Friday, March 13, 2009

“LEGO, A name You Should Remember” - Daryle Lambert

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Several months ago there were articles about young collectors or the lack thereof. I am someone who believes that collecting is as fundamental to people as eating. We aren't the only ones in nature that collect, for example, pack rats, crabs, ferrets, crows and many other species of animals collect. Our collecting habits do change, however, and this can be seen even today.

When I was young, visiting my aunt, there would often be a coffee table set up with a halfway finished jigsaw puzzle on it. These could take weeks to complete and the family usually made them a family project. It is no secret that puzzles became huge collectibles and their prices went through the roof. But what about today? Yes, puzzles still bring high prices but they will soon be joined by the new puzzles of today, LEGO Blocks.

If you aren't familiar with them you should be, because they are the new puzzles of the future. In the collectible society they are the newcomers but that won't last long. The variety and sheer number of LEGOs will assure their place in the collecting world. I think they will even surpass the hot wheels some day as the most remembered toy from people’s youth.

Your question is what should you look for in LEGOs as you prowl the garage sales, right? Remember our rule: the rare and unusual bring the most money. In this case it will be the sets still in their original boxes. Remember that the boxes may become more valuable then the blocks. Also where collectibles cross over is important. Star War LEGOs are a cross over collectible that will do very well in the future. Isn't this fun, making money with items that brought us so much pleasure as children?

I don't know if there is a guide on LEGO collectibles yet but you can bet one is coming. Who would have ever thought we would have LEGO stores, but we do. In fact, I know a young man that was fortunate and sold his business and retired to work in a LEGO store. What fun!

Staying ahead of the market is the responsibility of the 31 Club and that is what we intend to do. In an ever changing market the ones that stay ahead of the curve will be successful while others will get bogged down with trends that have ended. The way to help us help you is to ask questions about what interests you have and we will promptly give you our opinions. Working together and by the sheer weight of the numbers of members in the 31 Club, we can have a profound effect on the different markets that we participate in. For example, Lotton Glass. One of our members, Warner, took it upon himself to promote this beautiful glass and you can see the effect that it has had on the collecting of Lotton. Vases that were bringing $200 now may very well sell for $800 to a $1000 and the future for the better pieces of Lotton will continue its upward advance.

LEGOs, LEGOs, LEGOs: The collectible of the future.

I was already a golfer but after this buy if I hadn't been I would have become one.

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