Friday, March 6, 2009

“Fond Memories of Tonka” - Daryle Lambert

Tonka Truck Photo- Thanks to

Why some things perform better than others in difficult times is a question that continues to haunt me. If I could solve this question, I would be able to pass that information on to my readers and they could prosper regardless of the economic condition of the world.

Like I wrote the other day, why is the comic book market red hot? Art glass by the Lottons continues to stand out as a super star in the collecting world, but why? Could it be that we are looking for items that remind us that quality doesn't disappear with economic downturns. Quality and rarity aren't attributes that can be turned on and off at a moment’s notice but survive over time.

Even though I can't tell you the very day this market is going to right itself, I may be able to pass on treasures that will sustain their value as others fall from favor. By having this information it should keep you in the game until things get back to normal. I like what Warren Buffet said, “The best of this country is yet to come.” I also believe that and because of this belief I continue to be optimistic.

Today I thought it would be good to highlight one of those treasures from my past that I believe can still make you money. My father encouraged me to invest in the stock market while I was in high school and he spent time with me evaluating different stocks that I should purchase. “First, the company that you invest in must make something that the people want” were some of the words he spoke to me that stay in my head even today. Next he said that the products that these companies make must be of the highest quality.

I took this advice to heart as I made my first purchase in the stock market and I bet you can guess what it was from the title of this blog. Yes it was Tonka Toys and I still own it today.

How did you chose this company to write about among so many others? Well I received a call from one of our members yesterday asking what niche in the collectible market would be good for him to study and my answer was “things that he remembered from his childhood”. The conversation turned to what those items were for me and up popped Tonka. Their toys are highly sought after today and they definitely pass the quality test. So I suggested that Stephen look for these quality toys while on his treasure hunt and I assured him there is a ready market waiting for his discoveries.

I have now shared with you areas of collectibles that are acting as if nothing is happening in this economy and present excellent opportunities for you to make money. If you are a man I bet you can still remember your first Tonka toy and maybe even some of our women can too.

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  1. Seeing the Tonka Dump truck reminded me of when my brothers were young. They had a ton of them and played on the top of an abandoned gravel pile at the farm. Dad sold some of the gravel out of the pile and the man who came to get it didn't bother looking, and buried the toys. They still remain buried under many feet of topsoil, and that was close to 40 years ago now.