Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ahead in Front - 31 Club Finishes Step 3 with Meissen Figurines

The two Meissen figurines that the Club bought sold for $1,451. Can you believe it? This was on a $340.00 dollar investment. Definitely more than a double. This means that our Step 3 is in the books. I hope that by the end of next week, the club will have completed step 4.

I am hearing things that assure me the rest of the pack is just beginning their charge. From the emails I am receiving, there is no doubt that the lead in this race will be changing on a regularly basis. I am waiting for more of you to let us help you in your search by answering questions you might have as you are treasure hunting. I am glad that most of the members are being patient, but don’t forget, now is the time to test your skills in this market.

Cecil has already warned me not to relax because this race is his, or so he says. I think a few of you out there will question that statement. Vicki, Lisa and Cathy have assured me that they are in this race to the finish, even if there are a few bumps along the way.

I feel that a lot of the members are just settling in to see what the pace of the race will be before they launch from the starting gate. We even have a young man by the name of Justin that is in the middle of the pack and just reported his first sale last week. We old horses may have to watch out for this young colt.

All joking aside, I think that once people see that this is a very serious endeavor, they will jump on board by the droves. I hope that all of you are sharing our website and blog with your friends. As our numbers grow, the advantages for each member will be increased. I don’t think that you will find a better way of being a friend than sharing what we hope to accomplish with them.

There will be a major announcement next week that will propel this club into another gear. Once it is announced, I think you will agree that the founders of the 31 Club want nothing more than for you to succeed and they are willing to walk side by side with you until this is accomplished.

I think that a year from now, the 31 Club and its members will be the talk of the country. People will be saying, can you believe that? These people are helping strangers to reach their dreams, and there aren’t any catches. Amazing isn’t it. So stay tuned.

I hope we, as a group, will elect to take as our motto "To those that much is given much is expected." Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in a few years there where tens of thousands of us sharing with others that were less fortunate so that they, in turn, could help others in search of their dreams. Who says that we can’t make this country a better place. Not me, and I hope not you.

I feel that if I can turn off the television set , stop reading the newspaper and not listen to the radio, then I can experience the goodness of working with the people that are joining us in the adventure. What an encouragement that is to me.

I will have some terrific stories to share with you about the Chicago Antique Market this weekend plus some of the things that happened at the appraisal charity event

Keep your feet in the stirrups! This race is just beginning...

Feel free to e-mail me with your questions or ask a question through this blog.
31 Club Members: You have my personal e-mail. Take advantage of it. Remember, my TV and radio are off, and I've put aside the newspapers. I'm here for you.

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  1. Daryle: Have not check in lately with my sales due to my work schedule but I have made a few good sales and have made some great buys for future deals. Remember the Indian spear point that I bought for $5 and sold for $190? A couple of days later I sold 2 more artifacts to the same man for $290 and $125 for a total of $415. I had $100 in both pieces for a net profit of $315. A few days later I sold two historical Pueblo Indian pots to another customer for $180 which I had $75 in for a net profit of $105. I also sold a painting that I had $150 in for $325. I moved into a mall the 1st of September because my work schedule does not give me the time to sell on Ebay like I did before. The mall has high quality items and is located yards from an interstate interchange which results in increased customer traffic. However, rents and fees do reduce the net profit, but this is going to be true with almost all methods of selling your merchandise. With the above items, I now have $722.50 in my "Race" account which include the deductions for cost of merchandise and fees incurred in selling them. A $622.50 net profit on a $100 investment for ONE MONTH is a great return on ANY investment! Try getting a return like that in the stock market in one month! These sales have propelled me through Step 2 and only a few dollars from Step 3. Watch out Daryle and the "31 Team"; here I come!!

    As I mentioned at the beginning, I have found some good buys, just today(Oct. 4). As Daryle advises in his book, don't let the money sit in an account. Make it work for you. I put the profit above to use again today. At the mall where I am selling, a dealer brought in a rare Weller Pottery pedestal, which is half of a set which includes a jardiniere that sits on top of the pedestal. It had not been brought in yet when I was there just 6 days ago. I knew this piece had to be worth quite a bit more than the asking price. Of course I asked for and recieved a 10% discount. The total was $179.99. When I got home, I checked my Weller Pottery Price Guide and found that the complete pedestal and jardiniere set list for $1000. on the low side and $2000 on the high side. I bought this piece knowing someone out there needs the base to go with their jardiniere. I stopped at another mall on the way back, and this time I found a Weller umbrella stand. However, on examination the piece was found to have a hairline which will reduce it's value considerably. However, again I knew the piece was worth considerably more even with the damage. After the discount, the price was $62.10. The piece is listed at $750 - $1000 in the price guide. Even if I sell for $250 to $300, I have more than doubled my money and met Daryle's criteria. After I found the umbrella stand, I continued with my search in the same mall. In the very last booth in the layout of the mall before you would have to turn around, I saw what appeared to be 5 common milk glass tumblers. As I got closer, I noticed small detail in the surface which caught my attention enough to pick one up. To my surprise, I found the 5 "common" glasses where actually souvenir items from the 1904 St.Louis World's Fair and are extremely desirable to collectors. The price? $10 for all 5! At the time I thought they may list for $25 to $50 each. I checked when I got home and was surprised to find that they list for $150 each! If I sell for a third of that, I will still make a killing!

    Needless to say, I had a good day in finding these treasures. However, I can't take the credit. I have been blessed! When you have been blessed you can look at a sunset and know who to thank! CECIL