Monday, March 16, 2009

“This is the Season” - Daryle Lambert

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With the economy like it’s been and the weather not as friendly as we would have liked, it has been a long winter. However, the sun is now shining, people’s attitudes are changing and I believe it is time for us to make hay.

Just think about that old bear that is coming out of hibernation. He is lean and mean and ready to find food. That is the way we should feel, lean and mean and ready to find treasures. It is time to start making your list of things to do, like posting signs wherever you can. Help your neighbor with a garage or house sale and get the first look. Begin checking the penny savers, Pioneer Press and your local newspaper for items to buy. Remember that old Bible verse that states, “You who hide your money will lose it. “Now is the time to give that extra effort and that means doing the number one thing that I wrote about in my book. Do you still remember what that was? Spend your money because that is the only way you can complete the 31 steps in the Race to the Millions.

Here is my challenge to each of you. Whatever step you are on in your personal race, take that money from your account and over the next 30 days, spend it all. By doing this you will have the rest of this year to show us what you’re really made of. I think each one of you is very special. Why can I say that? Because you took the leap of faith to join the 31 Club with the hope that it would change your life, and it will.

Before you buy anything be sure to check other like items that have sold to be sure you are still in touch with the values of today. You may find that some items have dropped in value substantially so your purchasing price must be adjusted accordingly. Items like Rookwood, Meissen, Roseville, Weller and others have to be adjusted downward while Lotton Glass, Comics and Toys may even have to be raised in value.

This is the time to go back to the basics. You may buy one item with all your money or several. It really doesn't matter, as long as you’re aware that the more items that are bought, the more work is required to sell them. Don't forget to watch for those Starbucks mugs and pre-1970's comics.

I got a touch of what this season is going to be like because my wife Vickie just called and I asked what I could do to help her. What a mistake that was when she said “Well this weekend we could take a couple of days and clean out the garage.” I feel a weekend sale at my house in the near future. For a moment I wanted to say but how can I be out there buying if I stay home, but being a wise man, I held my tongue.

No matter what I share with you it is all for naught unless you are actively spending your money so Spend, Spend, Spend –“Let’s do our part to help the economy.”

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