Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WHAT’S COOKING? - You May Make a Lot of Dough

What a night it was. I attended a Direct Auction expecting to buy this beautiful painting, but instead, I ended up with three large boxes of cookbooks. How did that happen? Let me tell you..

I had spent the week studying my art books and had decided to bid on a Cortes painting that was offered. The limit for my bidding was going to be $12,000.00. After arriving at the auction and examining the piece, I knew I should probably lower my future bid because it was an average painting by this artist to say the least.

The bidding started off fairly slowly, and my pulse began to quicken. $5,000.00, $6,000.00 was the chant, and I bid $7,000.00. My hopes were soon dashed, however, when the paintings was hammered at a final bid of $22,000.00. Now what do I do was my thought?

Watching the rest of the art sell and only being able to buy one small painting, I figured the night was a waste. I couldn't be further from the truth. Never give up if you are on a quest.

I have been on my wife Vickies bad side all week, so when the jewelry came up, I decided to take a look. There it was! The perfect gift. A large pendent made of Mexican sterling silver with a heavy hammered design and a gold horse head in the middle. I knew if I could buy it, then the home front would be secured. I purchased the pendent, and later at home studying on the internet, I found that its value was four times what I paid for the piece. It will be hard, but I guess that I must still give it to her.

Not wanting to leave the auction with very little to show for my efforts, I stayed almost to the end of the sale.

Looking through boxes as they sold the furniture, I came across these boxes of cook books. Picking one of the books from a box, I noticed the it was by Issac Hayes, and it was signed. This got my attention so examining the others, I found that some one had collected these and almost all were signed by the authors. There must be over a hundred cook books in these boxes, so I bought them. Are you ready for this? $25.00 was my final bid. They went no higher, so they were mine. Guess there weren’t any cooks at the auction. I figure there is a least one book that will bring me back my total investment. Plus, this had turned a losing trip into a winner. You never know do you?

This is an example that shows the more things you know, the better your chances of finding a treasure will be. It really doesn’t matter where the money comes from as long as it does, and it is legal and moral. Who would ever have thought that I would be telling you about cookbooks today? Tomorrow it may be milk bottles. Did you know that milk bottles are very collectible and worth hundreds of dollars?

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