Thursday, March 26, 2009

“Spring is Here” - Daryle Lambert

"Patty Thum"

The most exciting time of the year for a lot of people is spring time. I believe it is because this season is the beginning of new life. Who doesn’t enjoy the spring flowers as they burst through the ground with their vivid reds and yellows? Even the green of the leaves and stems on the plants bring joy to our hearts after a long drab winter. Have you noticed how the spring colors invade everything from jewelry, clothing and advertising, to the paintings that we find being offered at shows and galleries. It seems that everyone has been waiting for the new awakening.

This season has been very rewarding for me in the art field. My rule of pricing everything I own, however, has caused me to sell items that I still miss even today. One such item was a painting by Patty Thum that I priced and the customer said “Yes I want it.” This is my favorite artist and the only one that my wife Vickie and I agree upon. Our bedroom has two of her paintings that could be bought but it would be at a steep price. I believe we have two of the best paintings that she ever produced. But let’s get back to the one that got away.

I was called by a gentleman from Louisville, Kentucky who inquired if I might be interested in a Patty Thum painting. It didn't take me long to say yes, but what type of painting was it, I asked. The gentleman said that the painting was of a large vase of flowers with beautiful spring colors. This definitely interested me because almost any of Patty Thum's paintings besides the simple rose stem ones would add to my collection. I had already said yes to the purchase before he dropped the bombshell on me. “There is also a metallic vase painted in the painting and she has the vase that will go with the painting.” Now I was really excited about the purchase I had just made. You see the vase was made by Clewell and the vase alone was quiet valuable but to also have the piece that appeared in the painting made it extra special.

Taking it home and being so proud of myself I showed it to one of my better customers who also liked to buy Kentucky art work. Not giving it a second thought because this customer knew that I collected paints by this particular artist, when he asked what I would sell it for, I gave him a price. “Sold” was his immediate response and it was as if I wasn't hearing right. I said “You mean you want it at that price?” “Yep.” I know this was when he knew that my heart had just about stopped, but I had spoken. I didn't even get the opportunity to see it hanging on my wall, but the money was nice I have to admit.

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