Thursday, October 4, 2007

Don't Throw Out Vintage Clothing, Handbags, Shoes -- It Might Have More Value Than You Think

The Chicago Antique Market has a venue for everything, and to my surprise, the vintage clothing and designer handbags get huge attention. There is always a crowd around these booths.

I talked to several of the dealers and asked,"What’s the attraction to these garments, bags and shoes?" Their answers were often very different, but there was one thing that they agreed upon. Their wares were of better quality then the newer ones being produced today. Also, some of the comments were that today's trends seem to be all alike, but not so with the vintage apparel. "You seem to be able to create your own image with the vintage garments and accessories" was the way one dealer put it.

I have found dresses, hats, jeans, jackets and robes selling for over $500.00, and some of them many times that amount. I had no idea that used clothing could be so expensive and profitable, and I have been giving it away to the Salvation Army.

There is this wonderful lady, Adrienne, at the market, who travels to Europe to buy most of her designer handbags. She sells all the top designer vintage handbags like Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, and I must admit, the quality I see in her booth is absolute top drawer. Cindy had her eye on a special handbag she'd like to add to her wardrobe, but when she found out it had been owned by Liza Minelli and had a tag on it around the $8,000 mark, she decided she'd have to wait until we got through our Steps before she'd splurge on herself. Leave it to Cindy to pick out the most expensive handbag of the bunch! In talking to Adrienne, I discovered that in November, her new book will be released. This should be very interesting to all you ladies that want to know more about vintage designer handbags. I'll let you know when it's released.

I often search with my son Joshua for that special bag for my wife at Christmas, but this year, I am wondering if maybe my money wouldn’t be better spent with the Bag Lady, as she is so affectionately known. Never have I seen so many beautiful handbags in one place in my life as there is in her booth.

Not to be out done, the shoe and boots booths were getting plenty of action also. What a surprise to see women buying used boots and shoes. I thought that you threw these away, but has my opinion changed! I saw a lady pay $500.00 for a pair of used boots. Who would have thought it?

I don’t have the time to go into designer clothing and apparel, but you know these items can go into the thousands. A lady I know bought a designer dress for about $50.00, put it on eBay and whammo -- $3,000.00 was the final bid price. Be sure to study these markets for vintage pieces and add them to your list of possible things to buy. In this market, name does matter.

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