Friday, October 5, 2007

F-R-E-E-D-O-M! 31 Club - The New Vision for the Antiques & Collectibles Markets

For months now, we, at the 31 Club, have been putting out the good news that the Antiques & Collectibles Markets are very much alive and thriving. Others, aided by recent articles and news stories about what appears to be the industry's "death toll," continue to complain and then wave their white flags and roll over dead. But, we see the vision of a new opportunity and the financial freedom that lies ahead the minute we set foot onto this territory.

How can we be so confident? We, at your 31 Club, know that nothing ever stays the same. That’s a given, and we accept it. We know that this market, like any other world market, is subject to shifts and changes in light of economic conditions and advances in technology. And we accept this, too. We also know what other investors know regardless of what market they're investing in: "Bad news" in one area means there is good news in another. We've identified the new opportunity, and we're heading out onto the battlefield, like William Wallace of Braveheart, to win our freedom. Our financial freedom. How many of you have hearts brave enough to join the clan and fight for your financial freedom?

If the stock market is falling, savvy investors know that a falling market creates an opportunity somewhere else. They suit up and take action to shift into that market territory.

I am telling you, we can do what stock market investors do, only right here in the Antique & Collectibles Market. If you'll listen to the fresh new voice of the 31 Club, despite reports of a marketplace that article after article reads like an obituary, you won't regret it. Let me ask you this: If the lower end and middle range items in the antiques and collectible market, those readily available, aren't moving at the current price and appear to have lost their value, but the rare and high end items sell at record highs, quickly, what does that tell you? Where should we focus? Think you can't do it?

Your 31 Club will prepare and lead you step-by-step to be working in this high end area of the market. Most others only dream about doing this. We lead by example. For those of you following along with our progress, you know we started with a $100 purchase and now have completed Step 3. Our members Cecil and Vicki have moved on from Step 1. We are advancing through our 31 Steps, together, and this will assure our prosperity just down the road.

We're instructing those that have ears to hear a fresh new voice, and join us, in preparing and arming ourselves, so we are equipped to head out into higher end markets with support, knowledge and confidence. You might feel like you're wandering out in the cold, damp night of the Scottish hillside right now, while the English continue to oppress you, your family and countrymen. But if you can catch a vision of what freedom can look like and are willing to kilt up, sharpen your skills, your spears, and paint your face blue, together we can take to the fields at Bannockburn and win your freedom.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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