Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FINE RUGS - Are You Standing on a Fortune ?


You may be standing one of the greatest treasures that you will ever find and not know it. What am I talking about? Rugs of course! To my amazement, I have found where rugs have brought $100,000 plus (and those pluses might be a lot).

Attending the local auction house several years ago, I was tired and most of what I came to see had been sold. I decided to stay for the furniture and why, to this day, I don’t know. The auctioneer had just about completed the furniture and rugs when he pointed to this one rug that was sitting under several pieces of furniture and ask for a bid. Why would anyone purchase this for their home, I asked myself. It was dirty and damaged.

Turning my head away I heard the cry, "I have $100 do I hear $200?" "Yes!" was the cry. "Do I have $300?"

Turning back around and looking closely at the rug, I said to myself, are these people crazy? On it went to $500, then to $1000, then $5000, finally stopping at well over $10,000.

The room was abuzz with everyone asking what is so special about this rug? I have to be honest, I was completely amazed myself. But one thing I did know was that the people bidding knew, and there were more than one of them.

I went out and bought some books on Oriental rugs and, after reading them, I realized the buyer probably got a bargain. How many rugs like this one had I passed by at estate sales or garage sales I will never know.

If you have done one of the first things mentioned in my book, 31 Steps To Your Millions, you now own a Kovels price guide. Please open it to Rugs, and there you will find prices from a few hundred to over fifteen thousand dollars, and these are not the expensive ones.

The Oriental isn’t the only rugs that bring big money. Many of these pieces made in America can fetch a pretty penny also such as Rag, Hooked and Braided rugs. So take a good look at what you're standing on when you are searching for your treasures. This may be one time you don’t want to just look straight ahead.

Rugs, like everything else, increases in value if they are signed so look very carefully for signatures. Condition is also important and should usually be taken into consideration before purchasing.

I must share this with you. It happened again just last week at the same auction house. You may want to check it out if you are in Chicago. Their name is Direct Auction and they have a sale Tuesday Night twice a month.

Last Tuesday it was like a dream happening all over again. The first part of the auction was over and the furniture was being sold when the gallery man pointed to this rug under a table and chair. It was announced as french but most of the people in attendance gave it very little attention until the price began to escalate. Finally finishing up at a hefty price of over $7,000 the crowd gave out a loud burst of applause. Don’t forget about the rugs.

I would like for you to keep my son Daryle II in your prayers today. He will be in the hospital for testing.

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