Thursday, March 19, 2009

“Where is it Hot?" Coins - Daryle Lambert

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No, I'm not talking about Florida or the Caribbean, but the places where items are sizzling today. It isn't enough to know the value of treasures but where they will bring the best price is of utmost importance. I have listed several hundred thousand dollars worth of art, pottery and other quality items but I am still searching for those markets that fit the offerings.

Fortunately, there is one market for one type of item that I can highly recommend to you. Seeauctions is the marketplace for American coins and bills. The prices that they are enjoying for their customers is nothing but amazing. You have heard me say that sending coins or bills to be graded was unwise but I have to eat my words a little here. Yes, I would still not pay to grade the most common pieces but having watched what Seeauctions is getting for middle range graded items I would have to say it may well be worth reconsidering my advice. The fee can vary but I think that most grading companies charge about $35 if I am up to date. They also have a membership fee of under $50.

There are two companies that most people use for grading and they are Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and Professional Coin Grading Service. Please watch for yourself at the site. There are one dollar bills bringing over $400 and also coins that are selling in the hundreds of dollars. Remember I like to deal in items that are smaller than a bread box and American money definitely qualifies in that regard. Just think how easy it is to pack and ship a coin or bill.

I have said that for our members of the 31 Club to advertise they should already be in a profit position if it is to be paid advertising. But there are ways that I have shared with you to advertise in your area free, like posting that you want to buy coins and bills 1960's and before and leaving your telephone number. Pet stores, beauty shops, city hall, grocery stores and churches are just a few places that I have used and I am sure you will think of more places. The great thing about coins and bills is that you seldom just buy one so there is a multiple factor in quantity.

This is one time when you should buy one of the latest price guides and even subscribe to a coin magazine. If this trend continues, your year could be made by this one area of collecting alone. Who says you can't make money buying American?

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