Tuesday, March 10, 2009

“Hello Auction Wally” - Daryle Lambert

The Lambert Family is there for you

It’s time again for the 31 Club to be highlighted on the Auction Wally Show this evening at 8:00 EST. You should sign in early at 1-724-444-7444. The ID is 25106#. Walt Kolenda, the founder of the show, informed me that there is also a chat room for those that sign in. I will be discussing American artists and the present market.

Walt has created one of the most informative platforms for acquiring knowledge in the fields of Antiques and Fine Arts that I have come across. I think that time spent on his site www.auctionwally.com will increase your profitability in this industry. It is my pleasure to participate in his tapings and I hope that many of my readers will tune in tonight. I have been inspired by Walt's efforts to bring this industry into the 21st century and highly encourage you to search out other elements of his site that will benefit you in your search for success.

The more that the public comes in contact with the different components of our 31 Club, the more it can provide to ensure all of our members’ success. With the help of the Auction Wally Show, our name and the services that are provided by the 31 Club, will travel from one end of this country to the other. We need to express our gratitude to him for allowing us to participate in his venture, so please if you would, send him an email of thanks.

The 31 Club has grown over the last year or so but now is time to turn up the wick. I would like to set a goal of 10,000 members this year. To reach that number, I would like to recruit each one of my readers to encourage their friends and neighbors to join in our effort to change the Antique, Collectibles and Fine Art business to one that we can be proud of. I have been able to provide the things that were necessary to get the Club to this point but the need for further technical support has overwhelmed me. To bring our website to the place it should be to fulfill all the vision for a self contained business will cost over $50,000. I am being blessed by giving back for the blessing that I have received and never started this adventure to make money but now I will need assistance to make it all it can be.

Before I started, I prayed that if this adventure was a true gift to others it would be successful but if it was all about making money for me it would fail quickly. I hope that I have received my answer because we are still here. I want to thank you in advance for your help and support.

Your Servant


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