Saturday, March 14, 2009

“Let’s Do It”. Start the Starbucks Collectors Club Within the 31 Club – Daryle Lambert

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I have been thinking of ways we could work together to make money and this idea came to me. I was traveling to Gurnee Illinois with my wife Vickie and son Joshua to visit the Bass Pro Store. You see Joshua has become very interested in fishing. I was so sick I couldn't hold my head up but, as you know, for some reason I can't turn my brain off and it continually thinks of ways to help 31 Club members.

Passing a Starbucks store I wondered if there is a collector club for Starbucks memorabilia? Getting home and not being able to do anything but sleep I took a short nap, only to wake and still be thinking about Starbucks. This might seem strange to you considering I am allergic to coffee and can't even drink one cup of it without getting extremely sick. Most people do find me rather strange now that I think about it.

Turning to eBay and the completed auctions I was pleasantly surprised to find items that would qualify as treasures listed. A St. Paul Minneapolis city mug from 1994 sold for $2000. This was beginning to get interesting so I continued my search. There was a New Orleans mug for $560 and a Starbucks “Bearista Bear” from 2000 selling for $460.

Now it was time to see if there were any clubs and hurray, I didn't find any. There may be but I can assure you they have developed a very big following yet. So my thought is why don't we start one? Remember the story about how Warner and I became friends and partners. Yes, it was built around starting the Lotton Glass Club and today it has about 500 members and Lotton Glass has increased in value many times since the formation of the club.

I would like to recruit one of our members to start a Starbucks 31 Club and we can use the 31 website to host the club. It doesn't have to be just one person but I think that working together we can become the collectors’ face for Starbucks memorabilia. What do you think?

Let me hear from you on how we can go forward with this project that should mean money in our pockets.

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