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Have you ever thought that what was on your head might be worth more than what is in it?

There are a lot of people that might say that about me and even though I don't want to think about it they may be right.

I have written about all types of baseball memorabilia but never just about caps. Yes, there have been cards, uniforms, bats and even programs but never caps. Why is this important? Because what little boy or girl has ever left the the baseball park without convincing their parents that they need a cap from their favorite team. How many of you have seen swarms of kids hanging over the retaining barrier to get a player signature on their cap. I am sure this has been going on since the game became popular. Well, some of those caps have become very popular.

Let's just say you have a Mickey Mantle cap, signed by him. If you check eBay there are two listed: one for $2195 and the other one $1799. I can assure you there are hundreds of these in someone's closet or dresser drawer. Just think if you have a Joe Dimaggo or Willie Mays, what they would be worth. Why stop there? Let's just dream we found a Babe Ruth game cap signed by all the Yankees. If you sold it what kind of car would you like to buy because you could afford it. Just a simple piece of cloth with a bill but it can make your day or year.

I have found that the simplest things can often bring the greatest rewards and I believe that a baseball cap could easily fall into the category. I once went into my friend's bedroom where he wanted to show me his cap collection. There must have been over 100 baseball caps spread throughout his room and he began to explain where each one was from and what he had to do to get them signed. I hope that he didn't have the experience that so many of us had when our parents threw out our baseball collections.

I have told you this before but today it is as vivid in my mind as when it happened. In 1952, Mickey Mantle's rookie card was produced and at that time I was 11 years old and an avid baseball fan. I remember trading with all the kids at school until I had maybe 12 of Mickey's rookie cards. I had one that had a small corner crease that most people would have still graded as very good but because it wasn't perfect I took a wooden clothes pin and put it on the wheel of my bike so that it would sound like a motorcycle. If I had maintained those cards in the condition that they were in I could be slurping coconut milk on the beach in Hawaii today. Oh well, just another story to tell my kids


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