage. Less competition means more success for the ones that are ready to go that extra mile.

The consignment shops will still be open and so will antique malls. Don't forget about the classifieds in your newspaper. With other avenues closed, people will start to sell their things in the classifies.

This is a great time to post fliers in the pet shops, court house, grocery store and even schools, if they will allow it. There are many places to post your ads and this is just a short list of them. (Refer to my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles for more detailed information and resources.) Be sure that your ad lists the things that you are looking for and gives your phone number and email. At the end of your ad you might want to say that you buy estates.

With the flea markets closing and garage sales being finished for the year, you can become the market in your area for people that have items for sale. Take advantage of this great opportunity to advance your steps in the race while others are closing up shop or thinking about the upcoming holidays.

We, of the 31 Gang, have set our goal for the rest of this year, and it is to complete Steps 1 through 8. You might say that we are being rather aggressive, but why not? If we fall short of 8 steps, that would mean we would have done three or four times the goal I spoke about in the book, which was 1 step every six months. Not bad for a band of merry women and men. But, if we do complete 8 steps, it will mean that the gang has completed 8 steps within six months and that accumulating wealth is very possible. You set your own pace.

I am so excited to see Justin, Cathy, Lisa, Cecil, Cynthia, Vicki and Susanne begin their journey with us. I am waiting to hear from more of you, and I am sure that the field will be bunched up as we cross the finish line together at the end of our MILLION DOLLAR RACE.

Good Hunting to all and to all have a great race.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IT IS WRITTEN - Three Words To Remember in Collecting Autographs

Do you know that the things that have value to collectors of autographs aren't only pictures, baseballs and books?

Yet, these are what most people think of when discussing autographs, but there are other items that you may not have thought of such as contracts, checks, postcards, documents, and personal letters.

It may be time consuming but well worth it to go through those boxes of papers you see at most auctions, fleamarkets, and house sales. There just might be a treasure lurking there.

I was at an auction here in Chicago and watched as a friend was going through a box of papers. As his eyes lit up, I knew he had stumbled onto something special. Nudging up to him, I could see these items were letters, and they were signed by Martin Luther King, Jr.

He quickly placed the letters back into the bottom of that box and waited for the auction to begin. I kept watching as he nervously waited for the box lot to be auctioned. When its number was called, you could see the excitement on his face as the auctioneer called for bids. "Fifty dollars, twenty five dollars. I have ten dollars anyone at twenty," the auctioneer cried out. "I have thirty, anyone interested at forty. "Sold," and the hammer sounded.

My friend had just purchased a treasure that was sure to bring him thousands of dollars, all for only thirty dollars. You can find treasures like these, that to the untrained eye might seem to have very little value. Wouldn't you agree that a find like this could make your day?

I believe Cecil found a letter written to a little girl from President Kennedy, and I hope he will leave us a comment telling the story of his find. People often say, what's in a name? I say, "A lot of money!"

I hope that you will remember when you hear, "It is written," that these words came from the Bible, and they can keep your life on the right track.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Monday, October 15, 2007

I FOUND A REAL GEM - His name is "Andrew Slaw" - He Likes Collecting

What a wonderful afternoon I had Sunday. It was spent with Andrew Shaw, a wonderful 15-year-old, and his mother, Anne.

How can I tell this story? It won’t be easy for me, and I’m not sure that I can keep a dry eye. You know God always has a way of bringing you back to earth when you least expect it. This is what has happened to me by meeting this wonderful and bright young man named, Andrew Slaw.

It all started so innocently when Andrew came to the Chicago Antique Market to have me appraise some of his things. But I promise you, it didn’t end there. After I had talked to Andrew for awhile, I could see that he was soaking up each word that came out of my mouth, and he wanted to hear more. The questions just seemed to pour from his lips in an unending stream. Each answer he received seemed to make his eyes glow brighter. After we talked for awhile, I asked his parents if, some day, he could come to my home with them and I would show him some of my son's collections. I also found out that Andrew was an avid garage sale and flea market person.

As he walked away from me, my eyes began to follow him on his trip through to rest of the market. Into this booth and out of that one seemed to be his pattern, often stopping to take a better look at an item in the many cases he passed.

I really didn’t expect to see him again, but to my surprise, I received a call from his mother asking if they could come by for a visit.How can you refuse a young man with so much spirit?

Staying on the phone for an extra few minutes, Anne shared with me that Andrew had spent a large percentage of his life in the hospital. She said that the ailment he suffers with is Familial Dysautonomia, and you can find more about it on line.

Our visit was scheduled for four o’clock Sunday afternoon and I couldn’t wait for the doorbell to ring. When it did ring, there stood Andrew with that wonderful smile, carrying a small wicker case.

We went to the kitchen and he began to take his prized possessions out for me to examine. There were the penny cards, hot wheels, wooden animals and a signed baseball. Each one had a special story behind it. I soon found out that Andrew knew his things better than I did. He had done his research and shared it with me.

I plan to spend many more hours with him while he teaches me about life and collecting. He happens to be our newest member of the 31 Club, and you better watch out or he will be the winner of our race.

Andrew left me with this quote " LIVE FOR THE MOMENT." After meeting him, I can assure you that this is permanently etched in my mind.

If you would be interested In supporting this cause you may call 847-913-0455.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am beginning to believe that people want to fail in this business. I hope that this isn't the case, but it seems to me to be more true every day. The 31 Club is making every effort to pass the word that this industry has taken a new direction.

I attended the Arlington Park Antique Show yesterday. Most of what I heard were negatives from many of the dealers. You might think that I would decide to abandon this business after this, and abandon all of you as well, but not true and not so fast. Let's flash forward and look at ways to make this the most exciting business in the world again. I believe it can and will be done. But, the way of doing business in these markets must change.

Most of the dealers had beautiful booths with wonderful merchandise. The problem was there wasn't anyone there to buy these beautiful things. You may ask why is this?

Times have changed and collectors have other avenues in which to feed their collecting addictions today. They are no longer dependent upon the shows, shops and malls for their fix.

Most of the great pieces now are exchanged either through auctions or direct contact from the dealer to the collector on a personal basis. Customers no longer just wander around hoping to bump into that special piece that has eluded them.

I think that today's dealers need to do their homework before the show begins by letting customers know what will be waiting for them when they arrive at show. This might be done by not just providing a smorgasbord for all to feast on, but by having a limited choice that they have come to see. It isn't like it was a few years ago when you could sell most of your inventory to other dealers before the show even started.

Another thing that I think has changed is that you can't be all things to all people. Being specialized will become more and more important in the future. I find that I am pre-selling 75% of my merchandise to customers within three days of my purchase. I know that you can't do this if you travel the show circuit, but by letting customers know in advance what merchandise you will be displaying, I think will assure your success.

If I wanted to collect today, why wouldn't I check eBay or other auctions where I could see hundreds of pieces that would fit into my collection without even leaving my house? Don't give me the standard answer, "because you can't touch or feel the piece." The attendance at the shows, shops and malls answer this for you very quickly.

My goal is to help everyone that loves Antiques and Collectibles as much as I do be successful beyond their wildest dreams. For this to happen, a lot of business practices are going to have to change.

Now for the great news: The 31 Club was able to make some great buys at the show, and I will be sharing those with you later. The shows can still provide a wonderful place for us to buy, but we must be patient and very selective.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

BETTER THAN EVER - Charles Lotton's-New pieces

Can you believe it, Charles Lotton's new Mandarin Red Show was definitely a hit. I attended the show last night at his gallery in Bloomingdale's here on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and as I entered, there was barely room enough to walk around.

I was amazed at the crowd that had gathered for his new showing. The gallery was on the sixth floor at the end of the hall, but no one seemed to have a problem finding it, as shown by the attendance.

Charles, his wife, and the staff were kept busy just answering questions from the guests. It was a good thing that they had the help of Jacqueline, their studio manager in Crete, Illinois,Brynna and Miles because they never got a break even to sit down.

I was able to talk with Charles about the future of Lotton Glass, and his plans aren't slowing down. One thing that he shared was they are considering changing their furnaces from gas to electricity. He told me that he would have to see how it affects the glass and its color. In some situations though, they might have to use both.

One interesting tidbit that I did get out of him was that he is planning to have a class on glass technology and the secrets that he has accumulated over a lifetime within the next six months for his sons and grandson plus other interested parties. This should be of special interest to all that love his marvelous glass.

I also found out that one of Charles main interests today is a program called Multiplication Network, an outreach program, and he is also working with a group that is training pastors all over the world.

There is no glass that is being produced today that can come near what Charles Lotton is making at his studio in Crete, Illinois. Anyone that is fortune enough to own a piece of his work will be well rewarded.

We've added four new pieces of Charles Lotton Glass to our Gallery and Marketplace. Be sure to take a look at these early pieces made in 1977. These pieces represent some of the first items made from Charles' personal formula for glass. Prior to 1977, Charles bought glass from other sources.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Friday, October 12, 2007

DOGS -RABBITS - CATS - Can Make You Fat if they're Royal Doulton

Did you know that Royal Doulton makes several series of small animal figures? Yes they do, and knowing them can add a lot of money to your bank account.

These little furry creatures can fatten your bank account because most people aren't aware of their value. I have been able to buy up to twenty of these little hairy animals for only a few dollars apiece. This made me very happy because my account was increased by a few thousand dollars. You will find these figurines with the names Doulton Bunnykins, Beatrix Potter, and The Snowman on their bottoms.

I would like to give a few examples of their values, and they are substantial. In the Royal Doulton book "Beswick Storybook Figurines", Beatrix Potter "Pickles" lists for $2500 and it is a black faced dog 4 1/2 inches tall. "Appley Dapply" lists for $1000 and is a 3 1/4 inch mouse. For five or ten bucks, I think you would consider these treasures.

Let's take another series produced by Douton, the Bunnykins and look at their values. "Touchdown" which is a little rabbit lists for $2200 and he only is 3 1/4 inches tall. Santa Bunny "Happy Christmas" can be purchased for $1600 and "Collector" Bunnykin, at a cheap price of $750.00. You will begin to pick up every little animal you see from now on.

Don't forget the little Snowmen. They can also enhance your account.

These figures are stamped on the bottom, and I would suggest that you find the guide book for these figures and study it. Different stamps on the figure can change its value tremendously, but all of them have value. The most I usually pay for one of these figurines is ten dollars and I have found them for a dollar.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

ONLY A PHONE CALL OR VISIT AWAY – Antique & Collectible Treasure Found

I have been talking to several of our members, and I want to digress back to some of the lessons that we have covered already.

Patience is the most important thing that I will teach you in your search for wealth. The quick fix may satisfy us for the moment, but it will never achieve the lasting results we are looking to obtain.

I have been asked to submit the answers to several questions given to me by an antiques publisher for an upcoming publication. The answers to these questions have given me the chance to re-examine my thoughts on several subjects and to check to see if I come up with the same answers as I did the first time. I did, and one subject is patience.

This opportunity to share my thoughts comes at a very interesting time in the development of the 31 Club. Allow me to restate what I’ve written about in my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles: This race we are in is a long race. If you haven’t found that treasure yet, I can assure you that as each day passes you are learning more, and this will guarantee your day is coming. In my 40 plus years of dealing and collecting antiques, there hasn’t been a single person that I have run across that hasn’t been rewarded for their study and consistency in this business. I can assure you that the opportunities in this field far out pace any others that I know of, and your efforts will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams if you stay on track with patience.

I want you to think back to the many stories from my book about Kentucky Derby Glasses, Paintings, Pottery Vases and Figurines. Each one of these stories might have been the thing that changed the direction in that person’s life. Until that purchase was made and became the turning point in their journey, no one was writing about them. Their stories might have been fairly common up until that discovery. But though patience and determination, they stayed the course. The rest has become their personal history.

There is also the misconception that this business is built on Luck. There is no luck in the stories of people I have written about in the book. In Cecil’s case, when he found the Derby glass, hundreds of people had already passed it by. Where was their luck? Cecil wasn’t lucky, either. He just had the knowledge to recognize its value. No luck involved there.

Knowing the value of hundreds or thousands of rare items will assure you that your time is coming to cash in on your hard work and knowledge. In 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, I have shared with you the industry secrets that only the most seasoned professionals know about. Things they’d rather not share. These will be the keys to your success. You’ll be so much better equipped to be buying and selling items others just don’t know enough about as you study this and re-study this book again and again, using it as a springboard for your own research and study. People will soon be saying about you, “Wasn’t she/he lucky to have found that special treasure.” But you’ll have a big smile across your face because you’ll know luck had nothing to do with it. While others are waiting and waiting for their lucky star to shine on them, many wonderful treasures will be coming your way because of your knowledge, not your luck.

You are just one phone call or visit to an auction, antique shop, or mall from that special treasure. Each treasure of increasing value you come across, as you ascend the steps, will lead, in time, to your personal pot of gold. You will shine when you have the patience to put in the time to educate yourself on value and rarity and rely on the 31 Club for help. I love to talk with our members! Remember that, and take advantage of that.

One day, Warner and I were having a normal day until the phone rang. “Do you buy antiques,” the lady on the other end asked. In my best Southern drawl, I said yes we do. She asked if we would mind coming to their house to look at the things they wanted to sell. Of course we did, so we made the appointment.

One phone call on a rather normal day made us more than $200,000 over the 6 months that followed. What if we had received the call but not had the knowledge to realize what we were being offered? Someone else would have been writing this story. I am glad it is me.

Remember, those of you who are 31 Club members can call us or e-mail us if you need assistance. We have an extensive library of resource books and access to pricing services. Call and ask away. That’s what we’re here for.

Good Hunting!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FRESH START - We All Need Rest from Antiquing

I have just returned from a magical trip to South Dakota with my friend, Collin, where the four days spent with the Indian children on their reservation refreshed my spirit. The hours spent driving from Chicago to the South Dakota reservation brought to memory my last trip there, and I wondered if I would again see the man whose image etched a permanent impression in my mind.

That man was Henry, a Native American, and he had prayed for me more than six years ago when we first met. At the time, he had just lost his three-year-old child to the river. He had spent many days searching for the child, but they were unable to recover the body. Henry was in a state of mourning then but still took the time to pray over strangers for their safety while they were on the reservation.

Collin and I finally arrived, checked into the hotel, and then wandered into the cafeteria for something to eat. While I eyeballed the food, Collin's attention immediately focused on one man. "That looks like Henry," Collin said. To my amazement, there sat the weathered Native American that symbolized so much to me, and as I approached him, he began to smile.

He invited us to sit at his table, and so we sat with him. We shared the things that had happened to us over the past six years, and he shared with us that he had become an evangelist and traveled all over the country sharing the message of Christ. He had his old guitar with him, and you could tell that it had many a song played on its strings over those years.

I asked Collin if he remembered when Henry had taken us outside the gas station to pray over us, and he said yes. "But do you remember the little blue bottle full of oil that he anointed us with?" Collin asked me. Before I could answer, I saw Henry's hand slide under the table and out of his pocket came this blue bottle, almost empty now, and Henry smiled again. I couldn't help but wonder how many people Henry had anointed with that oil over these years, while he himself was suffering.

I do so little, being as blessed as I am, but I find myself wondering if I had lost a child, would I have the spirit that I found in Henry last week. Some of the time I feel that I am of such little faith.

It is good to be back home, though. A little time away is renewing to the spirit and helps to ground me.

I do want to share with you that if Indian artifacts are what you desire, don't go to the reservation, because I couldn't find any of them there.

Remember, one of our first rules in the race to the millions was not to get in a hurry, so I followed my own rule this time and took a little time off. I am now ready to challenge that track again to see if I have the right stuff. I hope many more of you will join me.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ADVENTUES IN ANTIQUING - Cecil Shares His Stories

It’s always great to hear the progress our members are making. We can all learn from the stories our members have to share. Today, I’d like to share what Cecil wrote to us.

"…I have made a few good sales and have made some great buys for future deals. Remember the Indian spear point that I bought for $5 and sold for $190? A couple of days later I sold 2 more artifacts to the same man for $290 and $125 for a total of $415. I had $100 in both pieces for a net profit of $315.

A few days later I sold two historical Pueblo Indian pots to another customer for $180 which I had $75 in for a net profit of $105. I also sold a painting that I had $150 in for $325.

I moved into a mall the 1st of September because my work schedule does not give me the time to sell on Ebay like I did before. The mall has high quality items and is located yards from an interstate interchange which results in increased customer traffic. However, rents and fees do reduce the net profit, but this is going to be true with almost all methods of selling your merchandise. With the above items, I now have $722.50 in my "Race" account which include the deductions for cost of merchandise and fees incurred in selling them. A $622.50 net profit on a $100 investment for ONE MONTH is a great return on ANY investment! Try getting a return like that in the stock market in one month! These sales have propelled me through Step 2 and only a few dollars from Step 3. Watch out Daryle and the "31 Team"; here I come!!

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have found some good buys, just today. As Daryle advises in his book, don't let the money sit in an account. Make it work for you. I put the profit above to use again today. At the mall where I am selling, a dealer brought in a rare Weller Pottery pedestal, which is half of a set which includes a jardiniere that sits on top of the pedestal. It had not been brought in yet when I was there just 6 days ago. I knew this piece had to be worth quite a bit more than the asking price. Of course I asked for and received a 10% discount. The total was $179.99. When I got home, I checked my Weller Pottery Price Guide and found that the complete pedestal and jardiniere set list for $1000 on the low side and $2000 on the high side. I bought this piece knowing someone out there needs the base to go with their jardiniere.

I stopped at another mall on the way back, and this time I found a Weller umbrella stand. However, on examination the piece was found to have a hairline which will reduce its value considerably. However, again I knew the piece was worth considerably more even with the damage. After the discount, the price was $62.10. The piece is listed at $750 - $1000 in the price guide. Even if I sell for $250 to $300, I have more than doubled my money and met Daryle's criteria. After I found the umbrella stand, I continued with my search in the same mall. In the very last booth in the layout of the mall before you would have to turn around, I saw what appeared to be 5 common milk glass tumblers. As I got closer, I noticed small detail in the surface which caught my attention enough to pick one up. To my surprise, I found the 5 "common" glasses where actually souvenir items from the 1904 St.Louis World's Fair and are extremely desirable to collectors. The price? $10 for all 5! At the time I thought they may list for $25 to $50 each. I checked when I got home and was surprised to find that they list for $150 each! If I sell for a third of that, I will still make a killing!

Needless to say, I had a good day in finding these treasures. However, I can't take the credit. I have been blessed! When you have been blessed you can look at a sunset and know who to thank!" CECIL

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Pass The Word - This Business Just Got Easier

The first 90 days in the life of our company have been exciting and encouraging, and we’re off to a great start. Now is the time to start thinking about giving a 31 Club Membership to your friends and family for Christmas. There would be no better gift than the gift of membership to this unique club. We will be keeping the Charter Membership Program open through December 31, 2007. All charter members will have no future fees to stay active with us. So, for about the price of a really good pizza, your friends and family can have access to us, plus a copy of our book, “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles” for your help in getting us started.

Those of you who keep in contact with us truly know that I am dedicated to helping you succeed in ascending the 31 Steps and reaching the financial goal you have set for yourself. With that said, the staff and I have voted to extend another great benefit: The Associate Program. You can use this program should you come upon an item that is a good buy, but you might not be in a position to purchase just yet. The company can buy this piece, provide for it being sold, and give the member a generous percentage of the net profit for finding it. Call or E-mail us for the details.

We are in this together, and we will not leave any stone unturned to assure your financial success. Your club is providing you opportunities to get you moving forward by blazing a new trail. PASS THE WORD!

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Sure Thing - Do You Know One? Gold – Silver – Platinum

I do take risks in my buying, but it is very controlled. You know our rule: We try to buy our items at 25% of their retail value. This give us room to discount them and still make a respectable profit. Could the things we buy be worth even less than that? It is possible, but unlikely. Using this 25% rule in your buying won’t guarantee that you will never make a mistake, but it will be so seldom that your other purchases will always more than cover the mistakes and still leave you reaching your goals. I explain this further in my book that can be found at or on Amazon by searching for Daryle Lambert.

But what if you could even reduce the risk to practically zero, would that interest you?

There is a way of doing this, and I see my friends the jewelry dealers doing it ever day. They almost always have a risk-free transaction when they buy.
How is this possible you may ask? It is very simple. They use the market price of the material that the item that they are buying is made of, as a measure, to price their purchases. If I buy a bracelet that has one ounce of 18 carat gold in it, I can access the gold value by using a formula to estimate its value compared to it being pure gold. What do I mean by that? Quite simply, if an ounce of 24 carat gold is worth $650, then an ounce of 18 carat gold would be some fraction of that. This would also hold true for 14 and 10 carat gold.

You can figure the value of all metals by calculating their market price by the weigh of the piece you are buying. This standard will hold true for silver, gold, platinum or any other metal.

So, once you know the value of the metal by weight in the piece you are buying, the rest is easy. Let’s say I buy a ring that has a half ounce of 24 carat gold in it and the price of gold is $650 an ounce, then the value of the ring is $325.00. This does include the value for its design or any stones that it might contain. So if my purchase is $150, I have made $175 plus the other values the ring might have due to its design or stones, even if I just sell the piece at the market metal price..
To be a jewelry dealer, you must carry a small gold scale with you to weigh each item. There must be a discount for any other material in the piece, but often the things like stones can be worth more than the metal.

My friend Warner once called me about a gold bracelet watch that he was looking to buy. It had hallmarks that indicated that it was 18 carat gold and was a french piece. After buying it for $200, through research our estimate for its value was $5,000.00. Not bad for a days work.

You should keep this in mind, but be sure to do your home work before going out to buy jewelry.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIX and MATCH - This Can Prove Profitable in Antiques & Collectibles

How often have you seen something for sale, but it wasn’t complete and passed it by? You may have found a pedestal but not the jardinière, or a mechanical bank missing a part and thought that these had no value. But you would have been wrong. If it is rare, it will still have value if the condition of the piece is good.

Let me give you some examples. I spoke to Cecil this week, and his story gave me the blog for today. Cecil found a Weller Flemish pedestal and bought it for $179. Knowing the pattern, and seeing that the piece had a heavily carved surface like Newcomb pottery, there was no doubt that he was going to buy it and put the piece into inventory. After returning home to search the Weller book, to his amazement the piece listed for $750 - $1,000. If he can find the matching jardinière, this combination might well bring over $2,500 in today’s market.

I went to an auction and found a Daum Nancy lamp that was missing the wiring and shade, so very few people were interested in it. I was able to buy it for a small amount of its valve, which I think would’ve been somewhere around $5,000 today. You see, the value in Daum Nancy is in the glass, not the lamp base. The base can be replaced but not the acid etched glass.

The Tarzan book that brought $18,000.00 was bought for $2.00. However it was without the cover, so the buyer had to pay $1,000 or more for a matching cover, but look at the results.

The best thing that I will ever teach you is rarity is where it’s at. I may repeat this until you are sick of hearing it, but I still won’t stop saying it over and over again. This is the area of the market we will need to be working toward as we climb our 31 Steps. When we focus here, money will be made. This is the goal. To be working the steps through the beginning stages so we can be dealing in the rare and valuable items soon enough. It won't take too many steps to get there, either. By Step 4, you can already be making a $1,600 purchase (on an item that can sell for at least $3,200) My experience tells me that once you're into making a $1,000 and up buys, there's not quite as many people to compete with. How many pieces do you think you'll have to buy and sell if you're working with the rare? Not too many. You can now take your time doing your reasearch and homework before you decide to buy.

Remember, always look at what a piece could be -- not what it is when you find it. Common things can’t be improved much to bring higher value. But the finer items, if they can be brought back to whole, can still bring top valve.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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