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“No Triple Crown” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – But you can still be a Winner.

" This is the " one " - 1940 Kentucky Derby Glass.

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The triple crown races for this year are over and there were three different winners but I doubt you bet on any of the three. It started off with a long shot winning the Kentucky Derby and finished with a long shot winning the Belmont. Tucked between these races was the Preakness which was won by perhaps the greatest filly that has ever lived. However, there is still time for you to be the big winner if you locate this particular missing glass. If you go to the site that I just highlighted you will find a picture that can make your day and there are many of them waiting to be found by you.

Back in 1940 there was an official Derby glass given mostly to the people with horses entered in the race and work hands on the back side of the track. After the Derby was run, it is reported that many of these were thrown up against the stables like the social crowd used to do with champagne glasses. With the estimate of only 800 produced, the number remaining today might be below a hundred or so. Cecil and I have had the good fortune to have owned one of the remaining glasses and if you were an early reader of my blog or book, you know that to find one is an end to a dream. Both glasses brought $12,000 or more when sold and today one might even bring a great deal more.

I would consider this glass the holy grail of horse racing collectibles. But by no means is it the only piece that can bring a huge smile to your face and put a lump of money in your pocket. I would suggest that you purchase one of the Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass guides and carry it with you on your searches for treasure. They can be acquired on Abe Books or Amazon and it doesn't matter if it is the most current one. They can be purchased for just a few bucks and your first purchase using it will more than pay you back, plus give a nice profit.

It is wonderful to go out searching for a treasure but if it is something that you may never ever see then it can become quite boring, but with racing memorabilia seldom will you go to a sale or mall without seeing at least something in this area of collecting. This keeps your interest high, knowing that any day at any mall or sale you may be as fortunate as Cecil and I and spot those blue horses running around the bottom of a glass. Here's hoping you do.

I would encourage you to start your own collection of Derby glasses and the best way to do that is to buy more than one at a time and as they are sold and your goal of a double on your investment is completed then it will be okay for you to set one aside for yourself. Over the years you will be amazed how your collection will grow. Don't be afraid to purchase duplicates because these glasses are very easy to trade and often you will find a person needing the glass you own for his collection will be willing to trade you one that even has a higher value if he has more than one of it. Good luck and let's go racing.

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