Tuesday, October 2, 2007

COLOR CAN COUNT - Know Your Colors

I got a call from Cecil today, and we discussed Fiesta ware. This is just common table ware that was given as premiums in soap boxes years ago. Did you know that the color of a piece of fiesta can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in its valve?

Here I must tell you that this dinner ware was re-introduced in 1969 but the colors were changed, so we will only be discussing the original colors that were introduced in 1936. You will need to consult a Fiesta guide to familiarize yourself with these changes.

He shared with me that at the auction he had seen a grey coffee pot that sold for $75.00 and he couldn't pass it by for that price. In the book it list for over $750.00. Not a bad days work but he was just beginning. Next came the medium green mug that books for $800.00 and candle holders that book for $650.00.

Often the vases in most of the colors will bring $1,000.00 or more if they are the larger size. Wow, these were given away at gas stations as a premium.

I saw several years ago where a medium green onion soup bowl brought over $10,000.00 and there are many other pieces that top $1,000.00 in the book. This should surely figure in your search for treasure in the future.

Condition is everything on these pieces. No chips, cracks or scratches will go un-noticed by these serious collectors, and the value will diminish greatly if there is damage of any kind.

Some colors bring more money than others such as red, medium green for example. But there are expensive pieces in each of the original colors and you should become acquainted with them.

As you study the rare piece in preparation for your search, you will find that only the best pieces will leap out at you, saving you time that is so valuable.

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