Friday, March 20, 2009

"What's that You Say, A Kookaburra” - Daryle Lambert

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There are treasures from all corners of the world but today, thanks to the internet, we can profit from them no matter where they are located. In fact, I think that we now have members of the 31 Club in at least 10 foreign countries. Why do you think that is? Here's the answer. People travel the world today and, guess what, they bring things home as gifts or just to add beautiful things to their living area.

One of the best examples of this happening was during the Second World War when soldiers brought back souvenirs. Swords, guns and clothing were brought back for girlfriends, wives and children that today sell for thousands of dollars. The right silk kimono might bring $25,000 or more today and Japanese wood block prints can fetch tens of thousands if done by the right artist. I am sure you have read about the looting of fine art during the war and only a small percentage of it has ever surfaced.

Later, there was a stampede of collectibles that left Russia and they are dispensed around the world today. Who hasn't heard of Fabergé. Pieces that have come to this country are being found every day. The way to take advantage of this is to become familiar with the Fabergé marks. I have only had one piece of Fabergé but at a price of under $25 and a sale at almost $2000, I was very happy that I recognized it for what it was.

If you find an item that has a mark that is foreign to you, be sure to take time to see if you can find where it is from so you then will be able to set a value on the piece. On most items made of metal in other parts of the world, they use hallmarks and if you are carrying your guide of marks the pieces will be easily identified.

Now back to the Kookaburra and why I used this in my title. You see this is an Australian bird and the Aussies are quite proud of it. In fact, there is an artist by the name of Grace Seccombe, that made one from clay. It just sold on eBay for $4500 and had 22 bids. Now that is quite a bird, wouldn't you say?

This is all about not limiting yourself or the knowledge you acquire to a certain area. Let the whole world be your hunting ground in seeking that elusive pearl.

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