Tuesday, March 31, 2009

“Cowan Pottery Shines Above the Rest” Daryle Lambert

Cowan Jazz Bowl - Thanks to www.artknowledgenews.com

My last two blogs have come from Leslie Pina's book “Pottery Modern Wares 1920 -1960.” They covered Glidden and Carlton wares but the pottery featured in the book is Cowan. I have written about this company before but I thought it might be good to update the information on this wonderful company.

R. Guy Cowan is described as “the man most responsible for the introduction and fostering of ceramic art in this country.” As an employer, Mr. Cowan mentored some of the greatest ceramic artists of all times. Cowan settled in Cleveland, Ohio to start his first studio. He was a chemist so he often experimented with different clays and finally settled on a white clay for his preferred lines. His method of making clay was very complicated and involved white silica, Maine feldspar, ball clay and powdered feldspar mixed together. An electric magnet extracted the iron. This mixture was then drained through 40 layers of canvas to make the mixture used in the final products.

His products weren't cheap even in the early days. Some were priced as high as $40 and limited editions could bring $500. He closed the pottery in 1931 and died in Arizona in 1957. This ended one of the most exciting careers ever established in the ceramic field.

The highlight of Mr. Cowan's career might have been the introduction of the Jazz Bowl in 1931. Its selling price was $50 and there were only 50 produced. Each one was different, with the carved decoration varying and each with an eye dazzling blue-green transparent glaze. One of these pieces has sold for over $120,000.

Cowan made a large variety of items from flower frogs, vases, plates and figures. Each piece was carefully designed to catch the eye. They would enhance any living quarters. You will find that there are still enough pieces to be found to make your search worthwhile.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

“Carlton Ware” - Daryle Lambert

Carlton " Rouge Royale" - Thanks to www.perfectpieces.co.uk

Isn't it amazing what you can find if you go looking? Yesterday, because it was getting late, I pulled a book out of my library and found a company that I wasn't familiar with. After writing the blog on Glidden Pottery, I decided to examine a few of the other companies featured in Leslie Pina's book Pottery – Modern Wares 1920-1960, and found Carlton Ware, that I think you will find of interest.

Some of the most beautiful ceramics that were ever made came from the Wedgwood Company with their Fairy Lustre lines, but little did I know that Carlton also made a series equal to the Fairy Lustre.

There were other companies making exceptional lines of earthenware and porcelain. A few of their names are: Doulton, Clarice Cliff and Longway. These companies excelled during the period starting in the 1920's,

However, the one I want to examine today is Carlton Wares. The company was founded in 1890 by Wiltshaw and Robinson to make novelty wares, but during that time they developed several lustre colors. These often were gilded and enameled in Chinese patterns. This is where they became very competitive with Wedgwood, and in some cases were preferred.

Once you have seen some of the pieces produced by Carlton you will never forget them. I wish that I had a collection of the gilded and enameled pieces myself but we are buying for others, right? But after seeing the vivid colors of the animals and flowers on these pieces you will be hooked. Be sure to add this company to your list of companies to search for and you will be rewarded handsomely. Two of the lines that attract the most attention are “Rouge Royale” and “Bleu Royale.”

There is a rather extensive list of items on eBay and it would be good if you would examine both the current and completed listings. There is money to be made here and the markets are on both sides of the ocean.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

“ Let's Look at Mid Modern Gidden Pottery “ - Daryle Lambert

Glidden Pottery- Thanks to www.jax-deco.com

I never cease to be amazed at the variety of items that I have passed by, not knowing their value. Yes, I feel that I am aware of the value of most pottery from the 1950's back, but what about the 1950's forward? Here is where I need to upgrade my knowledge. Today, it was getting late since I spent the day in church and with our company so the question was what to write on at the last minute.

It was time to visit that library that has been sitting in the closet for quite some time. I scanned the bookshelves but nothing caught my eye until they landed on a book by Leslie Pina titled Pottery Modern Wares 1920-1960. I have owned this guide for many years but never really studied it. Browsing through the pages I came to Glidden Pottery. Some of the designs appealed to me so I starting reading and went “wow”.

Glidden Parker, Jr. had one interesting life and his work, I am sure, will become very collectible. He was born in 1913 in Maine. He finally landed in Alfred, New York after pursuing a writing career and I am sure glad he did. It was here that he discovered his love of ceramics. In 1939, after his marriage to Patricia Hamill, he opened his first pottery and design shop. By 1953, Mr. Parker had 35 employees which quickly increased to 55. They were putting out 6,000 pieces per week. During the years after his divorce in 1946, he began to spend a large amount of time in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Southwest United States. Although all his pieces were produced in Alfred, his work definitely started to carry a Western influence. The pieces of Mr. Parker’s work that I most enjoy are the ones with the Mexican or Western designs.

Parker finally remarried and started a studio and shop in Puerto Rico. His new wife was the daughter of a Puerto Rican senator but the marriage only lasted four years. This wonderful artist then moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where he finished his career.

I had looked at many pieces with the Glidden mark and just passed them by, but never again. There are large parts of his works that are being sought after by collectors and these can bring over a thousand dollars or more. But even his commercial pieces can easily bring $25 or more and if purchased for $.50 that is a pretty fair return.

Clech out eBay to see the wide variety of his designs and I think you will become hooked. This would be a great item to start new collectors on when you’re asked what to collect. Glidden will do nothing but go up in value from here.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

“ This is the week “ Basketball – Daryle Lambert

Louisville Cardinal Thanks to www.flicker.com

I remember as a small child my Dad taking me to see the University of Kentucky play. Back then the players hung around after the game to sign autographs and Dad encouraged me to stand in line to get mine. The most famous coach in the world coached Kentucky at that time and his name was Adolph Rupp. I did get his autograph but that wasn't the one I really wanted – I wanted Cliff Hagan's the center for Kentucky who was later introduced into the NBA Hall of Fame.

You are asking why his autograph was so special? Well, he was from the town I lived in, Owensboro, Kentucky and my Dad had taken me to the high school state basketball championship two years earlier and the Owensboro Red Devils won. I still can see the table of trophies that was rolled out and Cliff Hagan was awarded “most valuable player”.

Young people usually pick a basketball, baseball and football team to follow at an early age and these are their teams for life. I run into few people that don't have their favorites and usually they purchase something to remember those teams by. This is where we come in and provide those special items and the memories they represent. How about the picture that is signed by your favorite player that took the last shot of the game and made it? Perhaps, it is a game ball signed by all the players on a certain team that you wish to have. It really doesn't matter as long as it belonged to that special person or team. Here is a suggestion for you, think back to who your favorite players or teams are and become a specialist in items associated with them. You might even be able to create an entire business around these. Wouldn't that be fun?

I haven't mentioned it lately but if we want to be really successful, there must be fun and profit! What could be more fun than dealing in items that have a special meaning to us while we are making money. But where do we find these items? Garage sales, house sales, eBay, newspapers, and resale shops are just a few places to start, and guess what? If you are serious about this business, these are the places that you are visiting anyway.

I was a University of Kentucky fan until yesterday (Check my story here) but after what they did to their coach I have switched - Go Louisville Cardinals. Now, I have a completely different list of items to search for. Good luck! You may find me very competitive if you've chosen a different team

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Friday, March 27, 2009

“Be on Your Guard” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to wwwtricyclefetish.com

The sun is out and the days are longer so it is time for them to slither out from under the rocks. I know you think I am talking about snakes, right? Well you’re wrong. I am talking about those that sell fakes and reproductions to the unwary. Yes, this is the time of year that those unscrupulous people begin to pump out large numbers of their worthless merchandise.

Why is this? Because unwary people in their greed to make money don't take the time to double check the items that they find to see if they are truly the real thing. One of the first rules you should follow is that if it seems too good to be true it very well may be. This doesn't necessarily mean that everything you find at bargain prices is a fake but it should tell you the owner isn't sure of what he has or that you need to be extra cautious.

Today I got an email from one of our members of the 31 club who was rather excited because of an upcoming auction. A nice size art glass vase was listed as being by Daum Nancy and it was prominently displayed. The member felt sure this was the piece he wanted to hone in on and as he described it to me I had to give him a real shock. It had the Daum Nancy with the Cross mark but then he said it had an additional word “TIP” which immediately told me it was a fake. I know that he was disappointed but by receiving this information he was saved from making a real mistake.

Be sure that you watch for things that might prove to be real give aways for fakes like phillips head screws in what are supposed to be antique toys or rough castings in the metal where the original pieces are smooth. If you find anything where the paint looks as new as yesterday there is an excellent chance it is a reproduction. In pottery, if the design seems flat and the colors not vivid, be on guard. You would be surprised how many fakes and reproductions use misspellings that aren’t caught by the buyer.

There is one way to be safe and that is to do what Tim did. Give me a call. It is always better to be safe than sorry even if you have to walk away from something that seems like a great bargain. Remember if you purchase something and it proves to be fake later after you have purchased it you can't take it back.


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

“Spring is Here” - Daryle Lambert

"Patty Thum"

The most exciting time of the year for a lot of people is spring time. I believe it is because this season is the beginning of new life. Who doesn’t enjoy the spring flowers as they burst through the ground with their vivid reds and yellows? Even the green of the leaves and stems on the plants bring joy to our hearts after a long drab winter. Have you noticed how the spring colors invade everything from jewelry, clothing and advertising, to the paintings that we find being offered at shows and galleries. It seems that everyone has been waiting for the new awakening.

This season has been very rewarding for me in the art field. My rule of pricing everything I own, however, has caused me to sell items that I still miss even today. One such item was a painting by Patty Thum that I priced and the customer said “Yes I want it.” This is my favorite artist and the only one that my wife Vickie and I agree upon. Our bedroom has two of her paintings that could be bought but it would be at a steep price. I believe we have two of the best paintings that she ever produced. But let’s get back to the one that got away.

I was called by a gentleman from Louisville, Kentucky who inquired if I might be interested in a Patty Thum painting. It didn't take me long to say yes, but what type of painting was it, I asked. The gentleman said that the painting was of a large vase of flowers with beautiful spring colors. This definitely interested me because almost any of Patty Thum's paintings besides the simple rose stem ones would add to my collection. I had already said yes to the purchase before he dropped the bombshell on me. “There is also a metallic vase painted in the painting and she has the vase that will go with the painting.” Now I was really excited about the purchase I had just made. You see the vase was made by Clewell and the vase alone was quiet valuable but to also have the piece that appeared in the painting made it extra special.

Taking it home and being so proud of myself I showed it to one of my better customers who also liked to buy Kentucky art work. Not giving it a second thought because this customer knew that I collected paints by this particular artist, when he asked what I would sell it for, I gave him a price. “Sold” was his immediate response and it was as if I wasn't hearing right. I said “You mean you want it at that price?” “Yep.” I know this was when he knew that my heart had just about stopped, but I had spoken. I didn't even get the opportunity to see it hanging on my wall, but the money was nice I have to admit.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

“South of the Border” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.sternfineart.com

With my Spanish heritage I would be expected to have interests south of the border but little did I expect how widespread collecting is in Mexico. The Mexican artists have produced works that sell for prices equal to others around the world. Even the Mexican silver is beginning to reach prices that for so long were reserved for American and European artists.

But for this blog we will concentrate on painters. The religious painters in Mexico have been recognized as some of the best for centuries. Master Miguel Cabrera has painted some of the most beautiful Madonnas that you will ever find. This particular type of art doesn't appeal to me much, however, there are collectors that form their whole collection on this subject matter. The top price at auction that I could find for Miguel's work was $61,000 in 2008.

I have found that the more modern art works with vivid colors seem to be those that are most sought after by the collectors of Mexican art. Diego Rivera must be one of the most important Mexican artists and the staggering record price of $1,584.000 for one of his works that sold in 2005, stands to prove that he is in a class of his own. But there are others that should be mentioned, like Alice Rahon, born in 1914 and died in 1987. Her record price was achieved in 2007 and at $79,000, that isn't chicken feed. Pedro Friedeberg had a painting sell for $39,000 and R.C. Gorman reached $9000, but the only one I have had the privilege to own and sell was by Leonardo Nierman.

My phone never stops ringing but only a few of those calls are for me to visit a home and give my opinion of the value of items that the seller is interested in selling. When this does occur I can feel the emotions swell up inside my body. This happened once about two years ago when a very nice lady called and asked if I might be interested in some paintings she was considering selling. My answer was an immediate “yes” and we set the appointment date and time.

Arriving at the impressive house and entering the front door, I was surrounded by wonderful art. She had already had several people look at her pieces and most of the prices she had established were too high for me but there was this one that caught my eye. When she said the price was $1500 I knew it was mine. This is the only piece that I was able to buy that day but it was by Leonardo Nierman. There was just one problem. It was about six feet by six feet and I was in my car. There was no possibility of taking it that day so I paid the lady and asked if I could pick it up later, to which she agreed.

I later sold the painting for over $10,000. It was one of his paintings where it looked like a child had thrown paint on the canvas and them spun the piece for a few minutes.

Take some time and familiarize yourself with the leading Mexican artists and the chances are that in the future you will find a real treasure that others have passed by.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall” - Daryle Lambert

" We are One "

We have all grown up with this motto but I think it is very appropriate for the 31 Club. The assistance that can come from our members is greatly appreciated by myself as well as all the other members. Yes, if we stand together, there can be no defeat in us. In this business there are cycles and this is to be expected but the tide always turns. Now is the time to buy and study but soon it will be the time to sell and if we haven't prepared, it will be easy to get left out. I have seen times that markets were red hot but I couldn't find anything to sell, so now that things are slow be sure to take advantage of them .

Yesterday I wrote about ink pens and gave a few examples of where money could be made from them but a member sent me an article that included more information about fountain pens than I had ever seen in one article. I wish that more of our members were like Stephen because he understands the principles that I have tried to teach since forming the 31Club. I will give you the link to the article he sent me and I think you will agree that Stephen, by thinking about all of us, did more to assure your success than I did. Thanks Stephen.

It will take a few minutes to read this entire article but it will be well worth it and I will guarantee to you that the knowledge included will put money into your pocket in the future. I suggest that you download this so that you may refer to it whenever you need information on fountain pens. If this part of the collecting world interests you, there are clubs and magazines on this subject.

I won't make you wait any longer so here is the Fountain Pen Article that Stephen sent us. Please follow the example that he has set and pass on special information that you run across to the club so we all can accumulate information in our notebooks that will result in profit for ourselves.

This blog is rather short but after you read the article I think that you will agree it is powerful.

Monday, March 23, 2009

“Will the Ink Stop Running?” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.flicker.com

One of the pleasures that I occasionally receive is buying a group of letters that were written before the turn of the century. The penmanship that was taught in school back then was as beautiful as any art work you can find today. Even I remember my teachers having the students practice over and over the correct curve on a letter of the alphabet until it was perfect. I hate to admit it but all their efforts were wasted on me. My handwriting today is worse than chicken scratches but who writes longhand anymore, right? This I am afraid is a passing art as more and more of our writing is done with the aid of computers.

However, this makes for a great area of collecting and there are still treasures to be found in the field of ink pen collecting. This was brought to my attention when I was discussing watches with our new friend Keith yesterday and I asked if he had any other areas that he felt were his specialties. I listened as he shared with me a wealth of knowledge on ink pens and how they had made him a small fortune over the last several years. This might even be a great new area of concentration for me because it fits all the requirement that I set for myself before a collectible becomes one in my inner circle. Pens are very small and their numbers are very large so I should feel confident I could find some great ones. There is great variety in color, size and material used in their manufacture. But not to leave out the most important fact, they can sell for huge money often in the thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, I think that I will spend more time searching out these wonderful instruments from the past.

Just a little story that I wish I were writing about you. This person attended a rummage sale and spotted this great looking pen for only $55 and couldn't resist buying it. Taking the pen home and wishing to use it he had second thoughts and decided to investigate the value before just adding it to his other pens. Turns out it was worth over $15,000! It was soon sold, the reason the person said was that their hand writing just wasn't so great that he needed a pen like that.

Often at garage or house sales you will find a large number of pens for sale and I suggest that you make a bid for them all because the gold in the tips alone is usually worth more than you pay for the pen and by buying them all you usually get the great one cheaper than if you bought just that one. Always ask if they have any ink pens for sale because they may go to their desk and find ones that haven't been put out to sell. Here is just a little tip. Buy some white tee shirts and have items that you are searching for put on the front and back of the shirt. Have the print large so all who see it will know what you want. You may even want to put your phone number on the shirt. I can assure you that the number of people that talk to you about what is on the shirt will surprise you. Standing in line at a sale that shirt will become the topic of conversation.

I think that it’s a shame that we are losing such a great example of what was a wonderful learned skill from our past but the new technology is even causing the young students today to not be able to reason without help. Why learn to spell when you have spell check, right?

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

“How Time Flies.” - Daryle Lambert

Patek Phillipe - Thanks for the Photo from - www.uhren-bertung.de

I hope there hasn't been anyone waiting long for the blog but today time did fly. I attended church and then had a small group which brought me home around 1:30. The part of my day that was spent on matters of the 31 Club began upon my returning and meeting a gentleman named Keith about a Rolex watch that I was considering for purchase.

This is the same watch that led to the blog that I wrote on watches. Keith is an expert on quality watches and after he affirmed that the watch that was shipped to me in fact appeared just as the gentleman that sent it had described, we went on to other matters. You know me. This was just the beginning of our conversation. I like to show you how I follow the rules that I share with you myself. For the next two hours I continually asked questions that he was more than happy to answer.

Keith told me all about the high-end market in wrist watches but then he stated that the real money would come to us in the mid-range merchandise. I thought he was talking about watches that might sell for $500 but Keith quickly put that idea to sleep. No, he stated that there are many watches in the $20,000 to $25,000 range and it is possible to run into one of them at any sale or event you attend. He said that the individual might never see a $1,000,000 watch but there isn't a way he won't have the opportunity to purchase a mid-range one if he is out in the field searching.

Perhaps the most interesting time we spent together was when he explained to me that he had invested his money from a very early age. Since he lived with his parents, whenever he made a profit he then plowed it into something else he could sell. Does that sound familiar? Now Keith specialized in watches and fountain pens, but just by osmosis he began to learn about all items that were rare and unusual and on occasion he would buy something that wasn't in his specialty. I think he sounds like he was an early member of the 31 Club.

To bring you the great news, Keith now can purchase about anything that suits his fancy. If a collection of watches came up for sale at $200,000 or $300,000 I can assure you he wouldn't have to visit his favorite bank and take them on as a partner before he made the purchase. No, he would just write the check.

Here is what is so exciting for me. Over the next few years I will be writing this same story in a blog and it will contain the name of one of our members. So stay tuned, you may be the next emerging star for the 31 Club.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

“What's in the Name of a Watch?” Money - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.flicker.com

For its size the most valuable thing that I can think of is a diamond, but guess what? A watch may come in a close second. Why would watches be so valuable? Really I don't know, but maybe it is because we can't control time, even if we desire to. Old man time just keeps marching on regardless if we like it or not. So this piece of jewelry that we wear on our wrist is a constant reminder that time is passing and perhaps we should get in gear.

You may doubt what I have said but just a few years ago, a watch made for Henry Graves, Jr. in 1933, sold for $11,000,000 and since then, there have been even higher prices achieved for wrist watches at auction. When you get to the million dollar range they become quite common for the rich.

No, we may never even see one of these beauties but there are many examples of watches being found each day by folks just like us that would certainly make our day. Why do you think that companies place full page ads in the largest newspapers in the country wanting to buy watches? Sure, they are trying to take advantage of the unknowing customer but their attitude is let the seller beware.

The best places to buy watches that will bring great money is at garage and house sales or at an individual’s home. We must keep in mind, however, that we aren't there to steal but to purchase at a fair price. If the sellers don't ask us for a value but decide that on their own, then the price they set is perfectly okay and you should feel fine about paying their price.

I have shared this with you before but here is just a reminder. One of our members called me and asked about a watch. After some research, I discovered it was 24 Karat gold and designed by a French designer. I asked him the price he was being asked for the watch and his answer left me almost speechless. “$200 and they won't take less”. I very quickly told him not to put it down and to be sure they were aware that he was committed to the purchase. Not a bad start on the day by buying a $5000 or better watch for $200.

I could go to the auction sites and give you a long list of prices reached by the different watch manufacturers. But I will let you do that as well as check eBay completed sells where I think your appetite will be whetted by the prices. However, there are a few names that are worth remembering: Patek Phillippe, Rolex, Piguet, Panerai, Cartier, Girad and Breguet.

This plays right into our hands as members of the 31 Club because you remember what we always say “Time is on our side”.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

"What's that You Say, A Kookaburra” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.flicker.com

There are treasures from all corners of the world but today, thanks to the internet, we can profit from them no matter where they are located. In fact, I think that we now have members of the 31 Club in at least 10 foreign countries. Why do you think that is? Here's the answer. People travel the world today and, guess what, they bring things home as gifts or just to add beautiful things to their living area.

One of the best examples of this happening was during the Second World War when soldiers brought back souvenirs. Swords, guns and clothing were brought back for girlfriends, wives and children that today sell for thousands of dollars. The right silk kimono might bring $25,000 or more today and Japanese wood block prints can fetch tens of thousands if done by the right artist. I am sure you have read about the looting of fine art during the war and only a small percentage of it has ever surfaced.

Later, there was a stampede of collectibles that left Russia and they are dispensed around the world today. Who hasn't heard of Fabergé. Pieces that have come to this country are being found every day. The way to take advantage of this is to become familiar with the Fabergé marks. I have only had one piece of Fabergé but at a price of under $25 and a sale at almost $2000, I was very happy that I recognized it for what it was.

If you find an item that has a mark that is foreign to you, be sure to take time to see if you can find where it is from so you then will be able to set a value on the piece. On most items made of metal in other parts of the world, they use hallmarks and if you are carrying your guide of marks the pieces will be easily identified.

Now back to the Kookaburra and why I used this in my title. You see this is an Australian bird and the Aussies are quite proud of it. In fact, there is an artist by the name of Grace Seccombe, that made one from clay. It just sold on eBay for $4500 and had 22 bids. Now that is quite a bird, wouldn't you say?

This is all about not limiting yourself or the knowledge you acquire to a certain area. Let the whole world be your hunting ground in seeking that elusive pearl.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

“Where is it Hot?" Coins - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.flicker.com

No, I'm not talking about Florida or the Caribbean, but the places where items are sizzling today. It isn't enough to know the value of treasures but where they will bring the best price is of utmost importance. I have listed several hundred thousand dollars worth of art, pottery and other quality items but I am still searching for those markets that fit the offerings.

Fortunately, there is one market for one type of item that I can highly recommend to you. Seeauctions is the marketplace for American coins and bills. The prices that they are enjoying for their customers is nothing but amazing. You have heard me say that sending coins or bills to be graded was unwise but I have to eat my words a little here. Yes, I would still not pay to grade the most common pieces but having watched what Seeauctions is getting for middle range graded items I would have to say it may well be worth reconsidering my advice. The fee can vary but I think that most grading companies charge about $35 if I am up to date. They also have a membership fee of under $50.

There are two companies that most people use for grading and they are Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and Professional Coin Grading Service. Please watch for yourself at the www.seeauctions.com site. There are one dollar bills bringing over $400 and also coins that are selling in the hundreds of dollars. Remember I like to deal in items that are smaller than a bread box and American money definitely qualifies in that regard. Just think how easy it is to pack and ship a coin or bill.

I have said that for our members of the 31 Club to advertise they should already be in a profit position if it is to be paid advertising. But there are ways that I have shared with you to advertise in your area free, like posting that you want to buy coins and bills 1960's and before and leaving your telephone number. Pet stores, beauty shops, city hall, grocery stores and churches are just a few places that I have used and I am sure you will think of more places. The great thing about coins and bills is that you seldom just buy one so there is a multiple factor in quantity.

This is one time when you should buy one of the latest price guides and even subscribe to a coin magazine. If this trend continues, your year could be made by this one area of collecting alone. Who says you can't make money buying American?

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

“Boxes Should Catch Your Attention” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.landofmarbles.com

This is the time for spring cleaning and almost everything is subject to being put in a garage sale. Believe it or not when I attend one of these sales the first things I look for are boxes, hopefully with the content inside. It really makes very little difference to me what the item is because by being in the box it is worth several times what it would be worth without the box.

To give you just a few examples of what I'm talking about. I found a great tin Japanese toy from the 50's. I bought it for $5 and was very pleased with the selling price of over $250. I knew, however, Ithat this very piece in the box at auction had sold for over $2500. You can bet I tore that sale apart looking for the box but it was nowhere to be found. How many times have you gone to a sale and there were jars of marbles being sold for a couple of dollars? Well if you were lucky enough to find a box with the original graphics on it and it contained marbles that came in it you would be looking at several thousand dollars. You have heard me talk about lead soldiers . They can bring as much as a couple of hundred dollars if they are the right ones but even the common soldiers will bring a few dollars. But what a difference a box can make? Some of these soldier sets in the original boxes sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

I hope you remember that even if the contents are missing, the boxes alone can make you a very proud owner. Just think, the contents can usually be found but the boxes are much more difficult to come by. If you have the box then search for the content and together they may very well equal a real treasure.

This reminds me of the games at McDonald's. You can play their game “Monopoly” and almost every piece is very easy to find, except Boardwalk. I am very sure that they made very few of these and they are spread across the country. McDonald's knows that these are very hard to come by and because of the fact that not everyone plays the game, these pieces might very easily be thrown away. Wouldn't it be fun to know how much money they actually give away? You see the boxes are like Boardwalk. Most got thrown away so there are very few to be found and even then, there are only a few people that know their value. I want you to be one of those that can spot these diamonds in the rough.

Knowing what other don't is what separates the successful from the also runs in the Antique and Collectible business and I want to make sure that all the members of the 31 Club are winners.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

“Can't You Feel Spring Coming?” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.totalmotorcycle.com

When I lived in a small town in Kentucky and ran with a group of local business men, we all tried to be alike. If one bought a shotgun then the others had to have one. I remember when our whole group would head to Panama City, Florida for spring break and the caravan was composed of 14 or 15 full size vans. You know we all had to have one, right?

Even though I moved away, that group in Kentucky continues till this day. We all have passed middle age but they still continue that practice. Their latest venture is owning Harley Davidson motorcycles and all that goes with them. This group doesn't just talk the talk but they walk the walk. Traveling from one end of this great country to the other, they have managed to take in all the best sights in America. Nothing stands in their way if another road trip is planned.

It might be Daytona for bike week in Florida or Sturgis, North Dakota for the largest group of bikers ever assembled, but you will find this group there. Can you imagine riding up Highway One from California to Washington State and then across to Wyoming? Yes, I missed all of this. My wife, Vickie, seldom puts her foot down but when it came to me owning a Harley in Chicago, the answer was a resounding “no”.

But this gets me to the subject of motorcycle collectibles. They often consist of beautiful girls, fast bikes and a way of life that is beyond most people’s imagination. Motorcycles are no longer just for the misfits but they are now owned by doctors, lawyers, school teachers and even some insurance executives and they are the ones I know.

When I enter my friend’s office there is no doubt he is into motorcycles. Models of several of his bikes sit on the desk and the walls are covered with pictures of his trips plus a cabinet that is filled with other memorabilia. He has become a devoted collector. But what do the collectors look for?

Here is just a short list: old goggles, leathers and gloves. The more decorative they are, the better. Then we turn to ads, manuals, decals, movie posters showing bikes and signed photos of people with their bikes. There are collectors that just want watch fobs, metals, trophies and pins, while others search for the older bikes themselves that can become quite expensive. You will never lack for the opportunity to make money if some great motorcycle collectibles come your way.


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Monday, March 16, 2009

“This is the Season” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.flicker.com

With the economy like it’s been and the weather not as friendly as we would have liked, it has been a long winter. However, the sun is now shining, people’s attitudes are changing and I believe it is time for us to make hay.

Just think about that old bear that is coming out of hibernation. He is lean and mean and ready to find food. That is the way we should feel, lean and mean and ready to find treasures. It is time to start making your list of things to do, like posting signs wherever you can. Help your neighbor with a garage or house sale and get the first look. Begin checking the penny savers, Pioneer Press and your local newspaper for items to buy. Remember that old Bible verse that states, “You who hide your money will lose it. “Now is the time to give that extra effort and that means doing the number one thing that I wrote about in my book. Do you still remember what that was? Spend your money because that is the only way you can complete the 31 steps in the Race to the Millions.

Here is my challenge to each of you. Whatever step you are on in your personal race, take that money from your account and over the next 30 days, spend it all. By doing this you will have the rest of this year to show us what you’re really made of. I think each one of you is very special. Why can I say that? Because you took the leap of faith to join the 31 Club with the hope that it would change your life, and it will.

Before you buy anything be sure to check other like items that have sold to be sure you are still in touch with the values of today. You may find that some items have dropped in value substantially so your purchasing price must be adjusted accordingly. Items like Rookwood, Meissen, Roseville, Weller and others have to be adjusted downward while Lotton Glass, Comics and Toys may even have to be raised in value.

This is the time to go back to the basics. You may buy one item with all your money or several. It really doesn't matter, as long as you’re aware that the more items that are bought, the more work is required to sell them. Don't forget to watch for those Starbucks mugs and pre-1970's comics.

I got a touch of what this season is going to be like because my wife Vickie just called and I asked what I could do to help her. What a mistake that was when she said “Well this weekend we could take a couple of days and clean out the garage.” I feel a weekend sale at my house in the near future. For a moment I wanted to say but how can I be out there buying if I stay home, but being a wise man, I held my tongue.

No matter what I share with you it is all for naught unless you are actively spending your money so Spend, Spend, Spend –“Let’s do our part to help the economy.”

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

“ Has there been a Coup in America. “ - Daryle Lambert

This has been a wonderful Sunday for me and I just spent the entire day with my family. I have been blessed tremendously by living in America and often I don't think that I show enough appreciation. Here is a little story about myself and my ancestors I hope you like it and I will get back on message tomorrow.

I will ask you this question, has Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Schumer and Frank completed a political coup here in America? Within the next four years they plan on transitioning this country to a completely socialistic government. That will include the governments complete control of our medical system, educational programs, housing markets and banks.

Does this remind you of a similar situation just off our coast? I can remember when a rebel leader by the name of Fidel Castro promised to free the people of Cuba from their ruthless leader Batista. The new government was to take away this countries government control of the Cuban peoples lives and replace it with an Utopian world led by Castro. I don't believe that many would say that under the dictatorship of Castro the Cuban people have prospered.

To show you how easy it is to be fooled by words when the rebellion started in Cuba I was entering college and the first paper that I wrote was why Castro wasn't communist. Wow! Was I wrong and the Cuban people, my ancestors, have been suffering ever since. I know you are asking who is his ancestors, right?

Well you see my gandfather was Cuban and during the Spanish American war he and his younger sister saw their whole family mutalated. The children were sent to the hills to hide and my grandfather, at that time was about 8 years old, took his sister and after seeing the slaughter with into the city and hide in a park under some trees. He and his sister had been given a loaf of bread and the next morning upon waking he found the bread and his sister missing. Fortunately an American sailor found him stode the child abroad his ship and brought my grandfather back to America. Upon adopting him he grew up in Texas. In his adult years he became a conductor on the railroad for L&N and met my grandmother on a trip through Henderson Kentucky and the rest is my history. Yes I do know a little about how a country can change.

So yes I do think there has been a coup here in America and our children and grandchildren will feel the consequences for years to come. A leopard can't change its spots and Obama can't change the direction that he wants to lead this country in but there can be a price paid by all of us. The hatred of President Bush allowed Obama to say what he meant but few hear what he was saying. I can't fault him for trying to carry out his plans for this great country of ours because he forewarned us but the peoples ear were closed. Obama's mother was a wanderer and had no allegiance to this country so there is little reason to think that he does either.

It is a crying shame that over such a short period of time people have forgotten what made this country great. It wasn't being a welfare state but a country where people could come from near and far to achieve their dreams. If we continue on the path that Obama has laid out for us I will find it impossible to teach my ten year old son Joshua to have a dream here in America. We couldn't be defeated in two world wars but I find us surrendering to people that have no love for this country as our ancestors did.

Obama wants us to live as others in foreign countries live but you know I was satisfied with the way of life that I have enjoyed for over sixth five years. I am so afraid that my son will not have the chance to say the same thing in his later years. A country without God is a country lost and I feel that is where we are today. We say one nation under God but so few people today mean it. We have lost our way and I hope that we don't have to wander in the desert for forty years to find our way.

Daryle Lambert

Still proud to call myself an American

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

“Let’s Do It”. Start the Starbucks Collectors Club Within the 31 Club – Daryle Lambert

Thanks for the Photo - www.coffeeserviceplus.com

I have been thinking of ways we could work together to make money and this idea came to me. I was traveling to Gurnee Illinois with my wife Vickie and son Joshua to visit the Bass Pro Store. You see Joshua has become very interested in fishing. I was so sick I couldn't hold my head up but, as you know, for some reason I can't turn my brain off and it continually thinks of ways to help 31 Club members.

Passing a Starbucks store I wondered if there is a collector club for Starbucks memorabilia? Getting home and not being able to do anything but sleep I took a short nap, only to wake and still be thinking about Starbucks. This might seem strange to you considering I am allergic to coffee and can't even drink one cup of it without getting extremely sick. Most people do find me rather strange now that I think about it.

Turning to eBay and the completed auctions I was pleasantly surprised to find items that would qualify as treasures listed. A St. Paul Minneapolis city mug from 1994 sold for $2000. This was beginning to get interesting so I continued my search. There was a New Orleans mug for $560 and a Starbucks “Bearista Bear” from 2000 selling for $460.

Now it was time to see if there were any clubs and hurray, I didn't find any. There may be but I can assure you they have developed a very big following yet. So my thought is why don't we start one? Remember the story about how Warner and I became friends and partners. Yes, it was built around starting the Lotton Glass Club and today it has about 500 members and Lotton Glass has increased in value many times since the formation of the club.

I would like to recruit one of our members to start a Starbucks 31 Club and we can use the 31 website to host the club. It doesn't have to be just one person but I think that working together we can become the collectors’ face for Starbucks memorabilia. What do you think?

Let me hear from you on how we can go forward with this project that should mean money in our pockets.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

“LEGO, A name You Should Remember” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.flicker.com

Several months ago there were articles about young collectors or the lack thereof. I am someone who believes that collecting is as fundamental to people as eating. We aren't the only ones in nature that collect, for example, pack rats, crabs, ferrets, crows and many other species of animals collect. Our collecting habits do change, however, and this can be seen even today.

When I was young, visiting my aunt, there would often be a coffee table set up with a halfway finished jigsaw puzzle on it. These could take weeks to complete and the family usually made them a family project. It is no secret that puzzles became huge collectibles and their prices went through the roof. But what about today? Yes, puzzles still bring high prices but they will soon be joined by the new puzzles of today, LEGO Blocks.

If you aren't familiar with them you should be, because they are the new puzzles of the future. In the collectible society they are the newcomers but that won't last long. The variety and sheer number of LEGOs will assure their place in the collecting world. I think they will even surpass the hot wheels some day as the most remembered toy from people’s youth.

Your question is what should you look for in LEGOs as you prowl the garage sales, right? Remember our rule: the rare and unusual bring the most money. In this case it will be the sets still in their original boxes. Remember that the boxes may become more valuable then the blocks. Also where collectibles cross over is important. Star War LEGOs are a cross over collectible that will do very well in the future. Isn't this fun, making money with items that brought us so much pleasure as children?

I don't know if there is a guide on LEGO collectibles yet but you can bet one is coming. Who would have ever thought we would have LEGO stores, but we do. In fact, I know a young man that was fortunate and sold his business and retired to work in a LEGO store. What fun!

Staying ahead of the market is the responsibility of the 31 Club and that is what we intend to do. In an ever changing market the ones that stay ahead of the curve will be successful while others will get bogged down with trends that have ended. The way to help us help you is to ask questions about what interests you have and we will promptly give you our opinions. Working together and by the sheer weight of the numbers of members in the 31 Club, we can have a profound effect on the different markets that we participate in. For example, Lotton Glass. One of our members, Warner, took it upon himself to promote this beautiful glass and you can see the effect that it has had on the collecting of Lotton. Vases that were bringing $200 now may very well sell for $800 to a $1000 and the future for the better pieces of Lotton will continue its upward advance.

LEGOs, LEGOs, LEGOs: The collectible of the future.

I was already a golfer but after this buy if I hadn't been I would have become one.

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