Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am beginning to believe that people want to fail in this business. I hope that this isn't the case, but it seems to me to be more true every day. The 31 Club is making every effort to pass the word that this industry has taken a new direction.

I attended the Arlington Park Antique Show yesterday. Most of what I heard were negatives from many of the dealers. You might think that I would decide to abandon this business after this, and abandon all of you as well, but not true and not so fast. Let's flash forward and look at ways to make this the most exciting business in the world again. I believe it can and will be done. But, the way of doing business in these markets must change.

Most of the dealers had beautiful booths with wonderful merchandise. The problem was there wasn't anyone there to buy these beautiful things. You may ask why is this?

Times have changed and collectors have other avenues in which to feed their collecting addictions today. They are no longer dependent upon the shows, shops and malls for their fix.

Most of the great pieces now are exchanged either through auctions or direct contact from the dealer to the collector on a personal basis. Customers no longer just wander around hoping to bump into that special piece that has eluded them.

I think that today's dealers need to do their homework before the show begins by letting customers know what will be waiting for them when they arrive at show. This might be done by not just providing a smorgasbord for all to feast on, but by having a limited choice that they have come to see. It isn't like it was a few years ago when you could sell most of your inventory to other dealers before the show even started.

Another thing that I think has changed is that you can't be all things to all people. Being specialized will become more and more important in the future. I find that I am pre-selling 75% of my merchandise to customers within three days of my purchase. I know that you can't do this if you travel the show circuit, but by letting customers know in advance what merchandise you will be displaying, I think will assure your success.

If I wanted to collect today, why wouldn't I check eBay or other auctions where I could see hundreds of pieces that would fit into my collection without even leaving my house? Don't give me the standard answer, "because you can't touch or feel the piece." The attendance at the shows, shops and malls answer this for you very quickly.

My goal is to help everyone that loves Antiques and Collectibles as much as I do be successful beyond their wildest dreams. For this to happen, a lot of business practices are going to have to change.

Now for the great news: The 31 Club was able to make some great buys at the show, and I will be sharing those with you later. The shows can still provide a wonderful place for us to buy, but we must be patient and very selective.

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