Sunday, March 22, 2009

“How Time Flies.” - Daryle Lambert

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I hope there hasn't been anyone waiting long for the blog but today time did fly. I attended church and then had a small group which brought me home around 1:30. The part of my day that was spent on matters of the 31 Club began upon my returning and meeting a gentleman named Keith about a Rolex watch that I was considering for purchase.

This is the same watch that led to the blog that I wrote on watches. Keith is an expert on quality watches and after he affirmed that the watch that was shipped to me in fact appeared just as the gentleman that sent it had described, we went on to other matters. You know me. This was just the beginning of our conversation. I like to show you how I follow the rules that I share with you myself. For the next two hours I continually asked questions that he was more than happy to answer.

Keith told me all about the high-end market in wrist watches but then he stated that the real money would come to us in the mid-range merchandise. I thought he was talking about watches that might sell for $500 but Keith quickly put that idea to sleep. No, he stated that there are many watches in the $20,000 to $25,000 range and it is possible to run into one of them at any sale or event you attend. He said that the individual might never see a $1,000,000 watch but there isn't a way he won't have the opportunity to purchase a mid-range one if he is out in the field searching.

Perhaps the most interesting time we spent together was when he explained to me that he had invested his money from a very early age. Since he lived with his parents, whenever he made a profit he then plowed it into something else he could sell. Does that sound familiar? Now Keith specialized in watches and fountain pens, but just by osmosis he began to learn about all items that were rare and unusual and on occasion he would buy something that wasn't in his specialty. I think he sounds like he was an early member of the 31 Club.

To bring you the great news, Keith now can purchase about anything that suits his fancy. If a collection of watches came up for sale at $200,000 or $300,000 I can assure you he wouldn't have to visit his favorite bank and take them on as a partner before he made the purchase. No, he would just write the check.

Here is what is so exciting for me. Over the next few years I will be writing this same story in a blog and it will contain the name of one of our members. So stay tuned, you may be the next emerging star for the 31 Club.

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