Monday, March 2, 2009

“Could it be a Real Treasure? “ - Daryle Lambert

Goshute Indian Rifle

“How are the experts”? Do you remember me asking that question? Well, I am beginning to wonder if there is such a thing? I don't hold myself up as the authority on everything but I don't give opinions if I'm not sure of my answer.

About a month ago a preacher brought me an Indian rifle that made me say WOW! But I asked people that I trust for an opinion on the rifle, Cowan’s Auction and my friend Bill in Sheridan Wyoming. Both said they thought it was a fake, a made up piece. Not wanting to disbelieve my own eyes, I continued to research the rifle but was having very little success until my client got in touch with the head of the Goshute Indian reservation.

After a long talk, the head of the reservation said that they only had one other ceremonial rifle like this one and it was from the late 1700's. He is very anxious to see it and the preacher and myself are trying to make arrangements to visit the reservation soon.

Again, it would have been very easy to have given up, but by being committed to finding the answer, we may prove that this rifle is a real treasure. In fact, the gentleman on the reservation said that he might know the family that the rifle came from. This is almost like a story from a book and if it ends well I am sure it will be written about for many years. I hope you can sense my excitement.

There are answers to every question if we search hard enough and as you can see even the so called experts have only limited knowledge. Until you have an answer that is satisfactory to you, don't give up. If you watch the Antique Road Show, they will often ask if the person has had their items appraised. Most of the individuals have had someone give them an opinion and it has usually been wrong by a mile. I have seen where treasures worth $100,000 had been appraised for $3000 or less. I am sure that the owner was very happy that they didn't accept that opinion and pursued more opinions before selling their item.

It is hard work and takes a lot of time to find a true treasure so why should you let someone else make all the money off your hard work and knowledge? Be sure to spend as much time as required to find out the value of the items that you add to your inventory. Don't you be the one who sold an Indian Blanket for $50 that later at auction brought $500,000 or the table that sold for $25 at a yard sale that brought nearly $1,000,000.

We at the 31 Club are here to change our lives but that can't be achieved if we let others make all the profit from our efforts.

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