Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall” - Daryle Lambert

" We are One "

We have all grown up with this motto but I think it is very appropriate for the 31 Club. The assistance that can come from our members is greatly appreciated by myself as well as all the other members. Yes, if we stand together, there can be no defeat in us. In this business there are cycles and this is to be expected but the tide always turns. Now is the time to buy and study but soon it will be the time to sell and if we haven't prepared, it will be easy to get left out. I have seen times that markets were red hot but I couldn't find anything to sell, so now that things are slow be sure to take advantage of them .

Yesterday I wrote about ink pens and gave a few examples of where money could be made from them but a member sent me an article that included more information about fountain pens than I had ever seen in one article. I wish that more of our members were like Stephen because he understands the principles that I have tried to teach since forming the 31Club. I will give you the link to the article he sent me and I think you will agree that Stephen, by thinking about all of us, did more to assure your success than I did. Thanks Stephen.

It will take a few minutes to read this entire article but it will be well worth it and I will guarantee to you that the knowledge included will put money into your pocket in the future. I suggest that you download this so that you may refer to it whenever you need information on fountain pens. If this part of the collecting world interests you, there are clubs and magazines on this subject.

I won't make you wait any longer so here is the Fountain Pen Article that Stephen sent us. Please follow the example that he has set and pass on special information that you run across to the club so we all can accumulate information in our notebooks that will result in profit for ourselves.

This blog is rather short but after you read the article I think that you will agree it is powerful.

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