Tuesday, March 3, 2009

“Is There Still an Up?” If You Like Comics the Answer is “Yes” - Daryle Lambert

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I was beginning to think that there wasn't an up as the stock market fell and my home equity dropped but guess what, there is. Can you guess what that up is? Little would I have thought that it would be comic books. The value of these little inexpensive books are rising at an unbelievable rate.

There may be very little chance that you will find the number #1 Superman or Spiderman but there are so many others that are bringing huge money that your attention should be directed in finding as many comic books as you can. On my visit to eBay I found you can hardly go wrong buying large quantities of these, what we called “funny books” when I was young. I won't ask you to think back that far and you don't have to because there is money to be made with far more current issues.

I am sure you’re asking where you might find these little jewels. How about thrift shops, flea markets, and my favorite garage sales. Why not post an ad at your pet store or grocery? People are needing money today and they are looking for things they own to sell. Take for example the elderly couple that run across their children's collection of comics that have been sitting in their basement for 25 years. Now they can convert them to cash. Or the person that is struggling with a business that has collected comics but now thinks it is time to sell them. Use your imagination because there have been millions of comics printed and it is left to your hard work to be able to find them.

We have all heard where a comic brought over $100,000 but what about others. I will just list a few straight from eBay. If you can find an auction that specialized in comics, I am sure the prices would even be higher. But here are the few I picked from eBay: Amazing Spider-man #1 $24,000, Fantastic Four #1 $10,655, the Avengers #1 $ 10,300 and last, but not least, the 1963 Amazing Spider-man $1900. I was going to list some that have sold from $10 to $20 but I got tired of looking at the pages to get that far down on the completed list for eBay.

Now with very little selling and hard times upon us it looks as if the comic market is off the chart. This may be because people are hurting so much they want to revisit a different time in their lives where hiding in a corner and reading a great adventure story is appealing to them again. No matter why, this market is red hot and it is time for us to participate in it.

Go Batman, Superman and Spiderman because we need you.

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