Sunday, May 31, 2009

“Doesn't Have to be Expensive” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club - Way to Go, Lou Ann.

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Have you noticed that some people just keep plugging away? Lou Ann is one of those people and I knew it from the first email I received from her. No, I don't expect to her to call me about that $100,000 painting, but who knows? What I do know is that she continues to come up with items each week that make her money. She seems to be able to pick small treasures from sales that others overlook. What she finds are listed artist paintings and pottery and glass by the better known companies and artists.

Let me give you three examples just in the last three days, First was a painting by a listed artist on Askart named popowski from California. Yes this artist did sign her name with all lower case letters and her first name is stella. Lou Ann asked me what she should pay for the painting and I said under $100. Well she bought it for a good deal less. Here is the exciting thing about stella popowski. She was a very well known jewelry designer. This should make her paintings valuable to the collectors of her work. I suggested that she search out markets in California for the painting and she may well be surprised with what it brings.

Not long after receiving her first email there came another one asking about the artist Frans Jacob D. Boers . She started by stating that it wasn't anything special. I think she said it cost her $5 but he was listed in Askart and the Netherlands is his home. I could only find one painting for him but it sold for over $900 and it was rather small. I don't believe Lou Ann will have any problem making a nifty profit on this painting. Now she had a double and a single in baseball terms and I wondered what was coming next. It didn't take me long to find out.

Why should I have been surprised when the next email was about a signed Peter Max poster. Checking the signed posters by Peter Max on eBay there have been ones sold from $250 - $350. I tried to figure what Lou Ann had made for herself today and the best I can come up with is about $2000. I have to admit that I would work for that pay check. Congratulation Lou Ann and I would have to say you are one of the leaders in the “Million Dollar Race.”

I have been very sick today and haven't gotten much accomplished but I would sure appreciate your prayers.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

“The Eye Can Serve You Well” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – See What Others Don't

The Finish Line is Near - Thanks to www.flicker

I receive many emails each day asking me to identify something someone has found. Most often if the item isn't marked the value can be negligible but once in awhile I get a surprise. It's like the look that Simon had on his face when Susan Boyle began to sing. This happened to me two days ago when Vicki H. sent me a picture of a painting and mentioned that she had also bought a pottery vase for just a few dollars. The painting didn't set me on fire but when I opened the attachment showing the picture of the vase I said, “Oh my.”
You see she has a wonderful eye and that is what, through studying, you will also develop. Even though the vase wasn't marked she knew it was special. I tried to identify it but wasn't having much success so I emailed the picture to Cecil and he soon emailed me back saying he didn't have a clue. Not being deterred, Vicki kept searching for a clue to the identity of the vase and soon responded “I believe it is Pewabic pottery.” Sure enough I agreed with her because of the distinguished glaze that is a metallic lava. Also Pewabic used paper labels and that could be the reason for no mark. I believe she has found a vase worth $1000 - $5000 and I don't think she will be disappointed with either price.
How often have I said knowledge is king. Vicki first knew that the appearance of the vase was special and she didn't let the piece not being marked convince her not to buy it. Then when she couldn't get the answers she wished for, that didn't stop her in the search because she knew it was special.
Pewabic Pottery was founded by Mary Chase Perry Stratton in 1903 in Detroit Michigan. The company closed in 1961 upon Mary Stratton's death but was reopened in 1968 by Michigan State University. One of the best references to Pewabic pottery is American Art Pottery by David Rago. This would be a great book to add to your library and it may be found on eBay, Abe Books or Amazon.
I will continue to share the members' stories with you because this should give you the encouragement to continue in your search when it often feels that there isn't anything out there for you to find. I was given a framed poem many years ago and today when I was feeling a little discouraged I noticed it on my wall and read it again. It energized me and I would like to share it with you. The name of the little poem is “Don't Quit.”

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Friday, May 29, 2009

“What Makes Us Do This?” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog - The Satisfaction.

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I have wondered for a long time why I spend so many hours searching for that great treasure that might only be an arm's length from me? “Could it be the money, I ask myself?” Yes, the money is nice, but I have been fortune enough to have made a lot of money in other ventures that I have participated in. Those seemed to have only provided me money but never the real satisfaction that I receive from what I am doing today. If they did, I would still be doing them today. So what is the intrigue about antiques and collectibles that seem to grip us and never let go?

You may have reasons that are different than mine and that is okay, but for me it is the satisfaction of making something happen that is competitive. I enjoy competition and in this game I get to compete with the whole world. Where else do you have this opportunity to use your mind in such a way that it makes you an entry in the greatest game on earth. I watched Lebron James last night as he took over the basketball game in the last quarter and you could see this intense expression on his face with every shot. He was not going to let his team lose and that is the feeling that I get not only from my personal transactions but also from those of our club members. We are in a competition with the whole world and I promise you that I will do everything in my power to see that we win.

Even though I might not get to hold the trophy long, still for a moment, it is mine and I am the winner. I know you're asking yourself what am I talking about. Here is an example. As you know I enjoy dealing in Kentucky Art and over the years I have had my share of wonderful paintings by Patty Thum, Harvey Joiner and Carl Brenner but never did I believe that any of my paintings were the top few paintings by that artist so I just kept on searching. Well here is why I think that I keep doing this. I found the Carl Brenner painting that I believe is as good as any painting he ever did. I more than likely will only own it for a short period of time but I will always be able to say I owned it. Just talking about this painting makes the feeling of excitement swell up inside me that I have never felt before in anything that I have done.

I ask, where else can this joy happen to you just from reaching a goal that you have set for yourself? I talk to hundreds of people and believe it or not when I get an email or call from one of you and you have just purchased a treasure, I usually can feel the excitement you are feeling as you share your find with me. That is what keeps me searching and I believe the same can be said for most of you.

Remember that great quote of Martin Luther King “I have a dream”? I believe that each one of us in this sometimes crazy business can say the same thing he did and finding the Carl Brenner painting was the fulfillment of one of my dreams. I would like to hear if any of your dreams have been fulfilled in this business?

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

“The Trend is your Friend” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Pottery vs. Glass vs. Paintings.

William A. Slaughter - The Best of the West

Money that you have to invest into inventory should seek the greatest returns possible. What do I mean by this? First, if you are buying items to resell, your cost has to be low enough for you to get the return that will satisfy the rules of buying set out in our guide “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles.” You will find this very difficult if you are trying to buy items that are in a downtrend because most people don't want to sell their items for less than they have sold for in the past. Yes it is easier to make a profit from items that are trending upward. This is another reason that we don't have to buy everything we see that might be a bargain.

Let me give you some examples. I was attending the sale at Arlington raceway and ran across several Roseville pieces. I thought that if I bought them all I would make a niffty profit. However, the market trend for Roseville had already turned down and when I began to sell those pieces there wasn't a market at the level I thought they should bring. I continued to list these pieces as the market for them continued to slide and at the present time I still own two pieces and hopefully when they are sold I will have broken even. Thank goodness for the rules we use in buying because if I had not negotiated at my price and bought them near where they were priced by the dealer I would have lost my shirt. In Chicago a man without a shirt could get very cold. It would have been best for me if I had passed on these pieces because I knew the market was already declining for them.

Then you must be asking what should we buy? For the past year my major focus has been paintings and I feel the market for art is still very stable and even going up in these treacherous times. During this year I haven't had to sell a single painting for less than a 100% gain. Yes there have been times where I have purchased a painting for $500 that I valued at $3500 or more that just reached $2500 when sold but who would argue with that return.

I just recently purchased a group of paintings that I believe will make the first half of my year a success. This is a market [ Art ] where time works on your side and even if you find that the price you wish for a painting is difficult to achieve just wait awhile and it may even bring more than you thought it would. I do hang a few paintings on my walls at home, in fact Vickie my wife says that there is a painting on any vacant spot in our home. To share with you what can happen, I purchased a painting by a well known artist for $1000 within the last five years and hung it on the wall. Since I use this to decorate with I made very little effort to sell it, but if I had been given an offer of $5000 I am sure it wouldn't be mine today. But let's look at what the art markets have done to its value. I just got a call yesterday and priced it at $12,500 and really don't care if it sells or not. This is the type of market that we want to spend our money in and not those that are in decline.

Let's give thumbs up and down. Art, some glass, toys are differently up while most pottery, figurines, porcelain are down. If you are interested in how I rate other fields just send me an email asking for my opinion and I will be more than glad to give you an answer.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

“Things in Sets” - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club – They will make you money.

Doulton Bull Terrier - Thanks to

Yesterday we talked about how to make money with broken items and today our subject is things that come in sets. For you that have read my book “31 Steps to Your Million in Antiques and Collectibles”, you will remember where I talk about the person that is a completist. This is a person that has to obtain everything within his collectible area. Here is where you can take advantage of this collector by knowing the key pieces in each set of item and providing it to complete a collection for that individual.

Within any set of collectibles there is what is known as the key. For example in Royal Doulton there is a series called the K series, that is miniature animals dogs, ducks, pigs and birds that measure two inches or less. The key piece in this series is the Bull Terrier lying down K-14. You may be able to sell the more common pieces in this set for $75 but I have sold the Bull Terrier several times for $500. This same rule applies to coins and you will hear people talking about a key coin in a set and it is usually the most rare of the set with the fewest minted. If you have a common Lincoln cent it may bring you a few cents more than its face value but may fate smile on you and there in that group of pennies on the table is a mint 1909 S – VDB penny. Need I say more. You have just found a treasure. I did my research just a minute ago and found where it could bring you up to $7000. I paid my way through college by selling my coin collection but that is a story for another time.

Several companies make annual pieces like Lalique, Royal Copenhagen, Hummels [Goebels] and then you also have the annual calendar plates. I personally have purchased a Lalique annual plate for $50 and sold it the same day for $500 and likewise with the 1971 Hummel plate that once sold for over $2000. I have purchased several of these and turned them rather quickly. I never sold one that high but I did get $1000 for one once. Often the key piece in a series is the first year that it was made like the 1971 Hummel plate.

Calendar plates from the early 1900's or late 1800's can bring you $5000 or more if they are the right ones. For instance the 1907 Bristol Steel fishing rods and outdoor scene is listed for $5000. I believe you have the picture now but unless you study and know what the key pieces are, they will look just like all the rest of the pieces made by any other company.

I have heard it stated another way by the educated people in this industry. They call the pieces that are highly sought after the "Holy Grail".

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Is It Broken?" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club – You Buy It.

Mechanical Artillery Bank - Thanks to

This may seem strange to you but I was just browsing the “ I Antique On Line ” site and came across a gentleman's listing on the "I Wanna Buy" section for a bell yoke. Believe it or not he was willing to pay a fair amount of money for it. You could tell that he was very eager to purchase this part of the bell because more than likely the original yoke had been broken. This got me thinking about how this could help us?

Once I began to think about this I discovered that we may be able to make a lot of money by helping others complete an item that they own that is missing a part. How often have you run across that rare and unusual piece but part of it was broken or missing? This has happened to me more than I would like to think but my attitude has changed. I used to only feel pain because I thought that I had just missed a treasure by a fraction. But no longer is that my feeling. Now I wonder how cheaply I buy that damaged piece.

You see there are two outcomes that can come your way if you buy a rare or unusual item that is damaged for a pittance. First, if you find the person that needs a part on the item that you purchase to complete the item he has. The price that he has to pay for your part may not be relevant to him because your part might increase the value of his item by ten to twenty times. Let's take a mechanical bank as an example. You buy a very rare bank that has some damage for $50 when everyone else thinks it should be thrown away. You, however, know that if it were perfect, its value could be from $3500 to $9500 and to a person needing a part on your bank that isn't broken to make his complete, that fifty dollars could become a thousand very quickly. You may even reverse this situation. Maybe you could find the broken part to fix your bank and then it would be the one that was worth big money. Either way you could come out smelling like a rose.

Where else might we put this to use? How about toys that need a wheel or fire trucks that need a ladder? Both these items could bring top dollar if there is a need for them. Just recently I found a tin toy that was in the shape of a building that had attached signs to it. This was about a $5000 toy I found out as I began to research it. But guess what? When I went to eBay to check the value for this toy, one of the first items listed was one of the small signs that attached to the roof. Are you ready for this? The asking price started at $500. If you were fortune enough to find a horribly damaged item like this but the sign was intact you might be able to be purchase it for under $10.

Some things that people will be looking for to complete their items: cookie jar tops, churn tops, lamp shades, tureen tops, pedestal bases, musical instrument parts and the list could go on and on forever. Yes the value of an item can be reduced to almost nothing when it is damaged but if there are still parts that aren't damaged that can be used to complete another item, those parts can have great value.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

“ Use Your Time Wisely “ - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible blog - God Blessed My Trip.

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I had promised my brother Roger who lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky that I would visit his church camp for over 15 years, but this year I meant it. As the plans came together, I realized that this also would be a great time to take several items to Cecil in Owensboro, Kentucky to sell for me. Packing 5 paintings, 2 pieces of pottery plus my personal effects that old truck of mine was fairly well packed. I called Cecil to tell him I was leaving and he said  "Daryle, you won't believe this but I think that I already have two of the items sold."

I didn't get to do much shopping on this trip but I did have time to think further about the changes that are in the works for the club. I believe that we are finally getting to where our club should be and soon all the special programs that come with the membership will be functional. I know that it has been a long time coming but anything worth its salt takes time. Hopefully this week I will be announcing new members of our staff that will take over the technical side of our club.

My stated goal when I began the 31 Club [ Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club ] was to provide away for people to have a better life for themselves without having to give someone else thousands of dollars that might not every be returned to them. I hope you remember that verse “Teach someone to fish is better than giving them a fish". That way they will never have to go hungry again. That is what the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club means to me.

I just received this week's Antique Trader and there are several auctions listed and I haven't heard from many of you asking for advise on items at auction. Take this time to use the club for your reference source so you can start the summer off right. You also have the Askart resource for paintings at your fingertips by just calling or emailing us at the club about any artist that you need information on.

This blog isn't meant to be information about items to add to your search list. I will start that tomorrow, but I would like to conclude it with the blessing I received this weekend. Over twenty years ago I had a friend in Owensboro Kentucky that stood beside me during some very difficult times and we were reunited at the church camp. It was if we had never been separated. For a part of two days, we talked about the blessings that God had given us since we last saw one another and without a doubt those blessings have been numerous. My friend's name is Max and he and his wife are an example of what a marriage should be and he reminded me that God had to be the center of a marriage. Being with them inspired me to come home and double my efforts to help others.

Being with my brother Roger and his children and grandchildren also reminded me of what family is really about and I hope that in coming years that maybe I will be a better family member than I have in past.
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Friday, May 22, 2009

“ Flash ! New Opportunity “ - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club – What is Hot and What is Not?

Collector Clubs - Thanks to

I have mentioned to our readers that it is often the case that the successful people strike when the iron is hot. There might be an opportunity out there right now that you could capitalize on. Remember when I shared with you about me and my friends starting a Canine magazine and how I made so much money from dog figurines that I was almost ashamed of myself. Yes you heard that right almost. Warner took the Bull by the horns and started the Lotton Club and the rest is history. He is mister Lotton whether anyone likes it or not. Well what do you think about this?

Why doesn't someone start an American Idol Club and handle all the items pertaining to this show and its cast of characters.. As long as the public continues to have a love affair with this show the interest in the memorabilia from it will gain in value. Yes at first most of the items will be fairly cheap but as they are promoted and the common is separated from the rare the values will escalate. I searched but didn't really find anyone taking advantage of this opportunity. Most of the people that are following the show are only interested in what is happening with the characters but I could find very little about the money making opportunities that the show presents.

Here is what I am thinking. Personal items from the hosts would be great. Just think about having tickets signed by Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul don't you think they will appreciate over time. Personal effects such as clothing and even cars that they have owned might fetch a pretty penny in todays markets. Let your mind loose and think of all the things that followers of this show would like to own.

The best part doesn't stop there but continues with every new series when the list of contestants are reduced until there is a fevered pitch to see who the final one standing will be? Now you have an entirely new flood of memorabilia to provide the collector. How about this time when the winner was already basically crowned but Adam Lambert didn't get the crown because he was nosed out by upstart Kris Allen. More things for the collector were just created and you can be the the big dog. My question is who is going to step up and grab this golden ring?

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"From One Little Worm" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club – Silk and its Value.

SILKWORM - Thanks to

Why is silk worth so much today and why has it remained the most expensive material for the production of clothing and rugs for thousands of years? That is a great question and I will attempt to answer it for you. Most things that we buy are priced by the amount of time that it takes to produce them and the cost of the materials they are made of. It isn't any different with silk.

It is no wonder that items made from silk are highly sought after today as collectibles and, as a member of Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club, you should be keenly aware of this because it can make you a great amount of money.

Before I share the history of silk with you I want you to hear this little story of a woman who had just started her search for treasures. Since she knew clothing, she decided that this might be her best bet to making money. Attending a house sale and rummaging through some clothing in the master bedroom she came upon a silk dress. At first she was shocked at the price, but should she have been? It was less than $200. Having some knowledge, she recognized that it was a silk designer dress and just had to take it home. Not really knowing what she had, the best thing to do was make some calls which she did. It ended up being made by a very famous designer and sold for over $3000 which I am sure was a bargain because it sold on eBay. At a celebrity clothing auction it is feasible that it could have brought in the tens of thousands. Even though she did well, it might have been in her best interest to do a little more research.

I hope that you will check eBay for completed sales where you will find garments and rugs selling from $1000 to $500,000. While others are seeking to find that special painting or piece of glass the dealers who are knowledgeable on silk are quietly making a killing on silk items because there are so few dealers that recognize the most expensive pieces.

But now the reason why silk is so expensive. The story was that silk making started about 3000 years ago when a lady by the name of Hsi-Ling started raising silkworms and also created a loom. The Chinese were able to keep the secret of silk making to themselves for almost 2000 years but then other cultures developed their own methods of producing silk. Not until recently was it discovered that silk had been produced for 5000 to 6000 years. The Chinese chose a variety of silkworm that was blind and flightless to use and they fed them mulberry leaves. Once the worm gets large enough it spins itself into a cocoon. This takes 8 to 9 days. The worm is then killed in the cocoon by baking it and the cocoon is then unwound. One cocoon will produce 600 to 900 meters of silk which is wound onto a spool.

Here is a little secret for you. All silk was produced for the emperor and his friends and when producing a garment that included a dragon, only the ones with 5 toes went to the royalty. If anyone else who was not royalty was discovered with a garment having a dragon with 5 toes, they were put to death. It was all right, however, if the dragon had 3 toes. I have read this several places and hope that it isn't just an old wife's tale.

Take the time necessary to check garments and rugs to see if they are silk and if they are, give them special attention

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“ Is it from Outer Space ? “ - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Golf from Outer Space.

Scotty Cameron - Thanks to

I was going through my garage and saw some instruments that have the appearance of something from outer space. After closer examination, I was able to identify them but it wasn't easy. These items seem to appear out of nowhere about this time each year and they seem to have mutated over the winter each time. You may have guessed what I found because if you are an avid golfer there is no doubt I am talking about a putter.

Yes the humble putter that brings the mightiest men and women to their knees. I have seen putters with shafts that reach over my head and designs that would challenge the best of engineers, but often they land in a lake after a missed putt. I have seen men that looked like the hulk that could hit a golf ball 400 yards but couldn't get the ball in the cup from 12 inches. This is an instrument of great pride when the curling putt from 50 feet settles in the bottom of the cup, but don't speak to a golfer that has missed one from under 3 feet. It is no wonder that these misshapen instruments have become some of the greatest of all collectibles.

This being said there can be a good deal of money made by finding the rare and unusual putter. I would like to give you some examples of putters that could bring a huge smile to your face. Often the worth of these clubs can be attributed to a special player that uses this model or maybe it is the model that won a tournament for an unknown golfer. Either way collectors want to own them.

Let's start with putters made by Scotty Cameron because he seems to be the man of the hour. Scotty Cameron's putters can reach over $8500 but here are a few that have records on eBay. Kombi Cicle T $4000, Titleist Prototype Tour $2500 and Select Tour Hula Loops $2000, not bad for something that is hard to figure out what it is but you know someone must like them. Just to mention some others, you will find the Ping Scottsdale coming in at $3000 and the Jack Nicklaus Slazenger not far behind at $1500. Even Tiger Woods is in this group that use these strange weapons and one of his favorites is the Bettinardi selling for $1500. This should make you look into every corner of the basements and garages where you are looking for treasure.

Since Scotty Cameron is the man here is his Biograhy.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

“ Going Home “ - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club – Things are different in the South.

My Old Kentucky Home - Thanks to

This will be my first time back home in awhile and I hope to make the best of it. I know for sure that I will visit Nashville and the shops, malls and markets there. It will be interesting to see if I can keep my record alive because I have never come home without treasures when I take these trips. A must is to stop and visit my 90 year old mother and also deliver a few paintings to Cecil that will sell very quickly there in Kentucky. This will be a very interesting trip because I feel like I am doing interstate commerce. Taking things to the Southerners that meet their fancy while returning hopefully with pottery, glass and painting there that aren't as appreciated there but they meet the Northerners pallet just fine.
There are several lessons to be learned here the first is try to find things where you are that would be better served in another local. Second you should know the differences in value for items from one location to another. In the South primitives can bring price that would knock your eyes out but in the north often you can't give them away. I just wrote about the Jackson press, sugar chest and sideboard that a member is going to be selling soon. These pieces in the North would struggle to bring a modest price but in the South I can assure you they will be sold at a very heavy premium. But often in the South a painting that isn't a regionalist from that area can be purchase for a song. I have long since stopped enjoying these long buying trips but if I am traveling anyway so why not pick up a few shekels.
It is going to be difficult keeping up the blogs because I will be traveling but the biggest problem is that my partner is having a knee replacement this weekend. Ondre Huston has been my solid rock by keeping me on schedule but she will be out of pocket the same time as I am traveling. I would ask that all our members keep her in prayer for her well being and also her family's. I have to admit I will be praying harder than most because I don't think I can do without her.
The new plans for the 31 Club are beginning to shape up and I am keeping my fingers crossed that within two weeks you will not be able to recognize it. The name change alone will make a whale of a difference. I just want to thank every member for their patience during this transition period but I don't think you will be disappointed. I also ask for your prayers for my family and me as I travel. You know I am celebrating my birthday today and since I am now 68 I hope that I will be able to find my way home.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Wish upon a Star" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – But what can it be worth?

Maxfield Parrish Stars - Thanks to

I haven't been a big fan of prints but there can be exceptions. The Maxfield Parrish prints would fall into this category for me and for pure beauty I don't think they can be surpassed. I believe that Parrish was a true visionary and wanted to have the best art in the world present in every home regardless of the family's wealth. On many levels I think that he was successful in this endeavor because during his years of producing prints of his outstanding paintings there was hardly a home without one being represented in it.

I began to be educated in prints and other paper items when Cecil Roeder took me under his wing even though I am twice his age. He taught me that people would pay big bucks for certain prints, document, signatures and watercolor paintings when I had shied away from them for years. The first time I had my eyes opened by Cecil was at a antique mall when he spotted a very large Maxfield Parrish and said we should purchase it. To me the asking price of $250 seemed rather high but I gave in to his knowledge on the subject and offered $200 which was accepted. If you ever have the privilege to meet Cecil and ask him about me, this is one thing he will share "Daryle will always offer less than I tell him the item is worth and usually he is successful with his offers." This piece was sold later for close to triple our purchase price. Lesson well learned and I will never forget it and neither should you.

This was brought back to my mind today when I received an email from a gentleman asking about the value of a Parrish print “Stars.” I immediately went to my Parrish book by Coy Ludwig and found the print but not much about its value. You guessed it. I called Cecil and he re-educated me about this print. Asking questions about its size, condition and other questions that would be relative to its value he said that it had a range from $1500 if it were mint a year ago to only a few hundred today if there was foxing, fading or other damage. It turned out to be the largest size for this print and collectors are always on the hunt for it in mint condition. Again you can see what Daryle Lamberts Antique and Collectible Club can offer you. I have found that all our members are more than willing to share their knowledge with other members and when you send in questions to me I often go to others in our group to check my answers.

If you aren't utilizing these resources it is a shame because it is there for your taking. Working together we will be set ourselves apart from the usual dealers and this will keep us ahead of the trend. That is where we want to be if success is our goal.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Use your Noggin" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – They belong together.

Great Look - Thanks to

I try every day to lead you in a direction that will ensure your success. Yesterday one of our members of the "Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club" shared something with me that I just have to pass on to you. He had a vision that most wouldn't have imagined and it had to do with selling several pieces of furniture at the same time.
If you were lucky enough to buy a wonderful cherry sideboard from the mid 1800's how would you merchandise it? Would it end up in an auction where the auction house would receive up to 50% of the selling price or maybe on eBay where most likely it wouldn't come near the true value of the piece because of the depression on the online auctions today? This isn't saying that these auctions don't serve a purpose but today it is difficult to get top prices on them when people are holding on dearly to every penny that crosses their palm. Even less attractive is putting it in a mall when their traffic has been reduced to a dribble. I don't think that any of these alternatives are particularly inviting today. So what then?
Well let's make this scenario even more intriguing. Let's say you also have a cherry Jackson Press and an early sugar chest. Are you beginning to get the picture? Yes, this extremely innovative dealer will set up a room in his house or building that takes on the look of when these items were originally used and invite upscale buyers to see them together as they would be in their homes. Wow! This sale would be a great beginning to the year and someone will have greatly enhanced the appearance of their home.
You see when times are difficult it is time to think outside the box. Don't do the things you have always done because that is what everyone else will be doing and guess what, their success will suffer because of it. If you have great merchandise it will sell at great prices if your presentation is different than what they see every day. Even when the collector is saying to himself, that's a great piece but maybe if I wait it will be cheaper, he will change his mind if your presentation sets your merchandise apart from everything else he has seen.
The greatest part of the strategy that is mentioned above is that each sale completed in this manner will return you twice as much money as any other way of disposing of your merchandise. We don't mind that do we? Twice as much money and no more work. That sounds like a winner to me, how about to you?

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Monday, May 18, 2009

"What is It Worth?" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club- Have you readjusted the values?

You have to Know.

I have written many times that we as members of the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club need to know when and how to adjust to market conditions. The first thing I would tell you is that you don't want to get behind the curve in the different markets. If you do you will soon be out of these businesses. But what do I watch for?

First how long does it take you to sell rare or unusual items compared to earlier times? Why is this important? Because it should show you that the market for those items is decreasing if the time between sales has increased. Also watch to see if sellers at the Antique and Art shows are displaying new merchandise or are the same things being shown at each show. How about at the flea markets? If the dealers are carrying merchandise from week to week it might mean they have overpaid but won't reduce their prices and take a loss. Their only hope and prayer is that someone will come along who doesn't know that prices have dropped and overpay them for their items.
I think that I may fall into that category some of the time and not want to admit that my treasures have decreased in value. The only advantage that I have over most people is that I try to follow the rules set out in our club. I look to buy at 25% of what I think the retail should be for an item. This has saved my skin on many occasions when I ended up making a profit when others would have suffered a loss.
Our old standby eBay is also an excellent source to judge markets by and I think you will agree that prices as well as number of bids on that site have dropped. Some of this can be attributed to competition but not all. Be sure to check prices for the better items like Rookwood, Grueby, Newcomb in the pottery lines and Tiffany, Lalique, Daum Nancy, Galle, Steuben and Quezal in the glass lines on eBay to see if there have been any price movements. Also check the art sites like Askart, Artprice and Artnet to see if current sales by the better artists are increasing or decreasing in value.
Last but not least, go to the websites of the better auction house and see if prices at their auctions are decreasing or increasing. Over the last 6 months I would have to say that prices have declined but the members of  “Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club" don't hold their items more than 90 days so these moves shouldn't affect them, right? Don't be fooled. I too have gotten caught with some merchandise, but not like most. Since we turn our inventory it is much easier for us to adjust to the moving markets. Our upward journey to success should never depend on the market conditions because we will stay ahead of the curve and use that to our advantage.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

“Foreign Markets can be Happy Hunting Grounds.” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog.

Kiwi for Me - Thanks

It is never too late to expand your vision into other markets. I just received an email from Michael, one of the members of our 31 Club. He shared with me how he made several great trades on eBay UK. In one case he spotted several photos by Richard Manard listed on that site. Due to most of the bidders not being familiar with Mr. Manard's work, Michael was able to pick these photos up for a song. The one he listed for me to see brought $355 but due to its historical value the picture should bring many times that when sold here.

I have also been very well rewarded by dealing in antiques and collectibles from other countries. Back when I thought I had to own every piece of Royal Doulton ever made, I often was able to purchase rare pieces of Kingsware from sellers from Australia. I would purchase these pieces from there but then list them back on eBay with my address in this country. They would sell for sometimes three times what I had to pay for them. Why was this, you are asking? The reason I think was because people were fearful of sending money out of the country. I have to admit that I never made a bad trade overseas and every person I dealt with was honorable. The only bad trades that I have ever had were from people here at home and there have been very few of those. I find most people that deal in antiques and collectibles are honest.

Believe it or not Canada is a terrific market for us here in the United States. I am not sure of where the currencies stand today but I have often made trade in Canada where the difference in the exchange rate assured me a more than fair return on my money. I have purchased several paintings by American painters from Canada and I have never failed to at least double my money. There isn't a reason to fear dealing with others that live outside the USA and I would encourage it because I find it very profitable. Once I purchased a Rosenburg tile in Florida and the next day sold it in Canada for a $3500 profit. You just can't do better than that and I had established a client for life because I would deal with him, even though he didn't live in the U.S.

I have bought and sold items from Japan to South America and the people seem to be more gracious than most because they felt trusted. So don't hesitate to bid on something that you think will meet your requirements for purchase just because of where it is located.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Papa's Pride" Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club - “ Joshua is the best.

" Very Proud Papa "

I am just going to take this blog and dedicate it to my 10 year old son. There is no amount of writing that I could do that would fully express my gratitude to God for giving me a son at my advanced age. In the process of trying to find people that would help me extend the reach of the 31 Club, I have been told that I needed someone who could produce and edit film for us and that is a must. I think that I have found that person.

Yesterday I was working on the end of the market day and Joshua said “Dad, will you come downstairs? I want to show you something.” Really feeling that I didn't have the time, but wanting to show my son that he was important to me, I followed him to the living room. Wow! To my surprise he had set up a complete studio for the filming of sections for our website. I had purchased professional equipment for Cindy to use, but, through no fault of hers, we never got around to using it. We have the lighting, sound systems, camera and other components that are required to do a very complete film that will enhance our site even though it has sat idle for awhile.

Joshua started directing me as to how I was to position myself and he also made sure the indirect lighting fell in the proper places. The most exciting thing for me was when he gave me the count down to start filming. I had to take a second glance to be sure that this was truly being done by a 10 year old. After I had completed a few sequences and thought I was through, he told me that he wanted to film a few of the stories that he had heard me tell over the years. So back into the chair I went and enjoyed recanting, as my wife Vickie says, my old war stories.

If these first attempts work out there should be many more to come and it will even be a better way to communicate with our members. They will not only be able to read the information that I share but also see the items being discussed. This will only be one of the many additions that are coming to our site and hopefully I will be able to reveal more of them to you in days to come.

I tried something new on you in this blog and I hope you will respond with your opinion about the change that I am considering. All of us make mistakes even if we have the best of intentions. The name for the Club was my idea and I wanted to follow one theme throughout the site and that was the number "31" which related to the 31 steps to success. Many have told me that was a mistake because it had no reference to what we do but I was hard to convince. Finally I can see the wisdom in this advice that I received and today I am inserting a new name to try on you: Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club. Please send me your thoughts because I will be looking to you for the proper direction in this matter. The most recognized image that is being picked up by the search engines is Daryle Lambert so using the name should increase our traffic to the site and that is the most important thing that we need at the present time as the site is improved.

Please, as we transform the site, give us your ideas because we are becoming a family and every person's opinion in this family is important.

My 220 page book about how to make money buying and selling antiques & collectibles is FREE with your membership in the 31 Club. Join Us Today!
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