Saturday, July 11, 2009

“Half Way There” – Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectible

We have arrived in Owensboro Kentucky and while here, I hope to meet Cecil Reoder my friend, to see if the items I sent him to sell have sold. If not I will be raising the prices as I stated yesterday because I had fallen into the trap that this economy meant that the price for my items had to be reduced for them to be sold. However, on this trip I have found that this thinking is just an illusion. Collectors are still paying fair prices for the rare and unusual items and that is what we hope to be dealing in, right?

Sunday as I get reestablished in front of my computer, I hope to refocus my attention on making this business pay off not only for myself but also the members of the Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectible Club. Hopefully you will participate in this endeavor and we will be able to report successes on our site.

The number of emails that have been sent to me will be answered and I apologize for not answering them more promptly but I haven’t been able to access my emails on this trip. The orders for the book will be sent out by Tuesday and I thank all the people that order it for their patience but I assure them the wait will be worth it.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for my family to spend quality time together and I have to admit that my time spent looking for treasure in Gatlinburg was limited and not what I thought it would be as the trip was being planned.

I hope that you have spent these day thinking of question that I can answer and situations where we can work together to assure success. In two days I again will be at your disposal so get prepared.

Please remember myself and family and ask for traveling safety for us.

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