Tuesday, March 17, 2009

“Can't You Feel Spring Coming?” - Daryle Lambert

Photo thanks to www.totalmotorcycle.com

When I lived in a small town in Kentucky and ran with a group of local business men, we all tried to be alike. If one bought a shotgun then the others had to have one. I remember when our whole group would head to Panama City, Florida for spring break and the caravan was composed of 14 or 15 full size vans. You know we all had to have one, right?

Even though I moved away, that group in Kentucky continues till this day. We all have passed middle age but they still continue that practice. Their latest venture is owning Harley Davidson motorcycles and all that goes with them. This group doesn't just talk the talk but they walk the walk. Traveling from one end of this great country to the other, they have managed to take in all the best sights in America. Nothing stands in their way if another road trip is planned.

It might be Daytona for bike week in Florida or Sturgis, North Dakota for the largest group of bikers ever assembled, but you will find this group there. Can you imagine riding up Highway One from California to Washington State and then across to Wyoming? Yes, I missed all of this. My wife, Vickie, seldom puts her foot down but when it came to me owning a Harley in Chicago, the answer was a resounding “no”.

But this gets me to the subject of motorcycle collectibles. They often consist of beautiful girls, fast bikes and a way of life that is beyond most people’s imagination. Motorcycles are no longer just for the misfits but they are now owned by doctors, lawyers, school teachers and even some insurance executives and they are the ones I know.

When I enter my friend’s office there is no doubt he is into motorcycles. Models of several of his bikes sit on the desk and the walls are covered with pictures of his trips plus a cabinet that is filled with other memorabilia. He has become a devoted collector. But what do the collectors look for?

Here is just a short list: old goggles, leathers and gloves. The more decorative they are, the better. Then we turn to ads, manuals, decals, movie posters showing bikes and signed photos of people with their bikes. There are collectors that just want watch fobs, metals, trophies and pins, while others search for the older bikes themselves that can become quite expensive. You will never lack for the opportunity to make money if some great motorcycle collectibles come your way.


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