Sunday, March 29, 2009

“ Let's Look at Mid Modern Gidden Pottery “ - Daryle Lambert

Glidden Pottery- Thanks to

I never cease to be amazed at the variety of items that I have passed by, not knowing their value. Yes, I feel that I am aware of the value of most pottery from the 1950's back, but what about the 1950's forward? Here is where I need to upgrade my knowledge. Today, it was getting late since I spent the day in church and with our company so the question was what to write on at the last minute.

It was time to visit that library that has been sitting in the closet for quite some time. I scanned the bookshelves but nothing caught my eye until they landed on a book by Leslie Pina titled Pottery Modern Wares 1920-1960. I have owned this guide for many years but never really studied it. Browsing through the pages I came to Glidden Pottery. Some of the designs appealed to me so I starting reading and went “wow”.

Glidden Parker, Jr. had one interesting life and his work, I am sure, will become very collectible. He was born in 1913 in Maine. He finally landed in Alfred, New York after pursuing a writing career and I am sure glad he did. It was here that he discovered his love of ceramics. In 1939, after his marriage to Patricia Hamill, he opened his first pottery and design shop. By 1953, Mr. Parker had 35 employees which quickly increased to 55. They were putting out 6,000 pieces per week. During the years after his divorce in 1946, he began to spend a large amount of time in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Southwest United States. Although all his pieces were produced in Alfred, his work definitely started to carry a Western influence. The pieces of Mr. Parker’s work that I most enjoy are the ones with the Mexican or Western designs.

Parker finally remarried and started a studio and shop in Puerto Rico. His new wife was the daughter of a Puerto Rican senator but the marriage only lasted four years. This wonderful artist then moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where he finished his career.

I had looked at many pieces with the Glidden mark and just passed them by, but never again. There are large parts of his works that are being sought after by collectors and these can bring over a thousand dollars or more. But even his commercial pieces can easily bring $25 or more and if purchased for $.50 that is a pretty fair return.

Clech out eBay to see the wide variety of his designs and I think you will become hooked. This would be a great item to start new collectors on when you’re asked what to collect. Glidden will do nothing but go up in value from here.

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