Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IT IS WRITTEN - Three Words To Remember in Collecting Autographs

Do you know that the things that have value to collectors of autographs aren't only pictures, baseballs and books?

Yet, these are what most people think of when discussing autographs, but there are other items that you may not have thought of such as contracts, checks, postcards, documents, and personal letters.

It may be time consuming but well worth it to go through those boxes of papers you see at most auctions, fleamarkets, and house sales. There just might be a treasure lurking there.

I was at an auction here in Chicago and watched as a friend was going through a box of papers. As his eyes lit up, I knew he had stumbled onto something special. Nudging up to him, I could see these items were letters, and they were signed by Martin Luther King, Jr.

He quickly placed the letters back into the bottom of that box and waited for the auction to begin. I kept watching as he nervously waited for the box lot to be auctioned. When its number was called, you could see the excitement on his face as the auctioneer called for bids. "Fifty dollars, twenty five dollars. I have ten dollars anyone at twenty," the auctioneer cried out. "I have thirty, anyone interested at forty. "Sold," and the hammer sounded.

My friend had just purchased a treasure that was sure to bring him thousands of dollars, all for only thirty dollars. You can find treasures like these, that to the untrained eye might seem to have very little value. Wouldn't you agree that a find like this could make your day?

I believe Cecil found a letter written to a little girl from President Kennedy, and I hope he will leave us a comment telling the story of his find. People often say, what's in a name? I say, "A lot of money!"

I hope that you will remember when you hear, "It is written," that these words came from the Bible, and they can keep your life on the right track.

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  2. Cindy from the 31 Club Staff checking in…

    I had not previously known much about antiques or collectibles until I met Daryle and started working with him on his book and publicity. Then, my education began.

    I have to say, my ability to spot the valuable items has been increasing day by day. So much so, that when I went with Daryle to the Arlington Park Antique Show this past weekend, I was able to discover just how much my knowledge had grown.

    While Daryle was off talking with a dealer, (he loves to talk to people) I wandered away from him and into another booth. While I was scanning the items, my eye caught a vase I was certain was a Charles Lotten vase. I knew it by sight! I quickly pulled Daryle into the booth, and we found 3 more early Charles Lotten Vases. Because we were interested in buying all 4 vases, Daryle was able to negotiate a really good price on them all. Two of the vases were not a style of Lotten glass I was familiar with, but if I ever see this style again, I’ll know it.

    The show had many fabulous examples of some of the finest items. I encourage everyone to attend a show to get close up to the items you might only be viewing in books or online. I can honestly say, it will be much easier for me to recognize these pieces after seeing so many fine examples close up.

  3. I am so excited. Finally on my way, SLOWLY - but surely!

    I have listed certain items in my shop with a code knowing when they sell they are for my 'special account'. I am EXTREMELY happy to say I sold a Kutani plate for $75. (I got it in Maine this past summer for $5 in a thrift shop). After listing fee....profit $69.00.

    Now add to that a 1950's Morris Moskowitz Leather Purse (I purchased for $10 from a moving sale here in my hometown) sold to a woman in Spain (awaiting payment)...after shipping profit will be in the area of $95. on this item .
    My cost $15.00
    two month turn around
    NET Profit approx... $164!!!!!!!! for my compounding account.

    This is SO INCREDIBLY EXCITING - TO FINALLY HAVE A PLAN! And all because of YOU, don't EVER doubt yourself or what you are doing!!!! Write your blog from your heart don't worry about offending anyone, and by the way, your Native American story was wonderful.

    As I continue to work my shop and sell certain items for my special account I will be educating myself with books and practicing "patience"!
    Thank you, my Guardian Angel

    Life is enhanced by the presence of angels....
    Daryle thank you for being a 'presence' in my family's life!
    Everyone knows you by name at this point...my husband and kids : )))