Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FRESH START - We All Need Rest from Antiquing

I have just returned from a magical trip to South Dakota with my friend, Collin, where the four days spent with the Indian children on their reservation refreshed my spirit. The hours spent driving from Chicago to the South Dakota reservation brought to memory my last trip there, and I wondered if I would again see the man whose image etched a permanent impression in my mind.

That man was Henry, a Native American, and he had prayed for me more than six years ago when we first met. At the time, he had just lost his three-year-old child to the river. He had spent many days searching for the child, but they were unable to recover the body. Henry was in a state of mourning then but still took the time to pray over strangers for their safety while they were on the reservation.

Collin and I finally arrived, checked into the hotel, and then wandered into the cafeteria for something to eat. While I eyeballed the food, Collin's attention immediately focused on one man. "That looks like Henry," Collin said. To my amazement, there sat the weathered Native American that symbolized so much to me, and as I approached him, he began to smile.

He invited us to sit at his table, and so we sat with him. We shared the things that had happened to us over the past six years, and he shared with us that he had become an evangelist and traveled all over the country sharing the message of Christ. He had his old guitar with him, and you could tell that it had many a song played on its strings over those years.

I asked Collin if he remembered when Henry had taken us outside the gas station to pray over us, and he said yes. "But do you remember the little blue bottle full of oil that he anointed us with?" Collin asked me. Before I could answer, I saw Henry's hand slide under the table and out of his pocket came this blue bottle, almost empty now, and Henry smiled again. I couldn't help but wonder how many people Henry had anointed with that oil over these years, while he himself was suffering.

I do so little, being as blessed as I am, but I find myself wondering if I had lost a child, would I have the spirit that I found in Henry last week. Some of the time I feel that I am of such little faith.

It is good to be back home, though. A little time away is renewing to the spirit and helps to ground me.

I do want to share with you that if Indian artifacts are what you desire, don't go to the reservation, because I couldn't find any of them there.

Remember, one of our first rules in the race to the millions was not to get in a hurry, so I followed my own rule this time and took a little time off. I am now ready to challenge that track again to see if I have the right stuff. I hope many more of you will join me.

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  1. What a wonderful story about the trip you and Collin took to the reservation. And to run into Henry. Hopefully you shared with him how touched you were by him on your past visit. What we can learn from others...Thank you for sharing it.

    Oh, how very appropriate to use the Tom Darro painting for this column. It is beautiful, so vibrant and alive with color.

    Talk about "Fresh Start" as in your title today. I am certainly heading that way. You've opened a world of hope and possibility for many, many people. We will certainly be able to see and hear much of the results of your endeavor here. But the lessons you are teaching and the impact you are leaving will no doubt live on beyond our years. What a blessing it is to have found you. Thank you for providing the way.


    By the way, the video postings are very cool. Another tool in this education process.

  2. Hi Daryle I couldn't agree more with iCAN! I too, am glad you chose to share this story. There is so much goodness in people, sometimes it is obvious, other times a quiet presence.

    Oh, and thank you for being a (not so quiet) presence in my life! I appreciated your advice & time last nite when I called. I really value your're now on speed dial! : )

    At this private showing I found myself focusing on certain areas of the room upon entering (paintings, etc) instead of browsing. And then I did a quick overview and remembered to check under tables & into boxes so as not to miss anything. I had people following me around when I was carrying the Royal Doulton have already taught me so much

    Thanks again

    It's a wonderful autumn day in Boston

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words. The world hasn't seen anything yet. Your club is going to provide hope where there wasn't any and you the leaders are showing the way. We will be published in a nation publication in Nov. and I can't wait to share it with you. The Race is On.