Sunday, March 8, 2009

“March Madness is Here” - Daryle Lambert

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I know so many people that live for this time of year. But the question is can we make money from March Madness? “What is March Madness”, you ask. Well, I must assume that you aren't a basketball fan. The NCAA basketball tournament is on the verge of starting and I know that usually the job attendance is lower in Kentucky as the conference tournaments begin. You should not be surprised that the answer to my question is a hardy “Yes, we can make money from March Madness”.

Who can't remember Duke’s last minute shot to beat Kentucky in 1992 or North Carolina State’s team under the direction of Jimmy Valvano that won the NCAA tournament in 1983. They had two little guards by the names of Sidney Lowe and Eric Whitenburg and they became the Cinderella team of the country and, I have to admit, my favorite winners of the NCAA ever. But your favorite might have been in 1985 when Villanova beat Georgetown after losing to them twice during the regular season. It really doesn't matter who your favorite team was. You would like to own something from the team to remember their success by.

This is where we come in and provide those memories for devoted fans. How about a signed jersey, team signed basketball or signed program from the final game by all the players. There will always be demand for signed photos of players like Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, etc. I believe that like baseball cards there are also cards of the great college players.

I couldn't help myself so I had to peek at eBay to see what items like championship rings brought and there were several in the $5000 dollar range. Who wouldn't like to own tickets to their favorite title game or even shoes worn by their favorite player in the finals? I believe you can tell that I am a basketball nut so I say “Go Big Blue”, that is what the Kentucky Wildcats are known as. If you want to find a sure winner, find items like the ones I mentioned above.

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