Thursday, October 11, 2007

ONLY A PHONE CALL OR VISIT AWAY – Antique & Collectible Treasure Found

I have been talking to several of our members, and I want to digress back to some of the lessons that we have covered already.

Patience is the most important thing that I will teach you in your search for wealth. The quick fix may satisfy us for the moment, but it will never achieve the lasting results we are looking to obtain.

I have been asked to submit the answers to several questions given to me by an antiques publisher for an upcoming publication. The answers to these questions have given me the chance to re-examine my thoughts on several subjects and to check to see if I come up with the same answers as I did the first time. I did, and one subject is patience.

This opportunity to share my thoughts comes at a very interesting time in the development of the 31 Club. Allow me to restate what I’ve written about in my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles: This race we are in is a long race. If you haven’t found that treasure yet, I can assure you that as each day passes you are learning more, and this will guarantee your day is coming. In my 40 plus years of dealing and collecting antiques, there hasn’t been a single person that I have run across that hasn’t been rewarded for their study and consistency in this business. I can assure you that the opportunities in this field far out pace any others that I know of, and your efforts will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams if you stay on track with patience.

I want you to think back to the many stories from my book about Kentucky Derby Glasses, Paintings, Pottery Vases and Figurines. Each one of these stories might have been the thing that changed the direction in that person’s life. Until that purchase was made and became the turning point in their journey, no one was writing about them. Their stories might have been fairly common up until that discovery. But though patience and determination, they stayed the course. The rest has become their personal history.

There is also the misconception that this business is built on Luck. There is no luck in the stories of people I have written about in the book. In Cecil’s case, when he found the Derby glass, hundreds of people had already passed it by. Where was their luck? Cecil wasn’t lucky, either. He just had the knowledge to recognize its value. No luck involved there.

Knowing the value of hundreds or thousands of rare items will assure you that your time is coming to cash in on your hard work and knowledge. In 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, I have shared with you the industry secrets that only the most seasoned professionals know about. Things they’d rather not share. These will be the keys to your success. You’ll be so much better equipped to be buying and selling items others just don’t know enough about as you study this and re-study this book again and again, using it as a springboard for your own research and study. People will soon be saying about you, “Wasn’t she/he lucky to have found that special treasure.” But you’ll have a big smile across your face because you’ll know luck had nothing to do with it. While others are waiting and waiting for their lucky star to shine on them, many wonderful treasures will be coming your way because of your knowledge, not your luck.

You are just one phone call or visit to an auction, antique shop, or mall from that special treasure. Each treasure of increasing value you come across, as you ascend the steps, will lead, in time, to your personal pot of gold. You will shine when you have the patience to put in the time to educate yourself on value and rarity and rely on the 31 Club for help. I love to talk with our members! Remember that, and take advantage of that.

One day, Warner and I were having a normal day until the phone rang. “Do you buy antiques,” the lady on the other end asked. In my best Southern drawl, I said yes we do. She asked if we would mind coming to their house to look at the things they wanted to sell. Of course we did, so we made the appointment.

One phone call on a rather normal day made us more than $200,000 over the 6 months that followed. What if we had received the call but not had the knowledge to realize what we were being offered? Someone else would have been writing this story. I am glad it is me.

Remember, those of you who are 31 Club members can call us or e-mail us if you need assistance. We have an extensive library of resource books and access to pricing services. Call and ask away. That’s what we’re here for.

Good Hunting!

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