Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The weather is changing and it is getting cooler, but now is the time for our members to get into high gear. Most dealers are thinking the season is about to end, but not for us.

Yes, the pumpkins are out, the leaves are changing colors, and bad weather might be approaching, but we can turn this to our advantage. Less competition means more success for the ones that are ready to go that extra mile.

The consignment shops will still be open and so will antique malls. Don't forget about the classifieds in your newspaper. With other avenues closed, people will start to sell their things in the classifies.

This is a great time to post fliers in the pet shops, court house, grocery store and even schools, if they will allow it. There are many places to post your ads and this is just a short list of them. (Refer to my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles for more detailed information and resources.) Be sure that your ad lists the things that you are looking for and gives your phone number and email. At the end of your ad you might want to say that you buy estates.

With the flea markets closing and garage sales being finished for the year, you can become the market in your area for people that have items for sale. Take advantage of this great opportunity to advance your steps in the race while others are closing up shop or thinking about the upcoming holidays.

We, of the 31 Gang, have set our goal for the rest of this year, and it is to complete Steps 1 through 8. You might say that we are being rather aggressive, but why not? If we fall short of 8 steps, that would mean we would have done three or four times the goal I spoke about in the book, which was 1 step every six months. Not bad for a band of merry women and men. But, if we do complete 8 steps, it will mean that the gang has completed 8 steps within six months and that accumulating wealth is very possible. You set your own pace.

I am so excited to see Justin, Cathy, Lisa, Cecil, Cynthia, Vicki and Susanne begin their journey with us. I am waiting to hear from more of you, and I am sure that the field will be bunched up as we cross the finish line together at the end of our MILLION DOLLAR RACE.

Good Hunting to all and to all have a great race.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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