Thursday, October 18, 2007

THE MAIL MIGHT SERVE YOU RAIN OR SHINE. Collectible Postcards-Stamps-Santa-Airplanes Might be Your Treasure

Tomorrow I am going shopping at the garage and estate sales, and I will be accompanied by a friend from Texas. His name is Jeff, and we talked about my starting a company several years ago when he was in the Armed Services, living in the Chicago area. Unfortunately he was relocated, but we have remained close friends.

When I first talked about writing a book, Jeff was one of the first to encourage me, and he helped with the title,"31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles." Jeff and I spent many days talking about the antique business, and he proved to be an excellent student. Even now I get calls from Texas asking about what my thoughts are on the price of an item he is considering purchasing. His field is musical instruments.

Jeff was one of our first members of the 31 Club, and tomorrow we are going to look for items that will take us another step or two in our journey through the 31 Steps.

We will go rain or shine just like your local postman, but we will be looking for what the postman leaves behind. What do I mean by that?

Some items that will be on my wish list tomorrow are boxes of old postcards and letters. Stamp collections can also be found at these sales and you might find their price to your liking. Yes, we will be looking for things that are mailed.

If you remember, I have said before that some of the best collectibles are things that appeal to more than one collecting group. In the trade, we call this cross collectibles. If two people want the same thing, but for different reasons, then the price will probably go up.

Postcards and letters fall into this category. Stamps on the cards can attract the attention of the stamp collectors, but the card itself could be attractive to the card collector because of its content.

Rare stamps have been found on cards or letters in cheap box lots that have been purchased for just a few dollars. These rarities may include one such stamp known as the upside down airplane stamp, that was selling for over $100,000.00 when I was a boy. What if you ran across one of these while rummaging through a box of letters? This was a miss-print stamp that is still the most sought after stamp in the world. One last sold for $525,000.00 on June 4, 2005. Can you imagine that? But just think this stamp would also be valued by people that collect aviation items.

What if you find a box of letters, like the ones that I mentioned before in a past blog, that were from Martin Luther King Jr. or, perhaps some that were signed by Babe Ruth. Can you even think of what their value would be? You see the stamps can have value as I mentioned before, but so can the letter inside. And, even the postcard might bring you a pretty penny if it is a early Santa.

I could go on by saying the letter might have historical significants, but to wrap this up I think you get the point. Often boxes of letters and cards can be purchased for only a few dollars, and the return on them can be unbelievable

I think that you would have to agree with me, that the postman carries some valuable merchandise.

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