Saturday, October 20, 2007


It is 10:00 Saturday evening, and boy am I tired. It has been a busy two days but well worth every minute.

Tomorrow it is up at seven to attend church and then say goodbye to our good friends Jeff and Sharon as they head back to Texas. It has certainly been a pleasure sharing our home with them, but their children have been calling wanting to know when their parents were returning home.

Up at six this morning, Jeff and I traveled the route that we had set out hoping to get close to the top of some of the estate sale lists that we would be attending. The best that we accomplished, however, was to be number twenty-seven on one list. I told Jeff that this wasn't a particularly grand start for our morning.

The first sale that we attended was near my house, so we walked to it and found a very hostile crowd awaiting us. It seems that the dealer conducting the sale was allowing only five people at a time to enter the house. We finally entered the front door, and I soon was aware that any additional time spent at this sale would be a total waste, so we left.

Next, returning to the sale that we had attended yesterday and found items that were priced too high, we returned today hoping for better results than yesteday, and our energy levels were again charged.

As we entered the house I could see that the Danish Sterling was gone, and it didn't take long for my eyes to see that there was a sold sign on the Appel painting. Strike two and our day was just beginning. Now we were beginning to hope that we weren't snake bit.

Should we give up and go spend the rest of this day with our visitors and family? Are you kidding me? Quit? There are treasures out there to find, and if it isn't me who finds them, for shame for shame, so we marched bravely on.

Better hunting was just ahead, and as we rounded the corner in this small village, not far from my home again I could see cars parked on both sides of the road for blocks. This must be the one I thought. I immediately recognized the man who was in charge of the sale, and this gave me hope. First, I saw four pieces of Lalique priced at $700.00 and I ask Doug, (that was his name) if he would take $300.00. He said no, but he'd $325.00. "Sold," I said, and we had broken the ice. Never hesitate to make a lower offer and say it with authority. That makes the offer seem more authentic.

Next came the Herend pieces, and I tried to negociate for them but had very little success, so I told Doug that I would call later to see if they had sold.

That pretty much concluded my weekend, but I think that anyone would admit that this was another successful Treasure Hunt, and after a little rest, I will be back in the race trying to hold off all challengers.

Jeff and Sharon will be leaving Chicago with a smile on their faces because their whole trip will be paid for by thse $1.00 books. What a wonderful life this is. God never ceases to amaze me.

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