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“How Time Flies “– Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectible Blog – Taking Count.

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I hope to use this week to take count of where we started and where we are now with the Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectible Club. When we started together I had accumulated some knowledge on the subject of Antiques and Collectibles that I wished to share if anyone was interested. This knowledge had helped me to even out the difficult and good times in my life. For my early readers and the ones that have read my book I told the story of how I attended college by selling my coin collection. Later I have been fortunate enough to use my ability to distinguish rare and unusual items from common ones to help create money that has made me fairly secure in my financial affairs. However I realized that there were many people that could provide for their families if they acquired the same knowledge that I had. This became the basis for the club and book.

Now we are looking back over the last two years and yes I can say many have taken the time to use the information that I have shared but is the message really getting out to the numbers of people I had hoped to reach? I am not sure of that because I have only heard from a small group of our members that have shared their successes with me. I have had people say that what we are using to change our lives is just to slow and takes to much effort to see any real success. However remember that I have told you about Cecil’s success with the Kentucky Derby Glass that he bought for $12.00 and sold for over $12,000, then there was Warner who not only has made thousands of dollars using the principles I teach but now even has turned them into a very successful business. But what about you? If you don’t have stories of your successes then there are only two reasons for that, first I have done a poor job of teaching or you don’t believe it will work for you. The first I will take responsibility for and will try to do better job in the future but the second will depend on you.

Have you given your self a chance to succeed with the information that I have provide you? How much time have you spent on weekends visiting garage and house sales? Do you truly want to change your life? These questions I can’t answer for you but this I promise I will do everything in my power to assist you but one of the first words I wrote was “Patience” and this will be a requirement in your success. With patience and knowledge success is assured and I hope over the next year there will be a revival of people that for them this current rescission will only be a memory.

I don’t have my resources with me on this trip so I hope to just share with you where I think we are going together and ask for your help in the process. I am going to try and spend more time in the word this week but promise to visit many of the stores and shops in the Gatlinburg area. If it is meant to be I will have stories for you about purchases I make that will be rewarding but also informative to you about what is out there to be found.

Cecil just emailed me about a new artist that he thinks we will be interested in so when I return home I will pass this information on to you. Off I go to see the sites and Joshua will not let me forget that I promised him to go Gold mining.

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