Thursday, October 25, 2007

Return of History - Antiques and Collectibles Make Up our History

I have wanted to share this story with you for over a week, but I had to be sure of my facts.. It is about this find I made by a very strange occurrance that will make a huge difference in the 31 Clubs position in the $1,000,000 race.. This story reinforces the things that I have been teaching you over the last few months.

Sitting at my computer, having nothing in particular to do at the time, I decide to try to be productive with my time. Why not look through some of the auction results I asked myself, so off to Askart I went.

The first artist I checked was Harvey Joiner [1852 -1932 ] from Kentucky, my home state. This turn of the century artist is best know for his paintings of Cherokee Park in Louisville and portraits of prominent figures in Kentucky history.

My eyes immediately focused on the first painting that was listed on the page. A very large 25 by 30 inch portrait of a Mrs. Margaret Wathen. The Wathen family is very prominent in Kentucky, and I knew that a friend of mine had family connections with the Wathens.

The painting had appeared in an auction in Connecticut and had not sold the day before. I immediately got on the phone to the auction house, and asked if the painting was still available. To my surprise the answer was yes. I asked what price it would take to purchase the piece, and after a long wait, with my heart pounding the answer came: $240.00 plus shipping.

Not wanting to act to excited I said, "I think I will take it," even though at the time I was having a hard time breathing. Pulling out my wallet and finding my credit card I slowly read the numbers on it to the lady on the phone. When I finally got off the phone my hands were shaking.

Monetarily this won’t rank up there with my greatest treasure finds, but historically it will definitely be my greatest find to date. This painting is a wonderful piece of Kentucky history. It may well be worth 15 to 20 thousand dollars, and at that price it, would be worth every penny of that. In fact if I can’t sell it for a fair price, I may buy it from the club for my personal collection.

It would have been so easy to have spent the afternoon watching TV or a ball game, but that isn’t what I am all about. I now want to help others or be educating myself more fully, so that I can do what the Lord has in store for me. The rewards of finding this piece isn’t in what it's worth to me but being able to return it to Kentucky, where it will add to the heritage of my home state. This piece will go into a personal collection or a museum so others can appreciate it.

I am so pleased to share this story and hope that it will encourage all of you. I am getting more and more inquiries and question each day which tells me your club is getting ready to explode. Just like this painting is historic to Kentucky, the 31 Club will be historic to all that are looking for a way to join the ranks of the wealthy. Some of the time, it just take others to encourage us to fulfill what is within us.

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  1. Oh my goodness...what an incredible find and heartwarming story! By the way, I just love reading your blog, you have a great writing style.

    You are a true WEALTH OF INFORMATION....a mentor to so many

    Here's looking to the exposion of the 31club!

  2. Daryle, your stories are always so much fun to read. It must take a lot of energy to write them each day! Keep us posted on your results with the painting!