Friday, July 3, 2009

“On the Road Again” – Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectible Blog – Are There Treasures Waiting?

The Great Smoky Mountains - Thanks to

I am in Owensboro Kentucky tonight but will be back on the road to the Smoky Mountains at day break. I can’t wait to visit the flea markets and shops in Gatlinburg Tennessee tomorrow. I have been very successful on past trips and I believe this one will be no different.

The great thing about traveling is that you meet old friends again and if they now your coming often they will have items for you to look at and possible purchase. In Gatlinburg there is a shop that is run by a wonderful lady and she was one of the first dealers in Lotton Glass so I am hoping she will have something for me. Her shop is right on the main drag so I will hit it the first thing.

To be completely honest with you however I believe that most of my time will be spent on the NASCAR go cart track. Each year I feel like Jeff Gordon as I pass those 10 and 12 year olds. On the trip this year my son Joshua said that I had better pull my seat belts tight because this is the year he retires his old man. He must be kidding because I am sure that I will smoke him.

But back to Antiques and Collectibles and how this trip can be memorable. I have been able in the past to purchase items on these trips that when sold have paid for my trip. Gatlinburg is a tourist town so many of the people that live there have moved from other locations bringing their possessions with them. This gives me the opportunity to find pottery and art that are out of place, where the locals aren’t aware of their value, so the town can be a furtile field for me. To give you an idea I found a western painting in a shop for just a few hundred dollars that was worth several thousand and this one purchase paid for my family’s entire vacation.

Since I have been on the road all day and it is midnight I had perhaps better wrap it up because 6:00 is going to get here fairly quickly.

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