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This week has given me a new prospective on this great country of ours. When I see the Bald Eagle it gives me a sense of proud for what this great country has gone through to provide freedom for its citizens.

The eagle was selected over the objection of Benjamin Franklin as the symbol for the country because his choice was the Wild Turkey. However I agree with the other founders that the eagle is a better representation of the people in this country because it has a keen eye and ability to protect itself.

When it come to collectibles that are patriotic there are none better than items bearing the image of the Eagle. Some of the earliest flags had the eagle and one said don't tread on me. These flags can command prices in the thousands and are a real piece of Americas history. But it doesn't stop with flags when we are talking about the eagle because there are paintings, sculptures, coins and many other items to be found. The original Lalique car hood ornament of the eagle can bring 10's of thousands and even the newer one may fetch $500. A 1907 $20 Double Eagle gold coin sold for $19,800 on ebay and a Meissen eagle sculpture brought $7500. Even glass eagles bring great money with the Lalique one bringing $9950 and the Swarovski bringing $4400. Believe it or not I have seen a wood carving of an eagle sell for over $25,000.

You may be assured that if you find any item bearing the eagle and it is old you will be rewarded handsomely. I believe the patriotic theme will again rang through this country and therefore collectible items representing this great nation will increase in value. The American Bald Eagle is a regal bird and does the country proud so be sure that you include it in your search for treasure.

I have had my fair amount of success with eagle items over the years starting with the Lalique sculpture and ending with several bronzes. Perhaps the most unusual item that I have purchased was a large carved eagle made from a large tree trunk and I always wondered where it ended up? But the gold and silver eagle coins seem to be collected by almost everyone so never fear selling them if you are fortune enough to purchase them Eagles will make you money.

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