Tuesday, July 21, 2009

“The Right Spot” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Cecil was there.

Carnival Glass Plate - Thanks to Centennialantiques.com

Yes I have shared with you that if you are at home there will be a great chance of missing treasures that others find. I have found items that have brought me thousands of dollars by going where I thought nothing would be found. If you have a couple of hours, visit the re-sale shops, second hand stores, malls, antique shops and pawn shops. The first question that I ask as I enter one of these establishments is, "Do you have anything that I can't afford?" This usually gets a laugh and the relationship starts out on the right foot.

Two days ago Cecil Roeder my friend from Kentucky called and shared this exciting story with me. He had nothing to do so on the spur of the moment he headed to the mall where he has a booth. As you know I am not a big fan of setting up at malls but after hearing this it may change my mind, although I doubt it. When he arrived there was quite a commotion around one of the booths so he ventured over to see what was happening. Two individuals already had several pieces of Carnival Glass in their hands but there were still perhaps 30 pieces still on display. In fact, the owner was still unwrapping more pieces as he watched. Cecil immediately began to inspect what was left and eventually purchased maybe 10 pieces. It was evident from the descriptions of the pieces that he purchased that they had come from a serious collection of Carnival. How do I know that? Because they were all in special colors like ice green, ice blue, green and blue. Some were electric iridescent which increases the value tremendously. Also there were several plates, which are my favorite pieces of Carnival Glass.

Yes Cecil again hit the Jackpot but it was because he was out looking. His month and perhaps several months are made now and whatever he does for the rest of the month is just gravy. I have written many stories about Cecil but I think you know why and that is because he is successful and follows the rules that we have set out in the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club. There is another part of this story, however, and it has to do with the early bird gets the worm.

Yes Cecil did hit a home run but remember earlier when I said there were two others that got to the booth first. Well there was one of them holding a plate in a pastel shade with one of the most popular patterns in its design. Cecil said that he was sure that the purchase price was in the hundreds not thousands of dollars. After doing the research he found that it was a $10,000 plate or more. In this case the largest worm had already been harvested but guess what, I assure you that Cecil wasn't shedding any tears.

Isn't it strange how those old sayings that we have heard all our lives seem to be so true? I hope that we have nothing but early birds in our club.

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