Monday, October 22, 2007


Every morning I get up thank God for the day, kiss Vickie goodbye as she leaves for work and then kiss Joshua and take him to school. Pretty simple, right?

I wish that this was true, but usually I get up, kiss Vickie goodbye, take Joshua to school, but then I wonder what the next phone call will bring. At my age, often they are calls that bring me back to the realities of life.

Yesterday, I got a email from someone that is very special to me about a tragedy in their life, and again, my world was changed.

So, if you would stop today for a moment and just say a little prayer for my friend. I know that it will make a difference, and it will be heard. Just pray for peace of mind and that healing will occur.

Now let's discuss Lalique and why I bought those four pieces Saturday. They were newer and perhaps they could even be bought in the better stores right now. None of the vases were very large, perhaps six to eight inches tall I would guess. Nothing special, right? But the question was, would they meet my goals when they were sold and could I buy all four at a very reduced price? If I could, the total might become very interesting.

I figured the four in a store would be priced at about $1300, and Doug had put their price at half of that, or $700. So it was very simple for me to arrive at the price that would meet my goal. 25% of $1300 is $325, right? Dead on. So if he would take my offer of $325, it would become almost a text book example of what I am attempting to teach you.

I now can offer them for sale anywhere between $1300 and $700 and reach that magic number of a one 100% gain on my investment. $700 profit would be great, but even $325 and isn’t bad. If you figured this on a hourly basis, I was just paid about $325 per hour. That puts me up in the class with Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs. Do you remember that from your childhood?

By the way, there are two very different Laliques. Number one, the pieces that are made today marked Lalique France and number two, pieces that are marked Rene Lalique. You will also find that the price difference between the two can be rather staggering.

Rene Lalique started producing glass in France about 1890. He died in 1945. He was a world class glass maker, and his pieces command top prices still today. Vases from the Art Deco period by him may command $25,000 to $50,000. His work is most recognized by its frosted coloring, but he did use a wide range of color in his glass.

It would be well worth it if you could find the book, Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco
by Victor Arwas. The Rene Lalique are the real treasures, and if you run across a piece, be sure that you can recognize it. One of these pieces could send you to the front of the pack in our race to the million.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert


  1. Stopped and said a special prayer as I was reading. God Bless

    Also found and ordered the book right after reading the blog! The Royal Doulton book arrived the other day

    One more sale for my special account - small number but large profit... vintage poster bought for $1 sold for $40 : )

    You're in my thoughts

  2. Hi Cathy

    Where are you in the race?

    Thak you for the pray and things are much better.

    God Bless