Friday, October 12, 2007

DOGS -RABBITS - CATS - Can Make You Fat if they're Royal Doulton

Did you know that Royal Doulton makes several series of small animal figures? Yes they do, and knowing them can add a lot of money to your bank account.

These little furry creatures can fatten your bank account because most people aren't aware of their value. I have been able to buy up to twenty of these little hairy animals for only a few dollars apiece. This made me very happy because my account was increased by a few thousand dollars. You will find these figurines with the names Doulton Bunnykins, Beatrix Potter, and The Snowman on their bottoms.

I would like to give a few examples of their values, and they are substantial. In the Royal Doulton book "Beswick Storybook Figurines", Beatrix Potter "Pickles" lists for $2500 and it is a black faced dog 4 1/2 inches tall. "Appley Dapply" lists for $1000 and is a 3 1/4 inch mouse. For five or ten bucks, I think you would consider these treasures.

Let's take another series produced by Douton, the Bunnykins and look at their values. "Touchdown" which is a little rabbit lists for $2200 and he only is 3 1/4 inches tall. Santa Bunny "Happy Christmas" can be purchased for $1600 and "Collector" Bunnykin, at a cheap price of $750.00. You will begin to pick up every little animal you see from now on.

Don't forget the little Snowmen. They can also enhance your account.

These figures are stamped on the bottom, and I would suggest that you find the guide book for these figures and study it. Different stamps on the figure can change its value tremendously, but all of them have value. The most I usually pay for one of these figurines is ten dollars and I have found them for a dollar.

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  1. Hi Daryle
    Is there a particular Royal Doulton Figurines referance book you'd recommend? I'd love to add one to my library.
    Thanks, talk soon