Wednesday, March 4, 2009

“The Cream Always Rises to the Top” - Daryle Lambert

Lambert Jug - Henderson Kentucky

While so many are sitting back and licking their wounds, others are forging ahead with their dreams. I just received a call from my good friend Cecil that should give us encouragement when others are throwing in the towel.

He started by saying “This is a great day.” I wasn't feeling the same as I watched the stock market falling but I asked anyway, “What is so great about it?” “I just made a whale of a deal and made some serious money.” This got my attention because it has been rather quiet for me. I asked how he had made the deal and it is rather interesting.

Remember that I have said that you want to become knowledgeable about as many things as you can but still find something that you call your niche. Well Cecil's niche is advertising stoneware and particularly “Whiskey Jugs”. I wasn't surprised when he informed me it involved whiskey jugs.

First he said that he purchased two quart jugs, these are the most valuable, from small towns. One of the jugs came from Owensboro, Kentucky and the other from Hartford, Kentucky. The Hartford one is the most valuable because this distillery might have been the only one in Hartford while there were several in Owensboro. They both were mint condition with the exception of a hole drilled in the bottom of the Hartford jug that had been restored. Paying $1400 for both was a bargain and Cecil knew it so he jumped on them at that price.

Since Cecil has created this niche for himself he is aware of most collectors of whiskey jugs so he began to call them. There is a lesson here that I want you to learn. He did not wait to try and sell the jug because he wanted to strike while the iron was hot. His first call produced results but the gentleman wanted to make a trade rather than pay all cash. Cecil asked what he had to trade and the answer brought a smile to Cecil's face because he had five 1950 Kentucky Derby glasses.

A deal was finally struck with Cecil giving up the jugs and receiving $1000 cash and the 5 glasses. I know that you are asking but what are the glasses worth? The price guide has them listed at $450 each so I am sure Cecil will have achieved his goal of at least doubling his money.

What is your niche and are you using the knowledge that you have to your best advantage?

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