Sunday, March 15, 2009

“ Has there been a Coup in America. “ - Daryle Lambert

This has been a wonderful Sunday for me and I just spent the entire day with my family. I have been blessed tremendously by living in America and often I don't think that I show enough appreciation. Here is a little story about myself and my ancestors I hope you like it and I will get back on message tomorrow.

I will ask you this question, has Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Schumer and Frank completed a political coup here in America? Within the next four years they plan on transitioning this country to a completely socialistic government. That will include the governments complete control of our medical system, educational programs, housing markets and banks.

Does this remind you of a similar situation just off our coast? I can remember when a rebel leader by the name of Fidel Castro promised to free the people of Cuba from their ruthless leader Batista. The new government was to take away this countries government control of the Cuban peoples lives and replace it with an Utopian world led by Castro. I don't believe that many would say that under the dictatorship of Castro the Cuban people have prospered.

To show you how easy it is to be fooled by words when the rebellion started in Cuba I was entering college and the first paper that I wrote was why Castro wasn't communist. Wow! Was I wrong and the Cuban people, my ancestors, have been suffering ever since. I know you are asking who is his ancestors, right?

Well you see my gandfather was Cuban and during the Spanish American war he and his younger sister saw their whole family mutalated. The children were sent to the hills to hide and my grandfather, at that time was about 8 years old, took his sister and after seeing the slaughter with into the city and hide in a park under some trees. He and his sister had been given a loaf of bread and the next morning upon waking he found the bread and his sister missing. Fortunately an American sailor found him stode the child abroad his ship and brought my grandfather back to America. Upon adopting him he grew up in Texas. In his adult years he became a conductor on the railroad for L&N and met my grandmother on a trip through Henderson Kentucky and the rest is my history. Yes I do know a little about how a country can change.

So yes I do think there has been a coup here in America and our children and grandchildren will feel the consequences for years to come. A leopard can't change its spots and Obama can't change the direction that he wants to lead this country in but there can be a price paid by all of us. The hatred of President Bush allowed Obama to say what he meant but few hear what he was saying. I can't fault him for trying to carry out his plans for this great country of ours because he forewarned us but the peoples ear were closed. Obama's mother was a wanderer and had no allegiance to this country so there is little reason to think that he does either.

It is a crying shame that over such a short period of time people have forgotten what made this country great. It wasn't being a welfare state but a country where people could come from near and far to achieve their dreams. If we continue on the path that Obama has laid out for us I will find it impossible to teach my ten year old son Joshua to have a dream here in America. We couldn't be defeated in two world wars but I find us surrendering to people that have no love for this country as our ancestors did.

Obama wants us to live as others in foreign countries live but you know I was satisfied with the way of life that I have enjoyed for over sixth five years. I am so afraid that my son will not have the chance to say the same thing in his later years. A country without God is a country lost and I feel that is where we are today. We say one nation under God but so few people today mean it. We have lost our way and I hope that we don't have to wander in the desert for forty years to find our way.

Daryle Lambert

Still proud to call myself an American

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