Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Some may ask why I’m am doing all this, and the answers may surprise you. First, I have been looking to see what the Lord had in-store for me after my retirement, and I think that I have found it. Helping others to live a "Funded Life," as Cindy would say. That seems to fit the bill.

Second, staying active keeps me out of my wife Vickie’s hair, and she likes that. Third, I get to be very close to Joshua, my 8-year-old son, and I can assure you nothing makes me happier than that.

I have had many surprises since writing the " 31 Steps to Your Millions" book and forming the 31 Club, but the biggest surprises have been coming from the interest in Joshua by the media. Cindy has been kept busy answering inquiries asking if Joshua is available for different events.

It all started when we got a call from the Chicago Antique Market asking if Joshua would speak to the Junior Collectors at the market, which he did. From that our Local NBC news had him and his collections. on the early show.

All this seemed exciting but what happen next was unbelievable. I was sitting at my computer when the phone rang and the lady ask to speak to Joshua. When an adult wants to speak to my son I definitely want to know who’s calling. So, I ask and she told me that she was calling from Jay Leno's show. Yes, I am thinking that it was a joke, but because of the NBC appearance, I put Joshua on the phone.

He took the phone and began to walk through the house with me following him and feeling a little like I was intruding on his business. After about twenty minutes he handed the phone to me and the lady asked if we could put together a short film of Joshua showing and answering some questions about his collections and send it right off to the studio in beautiful downtown Burbank, California. We did. We haven’t heard from them yet, but the experience for both Josh and myself was wonderful.

Thinking this was the end of the attention, we settled back down to our normal lives until the phone rang again last week. A very pleasant voice on the phone ask if Joshua would be interested in auditioning for a advertisement for a very large well known company. She had already talked to Cindy, and Cindy had given me a heads up that the woman would be following up with me the kind of details a father would want. So, this Saturday Joshua will be going to Downtown Chicago for his audition.

As you can see I am very proud, but also thankful that my son is getting some wonderful experiences at this young age. This Club is responsible for these wonderful things happening, and I want to thank each and everyone of you. Yes, I am getting my moneys worth and I am thanking God ever day.

Now to more serious business. For weeks I have encouraged you to study and share with us things that you have learned. If you have read the Star of the week, Cathy C. has earned that spot this week, and I would like to share an e-mail that she just sent us. Remember, when I talked about the books with the gold edges and said that if you fanned them, there might be a surprise for you there? Well read this article sent in by Cathy C. She didn't send me the source of it, so I can't state it here.

"Fore-Edge Books

Take a look at the edge of the book shown here. What you’re seeing is a small hand-painted scene showing the port of Naples, Italy, from the sea. Books like this one, with a painting on the edge opposite the binding, are called "fore-edge books."

The 1833 book pictured, The Tourist in Italy by Thomas Roscoe, sold for $920 at an Indiana auction that offered nearly 100 lots of fore-edge books. The painting on its edge was based on drawings by J.D. Harding. At the auction, single fore-edge books sold for prices ranging from $345 to $3,738.

Fore-edge books were the rage among London publishers from the 1780s until the 1830s. An artist was hired to paint a scene usually related to the content of the book. The artist would slightly fan the edge, secure the edge in a vice and paint the scene. That way, when the book is closed, the gilded edge shows; but when the pages are slightly fanned, the painted scene becomes visible"

Thanks for the info, Cathy. Don't let these treasures get by you.

Also we have a prayer request today from a member. Tomie Sue and Bill need our prays because Bill will have surgery this Friday. Let's pray for the surgeons and for healing.

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