Monday, March 9, 2009

“Has the Country Gone Crazy?” - Daryle Lambert

This is Joshua - I pray that things will turn for his sake

There is an old saying, “You’re not defeated until you surrender.” Well I haven't surrendered, have you?

Today I am going to ask that you consider some information that I will share that might change your outlook for the future of America.

I don't know what to think but if we listen to the news media, the death knoll has already rung for this country. My question for you is, if they really believe what they’re saying why haven't they gone where it is better? Here is a “for instance”. I just heard where a janitor’s job was posted and 800 applicants applied, so this means that there are no job available in the entire country, right? No, it means that this job is better than the one they have or the one they were laid off from. You do know that the job was pretty nice don't you? It would have benefits like the school teachers do, retirement plans, insurance and I don't know but maybe even summers off. By the way I heard that job paid about $17 an hour. I am really pleased with this news because I though that everyone was signing up for welfare but this shows people do want to work.

Now let me tell you the rest of the story as the late Paul Harvey would say. At my church 12 men started a group to support the men of the church that were unemployed. All 12 had lost high paying jobs but knew that they were qualified and there should be jobs in the work place that needed their skills. The first week of meeting three got jobs and several had interviews but I don't hear this news being reported, do you? These men had ambition and followed through and let the world know that they still had value.

If you find a banana that has a bruise you can do two things with it. See that it is damaged and throw it away, or take a knife, cut out the bruise and enjoy the rest of the banana. Which do you choose? When I was in college I worked at General Electric all night, went to school during the day and kissed my wife and children at least once a day because that is all the time I had for them but I didn't blame others for this. I just knew this wasn't the way I wanted it to stay. By the way, at nights on the weekend I worked at the drive in theater all night selling tickets, then worked the concession stand until it was time to clean the grounds. Still, I didn't think I was mistreated. No one owed me anything, not a house, not food, not clothing, not insurance, not an education. Where did all this entitlement come from? This country needs to be shocked back into reality.

I am so proud of the members of the 31 Club that have decided to take their future in a different direction than the entitlement way. Yes, you should be proud of yourself by not whining about your circumstances but doing something about your condition. I will be proud to stand with you when the citizens decide to take back the greatest country the world has ever known. Please march with me as we say no to entitlements. God Bless and God Bless the United States of America.

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