Saturday, October 20, 2007

GOOD FRIENDS AND A GOOD TIME EQUALS - Success in a Treasure Hunt for Antiques and Collectibles

Report on yesterdays adventure with Daryle and Jeff.

It all started about 9:00 on a cool Friday morning in Winnetka, Illinios. Not many were stirring at this time in the morning, but it was already late for true estate sale adventurers to begin their journey.

Arriving at our first destination, we were number sixty-eight in line according o our ticket. The regular crew of dealers were in line, and it appeared that they had been waiting for some time. We waited in anguish as the numbers were slowly called until it was our time to enter the house.

Running from room to room, it soon became apparent that most of the bargains were already taken, or so we thought. Of course for us, the furniture held no interest, but the conductor of the sale did direct Jeff, Sharon and me to the Appel painting that was hung on the living room wall.

$4,800 seemed too high a price for this painting. I agreed with the crowd that was pushing their way through every nook and cranny of the house that it would have to be purchased for a much lower price than that to meet our goal of doubling our money on each purchase we made.

I asked what the best price the owner would accept for the Appel and was told $4,000 -- still to much. So, I told the lady I would think about it, knowing if I wanted to purchase it, I would have to take my chances of buying it Saturday at half price.

On we went and next my eye landed on eighty pieces of Danish sterling priced at $1,050. I started doing the mental gymnastics and figured that I could pay $7.50 for each piece for a total of $600, so I made the offer and, again, I was turned down.

Not being discouraged, we turned to the books and picked a couple that might have some interest for us. I told Sharon to offer $2 for Man and Superman by Bernard Shaw and 20,000 Leagues Under the sea by Jules Verne --they were priced at $2 a piece. The offer was accepted and we didn't think much of our buy, but at least we didn't leave empty handed.

I won't make you wait or keep you in suspence. The Man and Superman lists on Abebooks for up to $800, and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for $2,050. Not bad for a $2 investment, wouldn't you say?

I also bought, for $5, the biggest counch shell that I have ever seen for my son Joshua's shell collection, then discovered its value should be up to $100, and a Hula poster signed buy the photographer for $5 that might bring $500 at auction.

Not many items to show for a fun days work, but I would think you would agree that it was a successful adventure and fun was had by all. Tomorrow we will be returning to see if the Appel painting and the Danish sterling can be added to our inventory.

Those two books will definitely get Jeff and Sharon out of the starting gate.

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