Saturday, October 13, 2007

BETTER THAN EVER - Charles Lotton's-New pieces

Can you believe it, Charles Lotton's new Mandarin Red Show was definitely a hit. I attended the show last night at his gallery in Bloomingdale's here on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and as I entered, there was barely room enough to walk around.

I was amazed at the crowd that had gathered for his new showing. The gallery was on the sixth floor at the end of the hall, but no one seemed to have a problem finding it, as shown by the attendance.

Charles, his wife, and the staff were kept busy just answering questions from the guests. It was a good thing that they had the help of Jacqueline, their studio manager in Crete, Illinois,Brynna and Miles because they never got a break even to sit down.

I was able to talk with Charles about the future of Lotton Glass, and his plans aren't slowing down. One thing that he shared was they are considering changing their furnaces from gas to electricity. He told me that he would have to see how it affects the glass and its color. In some situations though, they might have to use both.

One interesting tidbit that I did get out of him was that he is planning to have a class on glass technology and the secrets that he has accumulated over a lifetime within the next six months for his sons and grandson plus other interested parties. This should be of special interest to all that love his marvelous glass.

I also found out that one of Charles main interests today is a program called Multiplication Network, an outreach program, and he is also working with a group that is training pastors all over the world.

There is no glass that is being produced today that can come near what Charles Lotton is making at his studio in Crete, Illinois. Anyone that is fortune enough to own a piece of his work will be well rewarded.

We've added four new pieces of Charles Lotton Glass to our Gallery and Marketplace. Be sure to take a look at these early pieces made in 1977. These pieces represent some of the first items made from Charles' personal formula for glass. Prior to 1977, Charles bought glass from other sources.

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