Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daryle Lambert: The weather is cold out side!

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I am very sorry that I haven't gotten a blog up today but there are circumstances that cause me to be late. Hopefully you will see these as an excuse. In Kentucky they have the worst ice storm in the history of the state. People have been told that they won't have electricity for up to a month. My sister in law and one of her sons, plus another son's girlfriend and her two children traveled from Kentucky to stay with us until the power is restored. They had been staying in a hotel in Evansville, Indiana but decided that it would be best to visit us. Can you imagine not having power or heat for a month?

However, it gave me an idea for a blog. How did people get along without these conveniences that we take for granted? First they usually went to bed early after sunset and if they needed light they used oil or kerosene lamps. In Kovel's price guide you will find Kerosene lamps priced as high as $4500 and oil ones $7500. Yes they don't put out as much light as the electric ones we own but for that amount of money, I can buy a lot of the electric ones, wouldn't you say? But how about cooking? Again there wasn't gas or electricity so they used coal or wood burning stoves and guess what? Not many people back then went hungry. However, my grandmother often started cooking before daylight and cooked all day. A great granite and chrome example of a antique cook stove might bring you up to $10,000 while a coal burning parlor stove can easily fetch $5000. I remember as a child backing into the parlor stove and the blisters that it raised on the palms of my hands. You only do that once.

But you are asking, what about entertainment, right? Well there wasn't television or even radio so can you even think that was possible? Well it was. They read books and talked to one another. What a novel thought you say! Some of those old books now can sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Not bad when you consider that most of those books cost as little as five cents. The simple life- where did it go? There most have been something special about it, or why would people today pay so much to get it back?

Today we look back to the way our ancestors lived and say, how did they do it? But I have to admit they may have had a better life than we did today. I know that they didn't have as much worries and I am sure that their stress level was lower than ours. In your search remember that there are collector sthat are just waiting for an item from these long lost days and your reward can be great if you find the right pieces. It was a different era without computers or four lane highways but just like the movie Cars, it shows there was something special about those years. In fact I am going to suggest that each one of you rent the movie Cars and watch it, and if you have children share it with them. This isn't just a cartoon but a movie that shows us some lessons that we need to relearn today. See you tomorrow.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Want to Make Money? Here's a Name for You.

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I am constantly amazed at what I don't know. Have you heard of the company “Holt-Howard”? Well I hadn't. I wonder how much money it has cost me to not know this company. First a little history. The company was founded in 1949 in Stamford, Connecticut. Importing wares was their business and this included all types of home ditties.

The company was purchased by General Housewares Corporation in 1969. Most of the Holt-Howard pieces that you will find today are marked with two H's stacked on top of one another. Some also have a silver metallic label. They usually have the year that they were made, which helps the collector.

Most of their wares had an almost cartoon quality and these would brighten up any home. There were condiment jars, decanters, spoon holders and saltshakers. These are highly sought after today as can be seen by the listings on eBay that go as high as $1200. I believe that if I came across any of these pieces before I studied for this blog, I would have passed over them as just being junk.

I believe that these are one of the new collectibles that have come along because other collectibles have become too expensive for the average person to collect. If you follow the European collectibles, however, often when something starts off cheap as a collectible it soon become expensive itself. Look at pieces of Clarce Cliff that today sell in the thousands. These were made in England and at one time could have been purchased very reasonably. Isn't it amazing how the price of an item can increase when the title “collectible” is attached to it?

Over the next few days I hope to introduce you to some rather inexpensive items that will bring big money when sold as collectibles. I feel that some of you who are waiting to get started on your Million Dollar race will find these items to your liking. Remember, it doesn't matter where you start but where you end, like the tortoise.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Where Others Don't Go to Make Money..

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The primary goal of the 31 Club is to help its members make money and one of the ways to do that is to go where others don't. What do I mean by that statement?

Remember when in other blogs I said that while attending house or garage sales you should start at the back, or in the basement or attic? Why would that suggestion pay off in spades? First, it is where you have the best chance of finding a real treasure that has been overlooked by the sellers. Second, you will find fewer people there because they are looking at all the over priced items that are prominently displayed. Third, items in the back or basement usually haven't been researched.

I will give you just one example of what I am talking about. I know a dealer that practices what I am teaching you. At one house sale he immediately went to the basement of the house and saw a painting that was rather different. It showed a white peacock in front of a garden. In fact he didn't think that it was very attractive but at the price of only a few dollars I think less than $20 he took the chance and purchased it. It turned out to be by the famous artist Jessie Arms Botke and was sold at auction at Treadway Gallery for over $19,000. I only wonder how much money the people upstairs made that day fighting over items that were probably over priced?

Your question, I am sure must be, what do we look for when we search in these cluttered areas? My answer is, anything that catches your eye as being different. You see there are areas where you should look even if you are at a dealer’s shop. These won't be where their expensive items are being displayed however. Here is an email that I just received from Michael where he won the prize. I have received other mails from him where he has found treasure but this is the best. I will let him tell his story in his own words.

Hi may remember me as the chap who found those nice sterling horse rosettes a while back. Recently while browsing a dealer's stock of old letters, I noticed a "stampless" one from Ireland - in well worn condition, mailed from Sligo. It had a small round postmark on the back "Oct/98" which from the style, I knew to date before 1800 (i.e. 1798). As 1798 was the year of one of the most famous "Irish rebellions", I thought it was well worth the gamble of less than $1.50 - the full asking price, just in case the letter proved interesting. Examining the letter carefully, I saw there were many references to the fighting, the rebels and foreign mercenaries. If you take a look at eBay # 160311052221 - you'll see I did quite well percentage-wise on my $1.50 investment! Sometimes it's well worth actually reading an old letter, as the content can be much more valuable than any stamps or markings on the outside. Best regards......... Michael

Nothing pleases me more than to see the success that our members are achieving by using the information provide by our 31 Club. Please send me your stories and even failures if you have any. We learn from both. By the way the letter sold for over $560.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daryle Lambert: “What's Not Hot”

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This isn't my favorite subject but I think it will save you money to limit your purchases to items more likely to make money. There are wonderful looking items that simply don't sell and I hope that I can make you aware of them. Turning our inventory as quickly as we can and compounding our investment each time is the purpose of our business, so if we purchase items that can't be sold, we impede our progress. I have spent quite some time thinking about what should make the list this year and it is different from last year’s.

1. Paintings unsigned – These paintings may look beautiful but unless there is provenance with them they are only decorative pieces. In today’s market, when even the hardened collector is waiting a little before purchasing a piece, the decorator pieces will sit unpurchased. Even at $25 to $50, they are items that I would stay away from. In the past I have said to purchase well-done paintings that weren't signed, but the market has caused me to change my position.

2. Art Glass unsigned – These pieces are very pleasing to the eye but their value is almost non-existent. I talking about the pieces that have gold flakes in them and ones that have attempted to duplicate the better know Art Glass. Once you buy these they are yours forever because no one will be willing to purchase them from you at a price where you will be a profit.

3. Prints – By in large the print market has been eliminated. Prints that were selling for hundreds of dollars can now be purchased for $25 or less. The only prints that you should consider are the ones signed by the artist, and even then the artist must be someone of renown.

4. Silver plate – This is the first holdover from last year. Silver plate has not increased in collectability over the last year. If you pay over $100 for a set of flatware, my advice to you is to be willing to use it in your own home. I can find no reason to purchase silver plate items with the exception of figural napkin holders.

5. Collector Plates – With rare exception these will sell for under $5. This is a sleeping giant and I will recommend that you let it sleep.

6. Roseville pottery – Even the rarer patterns can't be purchased at a price where you can double your money so why invest your money where the return is not worthy of the investment. I made the mistake of buying several expensive pieces of Roseville and guess what, I still have them.

7. Steuben, Lalique and Baccarat clear glass – The secondary market is so weak for these pieces that no matter how cheaply you purchase them they might not sell. There are always exceptions but before you purchase make sure that what you’re buying is the exception.

8. Transfer ware – As a general rule this type of china has seen its day. Some may be tempted because a piece has an English mark from the 1880's but this doesn't mean that it has value in today’s market.

9. Pressed Glass – The number of collectors for pressed glass is so small that it isn't worth your while to try buying for them. It is always best to deal in items where the market is expanding not contracting.

10. Hummels - They no longer are going to be made by Goebel and I think that if they do find someone else to make them it will be a cheaper version. I haven't run into a new Hummel collector in years so maybe there aren't very many. Give the older Hummels a few years and they may make a come back.

The rare and unusual will serve you well during these trying times and remember this is still the best opportunity to make money that I know of. Where else can you walk the stairs to success without making a major investment and also do it, when you wish, plus have a tremendous amount of fun while your at it?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Unrealistic Expectations.

Today was the day that I was going to list the “ What's Not Hot” list but that will have to wait a day. There is something that has come up that I need to explain to all the members. It is most important for me to feel that I give the 31 Club the best I have, but I am not a miracle man. If you ask for something that I can't provide, I am sorry.

I receive an email from a person that was very disappointed in the service that I provide. You see they sent me a list of perhaps twenty items to give an evaluation on. At first glance I knew that most of them were of very little value so I asked that six be picked for me to do further research on. Using all my sources, which cost me thousands of dollars each year, I was unable to find any of the six items or references to where similar ones had been sold. These were early etchings and prints from different countries. You see, anyone that tells you that they can tell what a piece is worth without finding where a like piece has sold, will not be telling you the truth. If the value the person gives you comes only from their head, it could be wrong by a mile. All appraisals are based on what we in the business call comps and that is where a like piece has sold at auction. Usually we prefer that there are several like pieces before we stick our necks out. In this case there was nothing for me to base a value on.

At this point I suggested what I personally do in these cases. I list the items on a site such as Online Auctions or See Auctions at a price that would satisfy me and if the market values it higher then I will even be more satisfied. Remember the $40 vase that I listed for $400 and it brought $1800? This was the best advice that I could share with the person but they expected more.

It only left me one option and that was to give them a place to get the pieces appraised. I hope that this will satisfy them because if I can't even find a starting place, it would be very unwise of me to spend eight to ten hours researching something that evidently no one else cares about.

I will not be able to tell you what every piece you ask me about is worth, but the best news is that it hasn't cost you anything either and if I can't find it I seriously doubt you will. Remember we are looking for things that the collector is wanting to buy and if they can't even find a value for our pieces I doubt that this is the direction we should go. I am sorry that I had to write this blog but I hope you understand.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Daryle Lambert: 2009's Top 10 What’s Hot!

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I have gotten several emails asking when the new “What's Hot and What's Not” list will be announced. Well, today is the day for the new list and I think that there may be a few surprises on it for you. I won't be able to expound on each one in this blog, but I will talk about each one in more detail later. There isn't any reason to make you wait longer so here goes.

1. Political memorabilia – This should not come as a surprise because I have been writing about this for over six months. With the election of our first black President, the next couple of years should be rather exciting for collectors

2. American Paintings – This market will always be among my top choices because people wish to be close to the history of this country that is captured by paintings. The art world is just beginning to give the credit that is due to some of America’s finest painters. If you can't make money here then you can't make money.

3. Toys – Here is a repeat from last year that can still make money for you. As people try to stay in touch with their childhood, there isn't a better way than to collect toys they remember as a child. The great thing for us is that, as time passes, new toys become collectible because there are always new future collectors being born. The prime age for collecting is from 25 – 55 years of age and as new people enter this period in their lives we are able to provide them with the toys they remember

4. Historical items – During these difficult times, collectors will look back at what has made this country great. This is where we can plug into the wealth of historical material that is available at house and garage sales. Soon we, as proud citizens of the United States of America, will tire of being the world’s punching bag and again we will stand up.

5. Gold and Silver Jewelry – Here is where I want you to realize that people think of gold and silver as hedges again hard times. I disagree, but remember this isn't about us. I believe that people will be rushing to buy good gold and silver jewelry, so keep a close eye out for the better pieces.

6. Carnival Glass – There has been a renewed interest in the rare and unusual pieces of Carnival Glass. There are cycles in everything and I believe that this glass has entered a new phase in the marketplace. The pastel pieces will bring you the most money and the rarer patterns are heating up with the collectors.

7. First Edition Books – These books are beginning to amaze me with the prices that are being achieved today. Even the more contemporary one are bringing large sums of money and if they are signed, watch out.

8. Art Glass – Here, yes, you want to buy the great glasses of the past such as Tiffany, Steuben, Daum Nancy and others but don't forget about the contemporary new artists such as Smallhouse and Satava. I will have more on them later.

9. Antique and modern firearms – I haven't suggested that we buy and sell firearms before and perhaps you don’t wish to do so but this list is about what others will be buying this year. The more the government pushes to limit the ownership of firearms in this country, the more they will be purchased.

10. Tobacco Collectibles – Anything from advertising to ashtrays will be sought after by the collector of these items. As things are taken off the market, there begins to be a rush to keep its memory alive.

With these ten areas of collecting you should be able to have a profitable year in 2009. If I were just starting this is where I would spend my time researching. Tomorrow I will post what I think you should stay away from.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daryle Lambert: The Perfect Day Antiquing.

How long has it been since you said you had a perfect day? Well, I had one yesterday. It was definitely a day I will remember for the rest of my life. After getting up at 7:00 a.m., I met a wonderful young man named Andrew Slaw and his mother Ann, to begin a full day of antiquing. I had been invited to their home so that we could travel together. First, however, I had to see the collections that Andrew has assembled. There was the wall of humor, where he has photos and posters of his favorite comics. There was Abbott and Costello, Jerry Lewis, Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and Lucille Ball. He also has an impressive book collection where he does his research on items that he wishes to buy.

You must be asking why was this a prefect day, considering that this is something I’ve done hundreds of times? You see, I have never done it before where it meant so much to me. Ann prepared Andrew his special food in his little backpack and off we went. First it was an antique mall in Kenosha that is known as the School House Mall. We searched high and low but with very little success. We did buy a food chopper with the old green paint and I agreed with Andrew there should be a double there because after bargaining from a starting price of $5.00 it was purchased for $2.50. My strength was soon zapped by trying to keep up with the bright eyed young man as he scurried from booth to booth.

Next it was off to lunch at Cracker Barrel where we discussed all the things we had seen and examined to see if we had made any mistakes. Reassuring ourselves that nothing of interest had been passed by, we resumed our journey. Where do the young people get all that energy?

Gurnee Antique Mall was next on our list and Andrew could hardly wait for us to arrive there. We had barely entered the mall when Ann spotted an egg coddler to add to the collection and Andrew picked a Charlie Chaplin poster for his first purchase there. We bought a Bosson head and a metal tray but that was about the total of our finds. I am sure you know there is more to this story and I will try to share it with you if I can.

Andrew is sixteen years old and a little small for his age. He is a junior in high school but there are days when he doesn't attend school because he just doesn't feel good enough to go. It’s not because he doesn't have the desire to attend school but because he has a rare disease by the name of Familial Dysautonomia or, as we will be calling it, FD. They haven't found a cure for this disease yet but we are praying it will be found soon. Andrew doesn't feel sorry for himself but has a zest for life that I haven't seen in many people. He doesn't ask for help from others but he is there to help them. Just recently he had metal rods placed beside his spine so that he could stand upright, but even this could not get him to feel sorry for all he has gone through. Boy, am I blessed to have a special friend like Andrew.

There is a foundation called FD NOW and its email is If any of you would like to know more about Andrew and FD please send an email and information will be sent to you. The phone number is 1-847-913-0455. You might want to consider sending Andrew a card at 1170 Green Knolls Dr. Buffalo Grove Il. 60089. If you have anything lying around your house that could be added to Andrew’s wall of humor, I know it would be greatly appreciated. God Bless and have a wonderful day.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Do you ever wonder?

If you ask questions, do you receive answers to them? Well I can tell you that there isn't anything as important as the questions from our members at the 31 Club, and hopefully, we can give them answers that will help them in their efforts to make money.

It is my privilege to share with you one of the opportunities we have had to help a member. We always ask permission to use an individual’s name and comments beforehand and this applies in this case. I hope there are some lessons to be learned here. So here we go.

Hi Daryle,

Well, actually it was two mouthfuls ...

"Be careful of reproductions and false signatures with Tiffany because there are many out there.” “As with all glass, check for reproductions."

I think fakes are the single biggest stumbling block for beginners. After getting burnt a few times, we become paranoid to the point of being afraid of buying anything because we just don't know.

If I'm at a house sale or an auction, there's just no time to check with you ... even if there were, more than likely you'd have to be able to have the piece in hand to be sure.

And, really, where can a beginner go that somebody would let you hold a 10, 20, 30 thousand dollar piece of art glass (or whatever) just so you can learn? Yes, books and the Internet help to a point, but seeing a picture in a book or on a monitor is not the same as seeing it in person and being able to make the distinctions that seemed so clear in the book.

Therein lies our dilemma. It's frustrating and discouraging for those of us who have only been in this a short time. Most of us won't live long enough to amass the decades of experience you have. (You are so lucky to have had a father who got you interested in antiques at an early age ... as is your son!)

Don't misunderstand ... I love you for being willing to give of yourself so generously ... in time and expertise ... but sometimes it's so hard to relate knowing we're so far from being experts on anything.

But, I'll still read your blog every day and look up almost everything to which you make reference because I just find it so interesting, even though I'm sometimes overwhelmed by how much there is to learn. Maybe one day I'll be able to say I know more than I thought I did ... LOL.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for all you do.


Hi Barry

The only thing that I would differ on from you is holding the expensive pieces. Here is what you do.

Go to a big time antique show just to look not buy. Ask the dealers if you can see a piece but never pick it up without asking and then they will be flattered if you ask as many questions as you please.

They will be more than glad to let you handle their most expensive pieces regardless of their price and you will find that they will never tire of bragging about their items. This will prove to be of tremendous value to you. Ask them to show you why this is real and not a repro. and they will be glad to do it. Once you can see for yourself the difference between the real and fake you are home free and you will never again mistakenly buy a reproduction.

One thing that I would recommend you do when you are out and find a piece you have questions about is ask the dealer to guarantee the piece so that if you find it is a reproduction it can be returned. A lawyer once told me this, “I was at the bottom of my law class but I have proven to be one of the most successful members of my class and this is how. I never tried to remember everything that I was taught but I did remember where to find it if it was needed.” How does this apply to you? Well you know where to find it by calling or emailing your 31 Club.

I would like to use your letter in a future blog if you would permit.

God Bless


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Friday, January 23, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Porcelain to buy and sell.

Thanks to

I am wrapping up this series on my four favorite ways to make money and have fun by discussing porcelain. I started my journey into the Antique and Collectible business with pieces of porcelain many years ago. I very quickly found that the best porcelain was made overseas in Great Britain and Germany.

The first items that I showed real interest in were the Royal Doulton lines of figurines, both ladies and canines from Great Britain. At one time I had over 500 Royal Doulton lady figurines in my personal collection. If you can find figurines that say “potted by” and the name of the artist, they are earlier and will bring more money. Also, if there is a small number next to the crown mark, that is important to the date. All you have to do is add that number to 27 and that is the actual year it was manufactured. Thank goodness several years ago, when I thought the market for the figurines had topped. I sold all that I owned, including my prized dog collection. In fact, a gentleman drove up from Texas and took the dog collection home with him because he was afraid that they might get damaged if they were shipped. Here is the good news for me and the bad for him. Today I could repurchase my entire collection back if they could be found for twenty cents on the dollar. You may recall my rule about selling and it is that everything I own is for sale if a person is willing to pay my price. The way I look at my possessions is that I only have them for a short time anyway and if someone is willing to pay my price I hope they enjoy them as much as I did. Now some things, like the paintings my wife Vickie likes, may cost you a dear penny.

Doulton hasn't been the only porcelain that has proven to be worthwhile for me over the years. Meissen, from Germany, is perhaps the best known porcelain in the world and their pieces from the 18th century would reduce the size of anyone’s pocket book. The chances of finding the early pieces are slim but the pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries can be found at house and garage sales, even today. There were three Meissen figurines In the inventory of the 31 Club that helped the Club make 7500% profit in only six months. By the way the 31 Club has updated its inventory and now is at the almost $14000 on its $100 investment in less than two years. Can any of our members top that? If you can, please email me your results so that I can share them with the members. Meissen is perhaps the best merchandise in the world to help you fulfill the steps in your million dollar race, because almost without exception, you can double or more your investment on pieces of Meissen.

I personally have made thousands of dollars selling the Meissen figures of both people and animals. The best buy was when I purchased a collection of twenty pieces for under $8000 and then sold each piece individually for a total of almost $30,000. You will never have to hold your Meissen very long because the are so many avid collectors around the world.

I have only mentioned a couple of porcelain companies but there are many others that can prove valuable to you. In England you have Royal Worcester and Royal Crown Derby and some others in Germany are Nymphenburg, Hutschenruether and Rosenthal.

Porcelains will be the most consistent items for you to make money with and there are enough pieces for you to find that they will make your efforts worthwhile.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daryle Lambert: To make money buy and sell Fine Art.

Painting by Tom Darro

I have to tell you that the Art World intimidated me for many years. In fact it was the last area of the Antique business I attempted to master. So if you're a little hesitant to venture into the Art World done feel alone. However here is the good news the 31 Club is here to hold your hand and help you through these early stages of learning. I prefer American paintings but I don't rule out others if there is money to be made with them. In past blogs I have written about some of the paintings I have bought and sold but to day I will keep it to just you and how to make money.

One of my favorite sayings is that you shouldn't try to re-invent the wheel so I won't. I could write a book on Art and in fact I think I will God willing some day but for today I'm going to pass on the article that Cindy ask me to write last week for a news release. These are the steps that I follow in buying and selling paintings.

Make money in Fine Art with these five steps.

You have heard all the stories about fabulous paintings being found by the novice and all the money that was made when they sold but let me share something with you, someone had to know something. It might have been the person at the Gallery where they took it to get information or a visitor in their home but yes someone knew something.

What if I could tell you how finding a treasure could happen to you in five steps would you be interested? If your answer was yes then keep reading. I will outline the information that will allow you to qualify a painting and quickly decide if it is worth your while purchasing it.

  1. Be sure you have the resources at your command to check out the artist on paintings you find. A great source is Davenport's Art Reference and Price Guide. It can be purchased used at or Amazon and it doesn't have to be new because it is just the starting point. Next being a subscriber to one of the art sites or know someone that is will prove a tremendous advantage to you, here are three, or

  2. Now is the time to start your research. Check the Internet to obtain all the information available on the artist. Also check to see what his work is bringing to day and what auction house does the best selling his work. This could prove to increase your selling price by thousands of dollars.

  3. Examine the painting to see that it hasn't been repaired. Using a good black light will show you old restorations. If there is damage even if it has been restored the value will be affected. Questions like is it on the original stretchers or has it been relined are very important. Does it have patches or is there paint that has been loosened are two other questions that will determine the final price.

  4. Is this artist paintings going up or down in price over the last 10 years? This may help you determine your asking price. I like to compare each artist work with others in the market of comparable works and recognition in the art community.

  5. I mentions previously but now I want to stress the importance of where you sell your painting. Like I mentioned before the auction house that has set the record for a painting should always be considered when you selling. Also most people don't know that commissions are negotiable and it would be wise to ask the house where you intend to sell your painting for a discount because of the quality of your painting. West coast paintings do best out West and East coast do best on the East coast and this should be remembered went shopping for an auction house.

If you follow this guide to selling your paintings I believe your success will be assured.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Make Money Buying and Selling Antiques: Art Pottery

Rookwood Pottery. (Photo from

When you're looking to make money buying and selling antiques & collectibles, it's important to take note that Collectors of art pottery will usually stop at nothing to purchase the pieces they desire.

So pottery is second to fine art on my list of treasures to find. I have many success stories to share with you and hopefully after reading this blog you will be sharing yours with me in the future. It was only after attending an auction at the Cincinnati Art Gallery that I became a true believer in the business of buying and selling art pottery.

Sitting in my seat on the third row so that I could see everything that was going on at the auction, I began to plan my strategies for purchasing the items that I had circled in the catalog. One item really caught my eye because I hadn't ever seen one like it. It was a plaque showing a steamship pulling out of port. It was a rather large plaque and I figured it would bring some nice money but did I ever underestimate it! This piece, that could have possible been purchased at a house sale for five to seven thousand dollars, never looked back as it passed $50,000. The audience, including me, was holding its breath at $75,000 and people were applauding as it sailed past $100,000. Who says you can't make money in this business?

It wasn't that dramatic but I attended a house sale where there was a Grueby vase being offered. Every dealer in Chicago was ahead of me in line so I returned home thinking that I might return to the sale later, which I did. The vase was still there with its $5000 price tag and I was asked if I would like to purchase it. My answer was “Why should I when everyone else has passed on it?” I was able to negotiate a deal by putting four other items with it, and the total I paid was $3200. Do you see where I follow my own rules? The four pieces sold for around $2000 but, are you ready for this? The Grueby vase sold in Cincinnati for $13,500. I ask, can you make money with art pottery? I walked into a shop in Glencoe, Illinois and spotted a rather plain Rookwood small vase. What made it special was that the vase was carved. It was uncrazed and by one of the top artists at Rookwood pottery, so I figured that I would make a pass at it for around $300. The price tag read $600 and after some lengthy negotiations I was able to purchase it for $350. I feel I made a fair return on my money as it sold for $4500 at auction.

But this isn't about me so how can I help you? First I would like to give a list of what I think the leading potteries are. These are not in any particular order: Rookwood, Grueby, Newcomb, George Ohr, University of North Dakota, Marblehead, Teco and believe it or not, Tiffany. A great book to study on is American Art Pottery by David Rago. It should be purchased at or and it doesn't matter if it is used. Also you have heard me say many times that you should always keep your Kovels Book of Marks close at hand.

Here are the steps that I take to value a piece of pottery. First, who made it and who is the artist? Second, I evaluate the condition. It should be mint to bring top dollar as damage can take 75% of the value away. Then I look at the size--the larger the better is a general rule (in fact some pottery is valued by the inch). Last, is the market for this pottery increasing or decreasing? Why did I include that last step? Here is an example: Roseville was one of the favorites of the dealers but the market has gone down dramatically for Roseville pieces so I didn't include it in my list. Yes, if you can buy them cheaply enough they are still a buy, but not at the prices of past years. You see we want to make money and not let others set the prices for us so, yes the market is important.

When you want to make money buying and selling antiques & collectibles, staying with pottery makes sense, because there is an ample supply to be had and there will always be collectors for the better pieces.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Art Glass, Pottery and Paintings make money.

Our wish should be to compound the money we start with until our goals are reached. So to make real money you have to follow a plan and ours is to compound our capital on each transaction we make. My thinking is that we shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel but to follow the easiest route to success. By that I mean we should deal in items that are the most popular in the field of Fine Art and Collectibles.

Yes the rare and unusual command the higher prices but you will find that those in certain areas appear most often and will bring you the greatest rewards. The nest of the bald eagle might be extremely rare but how many people are looking for one? On the other hand a rare vase by one of the better artists at Rookwood Pottery will be sought after by everyone that appreciates great pottery. No, everyone won't be able to afford it but if their circumstances change they may well be a future buyer.

With this reasoning, I have honed down my list to four areas of antiques and collectibles that I spend most of my time researching. Art Glass, Pottery, Paintings and Porcelain seem to be where the biggest bucks are, so these are the ones I concentrate on. I will try to break these down to a list in each area that will allow you to make money and have fun.

First, in the area of Art Glass, you must start with Tiffany because it is still the number one glass in the world for collectors. Be careful of reproductions and false signatures with Tiffany because there are many out there. You can't go wrong with a piece made by Tiffany if you purchase it right. There are some items made by Tiffany that are unsigned but you should let the buyer decide whether it is a real Tiffany or not. I once purchased a small vase, unmarked, for $40 and put it on eBay and it sold for over $1800 even though my reserve was just $400. The purchaser said that it was an unmarked piece of Tiffany and that was perfectly okay with me. Any red piece of Tiffany will bring extra money because of its rarity.

My second favorite Art Glass is enamel and etched cameo glass such as Galle and Daum Nancy. These pieces, depending on the quality of the workmanship, can start at $10,000. The top end is unlimited. A great source of information for you should be Victor Arwas book on glass, Art Nouveau to Art Deco. You might find a great art glass treasure and it could come in the form of a miniature piece by these companies. I once bought a vase by Daum Nancy that was less than 2” tall for a couple of hundred bucks, but after my research I was able to sell it for more than $3500. As with all glass, check for reproductions.

Two other companies that I keep an eye out for are Steuben and Lalique. I have been asked to write on Steuben and I will do that in the future. Frederick Carder was the most famous designer at the Steuben studios and any piece marked by him will be a great treasure. Steuben made many different types of glass and you can read about them in Victor Arwas' book. Lalique is also a very respected producer of fine glass, but don't get carried away with the contemporary pieces. Newer pieces that might retail for $5000 can often be purchased in the open market for under $1000. Color does count with the newer pieces of Lalique and they usually do better than the clear pieces. Rene Lalique pieces are the ones you want to find and they are top collectibles. You will find the real buyers searching for these pieces and if you find any the rewards will be fantastic. To make money, remember you need to find the pieces that others are searching for.

This blog has proven to be longer than I thought it would be so I will continue with Pottery, Paintings and Porcelain in my next three blogs.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Daryle Lambert: We want to make money but with what?

Thanks to Flicker

The first comment I want to make is that there is still plenty of money out there to purchase the treasures you find. People still have money. They might be less inclined to spend it, but for the right things they still can be persuaded. But what might they buy you are asking?

Let me share with you what can make money in these times regardless of the economic conditions. Things that remind them of good times and happy events in their lives will always sell. People like to have items in their homes that bring back memories spent with family and good friends. Baseball memorabilia is one of the best examples of this phenomenon. Little boys played ball as children and had their heroes such as Babe Ruth and Willie Mays so anything that pertains to these individuals is highly desirable.

It is always best to remember that you are buying for others not yourself so it is best when buying to put yourself in their place. No you may not like 19th century uncut paper dolls but I will guarantee you that if you see any you should buy them. They can bring you great rewards. As a general rule today, anything that was made before 1960 should require your attention. This doesn't mean that everything made before that date has value but it is worth looking into. Here is a tip “ everything that is old isn't necessarily valuable because if it was junk when it was made it is probably junk today, But if it is old and was valuable when it was made its value today could be huge.”

One of my rules is that if I haven't seen it then there is the possibility that it is rare. You will be able to say this yourself as you continue to search places like antique shows, flea markets, house and garage sales and other venues you use to search for your treasures in an effort to make money.

Also you can accelerate your progress in reaching your goal by buying whole collections when you find them This is true because when you buy collections your price per piece will be reduced. The seller will look at your offer because it will seem larger than if you bought just one piece. For instance, let’s look at one item with an asking price of $1000. There are ten pieces in the whole collection but this is the one you really would like to buy. You have decided that the other pieces also could be easily sold so what should your offer be? If the seller is asking $500 each for the other nine pieces his total price is $5500. After examining them to see there isn't any damage, you estimate that the price that they may be sold for is $12,000 even though the retail might even be higher. Under these conditions I would offer $4000. This amount will seem to be a much larger total to the seller but actually you will be getting the $1000 item much cheaper. Your average cost will be only $400 per item including the one that was priced at $1000. If you purchase the collection and they are sold for $12,000 you have just achieved more than one step in your race to the million.

Just to give you a little to chew on, let’s assume you completed this transaction and then duplicated it on your next transaction. $12,000 then becomes $48,000. Now that makes me smile and I hope that it does you too. Yes, these are big figures, but even if this is just your first transaction of spending the $100 in your account then the first step is $300 and the next is $900. So no mater where you are in the journey you’re going to arrive with a bucket full of money. Isn't it time for you to make money for yourself?

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daryle Lambert: The first step to help you make money


Thanks to

If you have read the book that I have written then I would assume that you have opened your new bank account with $100 or slightly more if you wish. This has to be an amount that you will not need until your goal is met. This can't be an account that you co-mingle with your other personal accounts because that would defeat the purpose of what we are going to be doing--compounding the amount of money in our account. You have now entered the Million Dollar Race with the other members of the 31 Club. Our purpose is to make money and have fun while we're doing it.

I just received an email from one of our members stating that the market for even the rare and unusual items is beginning to drop. That may be true but that doesn't change our plan one iota. We must adjust the price we are willing to pay for an item to reflect the new retail price. I will give you an example. Last week I received an email from a gentleman that wanted to sell a very desirable T. C. Steele painting with impeccable provenance. I think that his asking price of $58,000 might have been a reasonable price a year ago but not today. After talking to him at great length about the painting and finding out that it came directly from the family, I told him that $20,000 would be my best offer.

Never over the last few years did I believe that a fantastic T. C. Steele painting of real quality would ever be bought for this meager sum, but things do change don't they? No, I haven't bought the painting yet and I may not, but when I spend the money in my 31 Club account it will only be spent if I can buy following the rules that I have set. I don't have to be in a rush because my goal is to compound my money at least twice a year so I have six months each time to do that. We also have to be willing to change our ideas of what an item is worth to make money. You see even if I thought that I could buy the painting for $38,000 and sell it for $40,000 it wouldn't meet the goals that I have set for purchasing and unless I had it pre-sold I would have to pass.

So today the first step to is to open our account understanding that this account is not to be used for any other purpose other than our new business and never is there to be a withdrawal from it unless it is for a purchase or an expense pertaining to that purchase. Also, our goal is to buy at 25% of the current retail value and not to break this rule unless the item we are purchasing is pre-sold.

Tomorrow we will talk about what to buy and why so that we can continue to make money.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daryle Lambert: It is time - to make money

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I have been visiting with you going on two years now and we have shared many ideas together but if you aren't in a better position to make money today than you were two years ago I have failed. This is a time when people are having a hard times getting by and it is my desire to see that we working together can make that load lighter for each of us. But to do that I need your help. Yes God has given me the knowledge necessary for others to improve their life but it is up to us together to share this information that is relevant to solving the problems we face today. I can continue to write each day what is on my mind but if that isn't helping you then what is the purpose.

Telling you how others make money is fine but that doesn't help pay your bills, so hopefully for a few day I want to write blogs that directly can effect your well being. To do that I need to hear from you and see if the program that I laid out in the “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” is working. I wrote that the purpose of the book was to help the average person make money by the knowledge that I would share with them not the amount of money they had to invest.

There is a fun thing about people that make money they all have a drive to be successful. With all the knowledge that I share with you if you truly don't have the drive to succeed then the final conclusion will always be the same, disappointment. I attempt to answer every email plus I have published my phone number so that you can have immediate contact with me. The thing I can't do is answer unsent emails or phones that don't ring. I am appealing to you that have the desire to change your life for the better to use all the tools that the 31 Club provides.

This is the start of a new year and my question is have you entered the Million Dollar Race and what step are you on or aee you still at the starting gate? The true is that for us to be successful we must have a plan and that is what I have attempted to do but I can't force you to follow it. I have found that the best things are usually the simplest and that is what the 31 plans is intended to do, give you a simple plan.

I hear everyday friends of mine say I want to make Money but when I begin discussing ways to do that they try to think of reasons why it won't work. Then I turn the table on them by asking how is your present plan working?

Over the next week I would like to review the plans that we entered into together and hopefully will have questins from you that I can answer along the way. Lets get back to the basics and make money together.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Daryle Lambert: WOW! It could have been you

I believe it has begun in earnest and that is the appreciation of the Obama memorabilia. I was watching the news on Yahoo and a gentleman was talking about the car that he had purchased for $24,000 and now had it listed on eBay for a price of one million dollars “buy it now”. He listed it at the end of last year and took it down on advice from his accountant but there were 41 bids and a high price of $1,551.000.

The new listing shows a starting price of $100,000 but only from approved bidders. It will be interesting to see what the final bid will be but, whatever it is, in the future that price may prove to be a bargain. It is too late to buy that car but what else should we be looking for that has been a part of President Obama's life?

The hunt for the Obama treasures will be a continuing adventure and this gives you the opportunity to cash in on it. My suggestion to you is to try to find things that were part of his early life, like letters that he wrote as a young man, Boy Scout cards if he was a scout, driver’s licenses, school papers he signed and I am sure you can think of many more. Don't forget his wife and children, because items they possessed will also have value. When they sold Kennedy's items, his son’s rocking horse brought over $100,000, if I remember correctly.

It would be an interesting idea to just concentrate on Obama over the next few years and see if by doing so you could become the “go to” guy or gal for information and items pertaining to President Obama. I have read articles about the biggest dealers in sports memorabilia and they have become extremely wealthy. This will happen with the President’s collectibles also.

I would like to hear from some of you that took my idea of going to Obama's headquarters and collected campaign items that will do nothing but go up in value over the next ten years. If you were fortunate enough to get duplicates, don't sell them all at once.

It still isn't too late to cash in on this special event that will occur next Tuesday.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Surprises never cease

Thanks to

This story will take you around the bush but I think that you will enjoy it. I love to share with you when I see items that I have never seen before and this story is about one of those items that I will never forget.

I have been on a quest to understand the bible better and this journey has taken me to some very exciting places. Not long ago I shared that I was troubled by some of the conclusions that I had come to in the bible and this friend of mine by the name of Jerry must have begun to worry about me. He would suggest this bible study and then another until I finally said that if I attended the one that he was sharing with me now, would he join me? His answer was “yes.”

So two Sundays ago, after my regular services, I attended an evening Sunday night service with Jerry. Being new in the church we had several people approach us including the pastor, welcoming us to the service. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but as I was leaving the pastor asked where I lived and what profession I was in. After I told him I wrote a book about antiques, he seemed to be very interested and asked if he could call me. I assured him it would be welcomed and we left it there. In just a few days the phone rang and this gentleman said “ How are you? “Not wanting to act like I didn't recognize him I said “ Fantastic.” “This is the pastor and I was wondering if we could get together?” I said, “Sure, anytime that is convenient with you.” Well I met him still not knowing what he had in mind and wondering if Jerry had talked to him about what I was going through.

When he arrived it was lunch time so I invited him for lunch at a local restaurant and we spent about an hour just talking about his new church and how he had come to Chicago from Nashville to start it. I informed him that I had a meeting in about ten minutes so I needed to return home and he said “fine”. By this time my mind was racing about a mile a minute but as he let me out of the car he said “I want to show you something that I would like for you to help me sell.” Going to the back of the car he opened a gun case and my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was the most beautiful rifle that I had ever seen. He called it a border rifle. This piece had the most fantastic stock that I had ever laid my eyes on and there were four Indian beaded straps around the stock. On the butt was a metal badge and a leather cover. I had never seen anything like it and, guess what, I only had a matter of seconds to see it because my other appointment was arriving. The pastor said we would get together again and talk about how to sell the rifle but I won't sleep well until we do.

I hope you can tell how much fun and excitement I have by being in this business and sharing the experiences with all the members of the 31 Club. I just wish that more people could find the “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” and have their lives enriched like mine has been by writing it.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daryle Lambert: What to Do?

I am receiving many emails from people that are troubled and asking for my opinion on what to do in these difficult times? The key to the 31 Club’s success for its members isAdd Image that people need to continue what they’re doing to support their families until they have met their goals for success with the principles of the 31 Club. Then, if they choose, they can support themselves fully with their new business.

People that have been laid off from their jobs can't expect to support their family’s needs from returns on a business they just started with $100. I say you must go into the job market and try to get new employment but continue the education that is provided by the Club. Hopefully, while you’re doing this, you are completing steps in your race to the millions by following the guidance of the “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” book.

This is just one email that I have received and I will share it with you along with my reply.

Dear Daryle,

I’ve been enjoying your blogs for a few months. Thank you for writing them. It can’t be an easy thing to come up with a new blog every day.

I have a question for you. I’m just an average person, who’s watched my retirement drop in the last few months. I have about $5,000 in cash. Would it be a good idea to save it for that special painting or piece of pottery right around the corner? Should I invest it in the stock market? How do I decide? I’m really afraid of spending money but also of missing buying something low. If I wait for something special I might not find it.



Dear Judy

I can fully appreciate your situation and it is the plight that is shared by thousands of people in this country today. However, my advice to you is that this isn't a time to panic but to plan for the future. If you have read my book, you know that it is based on knowledge not money and I want to encourage you to continue your education with the 31 Club.

To answer your question about the $5000, keep it in the bank. There may be needs that you will have over the coming months and this nest egg could prove useful to you. But if you haven't begun your new business by opening a bank account with $100 in it, I would suggest you do so immediately. Now you are ready to start completing the 31 steps mentioned in my book that will allow you to be totally independent within a few years.

The most important question you asked was what should I buy? Well, my best advice is to begin by using the $100 and compounding it over and over again. Hopefully you will run across items that cost more than the money in your account. This is when you can partner up with the 31 Club in its associates’ program. You become a partner with the Club spending the money to buy the items you find and sharing the profits with you when they’re sold.

The 31 Club has attempted to set in place all the tools you need for success and if you follow the steps set out in the book that I have written, even in difficult times like these, you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

God Bless


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Times are tougher

Yesterday was a disappointment for me but I have to remember that it was just a small bump in the road. Our Bannard painting didn't sell at Christie”s but there was a whole lot of others that didn't either. What did the old cowboy say when he got bucked off his horse “ I just got up dusted myself off and got back in the race.“ You can bet that is what all the members of the 31 Club will do.

The lower and middle parts of the markets have been soft for over a year now but the higher end where we deal has stayed relative steady. I now think that even the higher end is taking a wait and see attitude. The money is still out there to buy and people will always spend on the better things they desire but maybe they will just wait a while.

You would think that now was the time to take a break from buying but no way is that true. In fact it is the time to really push to buy. “How can that be” you say ? It is times like this that I call buyers markets because whatever you offer for a piece the seller might accept it. Paintings that were selling for $20,000 a year ago might only tempt you to bid $5000 or less today. If the selling party needs to sell and yours is the highest offer then the sale may happen.

Guess what the painting is still worth $20,000 in a good market and there will be another one soon. Here is a tip for you. When making a bid today and the seller says no way, you night want to tell them that if the piece brings more than you thought it would they will get another check for an additional 10%. You buy the painting for $5000 and a few months later you sell it for the $20,000 then there will be a check forward to the seller for and additional $2000. Even with the deduction of the $2000 you have still completed our goal of a double. Think about it, the seller has gotten all he can get today and he needs the money but plus that there is the possibility that he will receive more money in the future. I think that you have just purchased yourself a painting.

One of the first things I taught in my book “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” was that this business is all about buying never selling. You see even not selling the Bannard for $6000 or more doesn't really hurt that much because I still have no doubts that when I do sell it I will have doubled my money more than once. You are in charge in this market and the seller can't say if you don't take it I have five others that will. In fact he is lucky you will take it. All the super rich people that I know have told me that they made all their really big money in tough times and now you know why.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Warmth can mean Cash

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Do you dread the cold or is it a delight for you? Well, as I was walking my dog Katy and son Joshua to school, I couldn't help but enjoy the twelve inches of snow and the two feet snow drifts that turned the landscape into a winter wonderland. Yes, at some of the street stops it was difficult to get through where the snowplows had piled snow up to my waist, but my son and the dog just loved it.

Walking back to my house, I had visions of getting into my comfortable leather chair in front of the fireplace and draping a warm quilt over me with Fox News blasting on the television. I hope you can envision that because it never happened and I just returned to what I usually do which is sit in front of the computer. This time, however, I hope that I can bring you some ideas about how to make money while thinking about being warm.

Just a little humor here because as I dreamed of the fireplace and burning logs, of course the fire was from gas logs because who burns real logs today. The Greenies would be protesting in front of your house if you did. Ha Ha !

But if you have a fire there are a few things you need, right? And guess what? There are collectors for the antique items used around your fireplace. The first thing that comes to mind is andirons which can quickly get expensive. I was watching one of the antique shows the other day and a person brought in a rather simple looking set. The show expert got really excited. His question was “ Do you know who made these?”, and the response was “no.” Well they were made by a very special person by the name of Stickley. When he gave the person the estimated value, I thought they were going to pass out. “These should sell from $10,000 to $15,000 and not a penny less.” In Kovel’s price guide there are over ten sets of andirons priced at $4000 or more, so don't you think that it would be wise to keep our eyes looking for andirons? But if you have a fireplace, where are you going to place the logs? That could be in a bucket. I looked to see if a bucket to hold coal or logs could have value and to my amazement I found one. This bucket had a ribbed body, two brass bands and was made out of mahogany, price $5000. Now I began to have some real interest so next on the list were fenders, What could their values be? Again to my surprise, these could run in the thousands but they didn't even compare to what I found out about fire screens. Screens can run you up to $25,000 or more, and in some cases their value is totally out of sight.

To complete this fantasy of having the perfect fire in the perfect fireplace you will also need a Shovel and Tongs, Bellows, a Foot Warmer and a few more incidental items to complete the picture. But before you begin, let me warn you that all this may set you back a pretty penny. I am just kidding but I think you get the idea. Yes, these things are items that we should keep an eye out for. I haven't even gotten to the quilt but I think that will have to be saved for later.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Collectibles from days gone by

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I don't know about you but here in Chicago you are limited on what you are going to do today. There is twelve inches of snow on the ground and it is colder than the look that my wife gives me when I am wrong. Fifty years ago on a cold Sunday afternoon many would turn to the movie theater but today with all the movies on television and pay-per-view, why go out in the cold? Yes, we are becoming stay at home couch potatoes!

The reason that I have decided to discuss movies and items associated with them today is that many of the collectibles of past years will soon only be a memory. With every passing day, the movie industry is changing the way it operates. Stars now are instant sensations and they don't have to go through many years as understudies like stars of the past. This means that few stars today will have a long history in the industry so the items associated with these instant stars won't last long. Who wouldn't like to have a signed picture of Humphrey Bogart or Greta Garbo. I can only dream of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin sending me their photograph with a personal message on it. Most of the stars today are just pretty faces with a little talent that hasn't been honed over many years like the stars of the past.

Why is this important you may ask? The reason it is important as far as collectibles are concerned is that the instant stars usually never establishes an identity or a following that will be there for years. To be remembered, it takes time and a audience that follows the star's career and can associate themselves with the person. Autographs, costumes, lobby cards and posters from the great movies of the past can sell today for unbelievable money. In fact, I remember the story of the person that bought the old movie house and found the walls had been filled with old posters of the movies shown at the theater. The article said that the owner would never have to work another day in his life. I love stories like that because it may be my time next, wouldn't that be fantastic?

Lets look at a few examples from Kovel's price guide. Charlton Heston's costume from Ben Hur could easily fetch $10,000, while a dress owned by Marilyn Monroe would begin at $15,000. Clothes worn by Elvis and the Beatles would start at $100,000 and go up from there, now those are some fancy rags. Kovel's usually lists items that could possibly be found by the average dealer, however, they seldom list the really expensive items that bring huge bucks at auction. These aren't out of the possibility of being found by you and you read every day where someone does hit the jackpot by discovering something that is mind boggling.

Almost everyone is acquainted with the values of movie posters but just in case, look at these prices. Creature from the Black Lagoon was produced in 1954 and its poster is listed at $7,000 but I believe that at the right auction it could bring many times that amount. The same could also be said of a poster from the movie Dangerous with Betty Davis from 1936 listed near $10,000 but I think I would be tempted buy it up to $20,000. There are many more examples where posters bring $100,000 or more but what I am getting at is that movie memorabilia is eagerly sought after by the collector so be sure to keep these items on your radar screen.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Ti's the Season to Buy

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Everyone knows that the best time to buy is after Christmas when everything is on clearance. But how does this give us a special opportunity to make money? The same principle that applies to stores selling their inventory after a season ends can be seen in how people sell items at the end of seasons like Christmas and Easter. You will find that rather than store trees, ornaments and other decorations after Christmas, people place them in house or garage sales and often without regard to their collectibility.

So if this is true then what should we do to take advantage of this opportunity? First, I would suggest that before the season is over, you obtain the knowledge needed to distinguish between the true Christmas collectibles and the rest that carries no real value. There are many items that are used for decorations at Christmas but only a few are sought after by the collector. I have been to sales after the season and found ornaments that had been in the family for nearly 100 years but the family had gotten tired with them and decided to purchase all new ones. You can bet I was more than glad to take them off their hands. Old figurines of Santa and antique Christmas toys often end up in these after season sales so when others are saying I'm not interested in these items are losing a great opportunity. This also limits your competition of some great buys.

Toys like the Santa jumping out of a box made of wood might reach $5,000 if its condition is near mint or how about the Santa's sleigh pulled by pigs made of wood from around 1900 conservatively valued at $2,500. I am still looking for that “bicycle built for two” ornament made by Dersden around 1890. That might be the golden fleece of ornaments and if I found one, the price it would take to pry it out of my hands would be $15,000.

My first memories of Christmas were in the 50's when bubble lights were all the rage and ornaments of airplanes and spaceships were just becoming popular. Never did I think that these items might sell in the future for thousands of dollars (but they do).

This is the greatest time to attend house and garage sales because the weather often keeps your competition away and the prices asked for items are usually lower in the winter than the summer. So get out there and make yourself some money and don't let these opportunities pass you by.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Daryle Lambert: No, I Didn't Win !

New email

I tried my hardest but I didn't win the Clyde Keller painting on However, I consider this a blessing. Why? Always being the winner doesn’t mean that you are always right and this is what I have to take into consideration each time I go to buy an item.

Yes I missed this painting but guess what, I stayed with the rules that I established in my book “31 Steps to your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles.” If I teach you the way to be successful in the antique and fine art business but don't follow the same rules myself, what kind of teacher am I? My final bid was over $1000 and if you read my blog yesterday, I valued the painting at $4000 or more, so to keep true to my rule, I should have been willing to pay up to $1000 which I is what I bid. I can assure you that it took a lot of discipline to stop bidding but this training will pay off in the long run.

You see I still have my money and I guarantee you that I will find something to spend it on that can be purchased for 25% of the expected retail value. By staying within our rules we will never accumulate inventory that can't be sold. If we’ve purchased it at 25% of value then we will be able to sell it and we’ll be continuing on the road to success. I still am in the race for the other three pieces that I am bidding on and hopefully some will be successful.

I would like to discuss another issue with you and that is selling what I have already purchased. I have to admit that at the present time I have let it slide a little. Yes it is fun to be on the hunt for treasures but if we never sell them we are soon out of business. I haven't spent the same amount of time selling as I have buying but I hope to change that. Immediately. The forming of the 31 Club has taken a lot of my time but that shouldn't be an excuse. The more that I talk to our members the more I see them making the same mistake that I have been making and I assure you that starting now I will be using every opportunity to aggressively sell items from my inventory. If you need assistance in selling the items that you have acquired, please email me for ideas. Let’s kick this new year off in a big way together.

I have a request from a member that I would like to past on to the club.

Do you live in the Houston Texas area? If so, I invite you to join the Houston Chapter of the 31 club. The Houston Chapter has set up a Yahoo Group site(Invitation only) as the vehicle to communicate with each other. It’s free to join, no requirement but a love for Antiques and a desire to make money.
Please email and he will send you an invitation to join our group, it’s that easy.

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