Thursday, October 18, 2007

5,000% GAIN in THE FIRST 120 DAYS – Your Money Works Harder For You in Antiques & Collectibles than in the Stock & Bond Markets.

Fasten your seat belts and read the story, as the 31 Club issues this first report from our Million Dollar Race.

In the first 120 days of our Million Dollar Race, the "31 Gang" has accumulated over $5,000 in its account after starting with only $125.00. A 5,000% Gain in 120 days! Where else can you find that? They are the leaders in the race, but from what I hear from others, that lead isn’t going to last for long. But we’re not stopping here. Our goal is to have accumulated $20,000 from our initial $125 investment by the end of December. Can you imagine that?

I feel certain that if the news media picks up this story, there will be a mad rush to join with us in this race, and we will have a wide open contest to the finish line. So join us today. The membership is only $16.95 and 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles comes FREE. This will give you all the insider secrets and contest guidelines to keep up or surpass us.

All the details about this excitement can be seen on our website at where anyone can learn to make these outstanding payoffs for themselves. New Members will be able to log into our “Members Only” site and obtain the financial details of our transactions from our spread sheet.

Cecil and Vicki are neck and neck for second place as this field tightens, and there are several entries that are just getting their racing legs under them. What a race this is going to be. We don’t think there has ever been any thing like it before that we can find.

All the training and resources that you will need are provided to you when you join the truly unique and innovative 31 Club. Learn to make it to the front. Ask our other members if this is a get rich quick program, and they will tell you “no”. It is simply a strategic plan based on sound, time-tested financial principles that we use to create wealth through knowledge, while others wait on the sideline or sit in the bleachers never entering the race.

I want to thank all of our members for their encouragement and support as we set out to make a difference in people’s lives. It will take time, but I do believe that people will come to their own conclusion about what we are accomplishing. I promise you that when they do, the Antique and Collectible world will be set back on its heels.

Nothing comes easy to those that don’t try, but the world will be astonished at what you are capable of achieving by following the plan that has been presented to you by the 31 Club.

I mentioned several days ago that I would tell you about the purchases we made at the Arlington show.

First, I was very disappointed in the attendance, but we still hoped that there were treasures to be found. Cindy was overcome with the selection of items presented, but I had to reminder her that we needed to continue moving to complete the show. There were many old faces there that wanted to talk, and we did stop for a brief moment, however the conversations were kept to a minimum as we moved on. I had been rather discouraged because nothing was catching my attention, and I was getting very hungry, so we stopped for a snack with nothing in our hands for our troubles.

Once again we were off and at one booth Cindy dragged me in and said “Daryle, there’s a Lotton Vase in there." I could swear that I had already been in that booth before, but being considerate to her, I went in. Would you believe there sat a Charles Lotton vase. No, there sat 4 Lotton Vases. I approached the dealer and asked what the price would be if I took all four. We haggled for a few minutes, and then I told Cindy to make out the check, and she ask for which one. “All four of them!,” I answered. These were early examples of Charles’ work from the 1970’s, and I will be posting them in the 31 Gallery & Market Place. I hope that members of the Lotton Glass Club will take advantage of these pieces. They will be priced less than one half of retail, making them real bargains.

Remember one of the lessons that I have shared with you: If you can buy in quantity, you will usually make a better deal. I was able to buy the four pieces below one half of the original asking price.

Last but not least, as we were leaving the show, a painting caught my eye. The dealer told me the price was $1,250. It was getting later in the day and I told him I couldn’t make out the signature, but I would give him $600.00 based upon the quality alone. He said that he couldn’t take that so we started to leave when he called us back. Trying to get me to raise my bid, he finally gave up and said, “It’s yours. $600."

This made a fine finish to a great day. I haven’t been able to unlock the secret of that signature yet, but I think that it could be one of the great treasures that I have found over the years.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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