Friday, March 27, 2009

“Be on Your Guard” - Daryle Lambert

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The sun is out and the days are longer so it is time for them to slither out from under the rocks. I know you think I am talking about snakes, right? Well you’re wrong. I am talking about those that sell fakes and reproductions to the unwary. Yes, this is the time of year that those unscrupulous people begin to pump out large numbers of their worthless merchandise.

Why is this? Because unwary people in their greed to make money don't take the time to double check the items that they find to see if they are truly the real thing. One of the first rules you should follow is that if it seems too good to be true it very well may be. This doesn't necessarily mean that everything you find at bargain prices is a fake but it should tell you the owner isn't sure of what he has or that you need to be extra cautious.

Today I got an email from one of our members of the 31 club who was rather excited because of an upcoming auction. A nice size art glass vase was listed as being by Daum Nancy and it was prominently displayed. The member felt sure this was the piece he wanted to hone in on and as he described it to me I had to give him a real shock. It had the Daum Nancy with the Cross mark but then he said it had an additional word “TIP” which immediately told me it was a fake. I know that he was disappointed but by receiving this information he was saved from making a real mistake.

Be sure that you watch for things that might prove to be real give aways for fakes like phillips head screws in what are supposed to be antique toys or rough castings in the metal where the original pieces are smooth. If you find anything where the paint looks as new as yesterday there is an excellent chance it is a reproduction. In pottery, if the design seems flat and the colors not vivid, be on guard. You would be surprised how many fakes and reproductions use misspellings that aren’t caught by the buyer.

There is one way to be safe and that is to do what Tim did. Give me a call. It is always better to be safe than sorry even if you have to walk away from something that seems like a great bargain. Remember if you purchase something and it proves to be fake later after you have purchased it you can't take it back.


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